Thanks Trav for this profound offering! We can’t wait to worship the KING!
Deeper Still is almost here
So glad, I might just shed a tear
No time to blog, but this I’ll say:
Can hardly wait ’till this Friday.
Kay, Priscilla, Bethie too
Will bring a Word for me, for you
It will be strong, it will be good
We’ll laugh, we’ll cry,
And both we should.
But what will be the greatest thing
This very weekend soon will bring?
The presence of the King of Kings:
Redeemer, Savior, Everything.
His word will pierce, His face will shine.
His mercy will restore, refine.
We’ll have such fun, but this please know:
The King of Love will steal the show.


  1. Hey Travis…
    Has anyone ever told you that you should write songs…I mean, being such a great poet and all! :)
    Blessings, friend,

  2. LOVE it!

  3. love the poem and can’t wait for Friday night.


  5. Ahhh that’s awesome. Jesus the beautiful centre of everything. Wish I could attend a Deeper Still event! Come to South Africa!! :)

  6. The conference was everything you said it would be Travis! Praise God!!!

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