Hey y’all –
I just got this information from Kris, and I thought y’all would be oh-so-delighted to start your Monday off with a giveaway.
Interrupted: An Adventure in Relearning the Essentials of Faith, by Jen Hatmaker, is a new short-term Bible study from Threads. Check out the Threads site for more information about the study. The leader kit (a $69.95 value) includes a member book, a DVD with documentary video clips to jump start discussion in your small group, and a CD-ROM with leader helps, music, audio files and more!
Winning is so easy. All you need to do is post on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter feed about the Interrupted giveaway, linking your readers back to this post on the All Access blog. Then, come back to this page and post a comment with a link to your social network post. We will randomly choose one winner from those who posted to receive the leader kit.
Happy Giveaway, everybody!
Interrupted Giveaway Official Contest Rules.pdf


  1. I twittered about the giveaway here…

  2. I included information about this giveaway in my blog:
    It’s #5 on my list of randomness.

  3. I posted about this giveaway on my blog at

  4. Betsy Schubert says:

    I made a link to this blog on my facebook page. (not sure how to link back to my facebook page).

  5. I posted about this on my facebook page. Thank you!

  6. Amber Voigt says:

    I posted on my facebook Amber Voigt on my status. Not sure how to link you to it.

  7. Posted to my blog!

  8. I posted about it on my twitter!

  9. Darla Baerg says:

    I posted on twitter!!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    It’s DarlaBaerg on twitter.

  10. It’s on my blog too.
    Great prize!!!

  11. Posted over on my blog:
    This looks like a great study!

  12. I posted this on twitter.

  13. Put this on my Twitter ( and my FB! Thanks!!!

  14. Shari Rogers says:

    I posted this to twitter

  15. Posted the giveaway on my FB

  16. Julie Reynolds says:

    I twittered about the giveaway at:

  17. Julie Reynolds says:

    Hey Sophie- the pdf of rules says the giveaway period was over on Sept 10, 2009. Whats up?

  18. Hey Julie –
    I think that date is for people who mail in entries…but as far as the blog entries are concerned, you’re good to go!

  19. I posted this on my twitter and facebook.
    My wife would really appreciate this gift!!

  20. Posted a link on my blog and facebook!
    This looks like a very interesting study.

  21. I posted the give-away on my FB page.

  22. Just posted on my facebook page. This would be so awesome for my ladies’ Bible study group to do!

  23. Susan DeeWaard says:

    Posted on facebook… just discussed this very book briefly today in my current Bible study. I’m definitely feeling prodded.

  24. I posted on twitter and facebook. Not sure how to link fb.
    @jakesmomma04 (twitter)
    Great giveaway on All Access! less than 5 seconds ago

  25. I posted the opening video on my blog!

  26. Hello :)
    This looks like a great win that I would LOVE to win for our group at GFUMC!! I posted about this wonderful contest at my blog:
    God Bless!

  27. And the WINNER IS…. Darla Baerg!!! Darla posted to Twitter about Interrupted and will now receive a free DVD Leader Kit. Thank you to everyone who spread the word through your social networks!

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