Deeper Still Panel Question? anyone?

Its true! Deeper Still ORLANDO (or Deeper World…like Disney World) as we call it, is next weekend, September 18-19, 2009! I don’t know about you but our team is ready to get ourselves down to Florida.
Here are two things you can do to help us prepare if you are attending and one fun question:
1. Send us your panel questions for Kay, Beth and Priscilla! Its a fun and sweet time when we get to hear words of wisdom and words of well, cosmetics, from these three gals! So whatcha got? Send us your questions back on the comments of this post.
2. We just want a roll call shout out!! If you are attending, tell us where you are traveling in from and who’s with you?
3. Just for fun, who is also planning to hit Disney or MGM with your girls as part of Deeper Still/World!? I don’t know how you’d have energy for both but I know some of you are just that crazy and will drink enough Starbucks to be able to endure all of that fun!
I can tell you, Deeper World will be enough excitement for me and my team.
Whatcha got? Can’t WAIT to be with you!! And if you hadn’t planned to come! Change your mind. :0)
We are praying for you! See you soon!


  1. Paige says

    I am going to be there with my bff Jennie! We can’t wait.
    I can’t wait to be in a place with women who are ready to go further, and deeper into their walks and to be able to bring others with us. I am so broken for the women that are stuck behind stumbling blocks of their own making and can’t seem to let go so they can keep going! When will we “get it” that it is not about what people seeing us do, and how fast we can get it all done when we don’t take the time to listen…learn…and grow? How can a person with very VERY little grace and mercy bring women along? It is time for us to see that WE are the frontline of battle and we really are in a HUGE battle. I am so praying for a push in the right direction of a ministry that will make a difference.
    Praying harder every day,
    ps…teh end of the message signed Paige took me back for a minute! I thought you were saying you would see ME soon! LOL!!!

  2. says

    1 – How can I discern between your own thoughts/feelings from God’s wisdom? As in how do I know when answers to my questions aren’t from me and my owns feelings but they are God’s will? My husband is not a Christian and more now than ever our marriage is struggling – any advice on how to handle him and my marriage? I feel like I’m in constant prayer over this yet still feel stuck with where I am and not sure what to do. Does God here prayers of unbelievers? How will I know when I’ve truly forgiven someone? I say I did but I still feel physically sick when this person is around or when their name is mentioned.
    2 – I am coming with my mom, my aunt, 3 out of my 4 sisters, sisters friend and her mom. So we have quite the car load. We are driving down from Jacksonville, FL – thank goodness this drive isn’t as long as when we went to Atlanta.
    3 – No Disney this trip since we don’t live too far. I think we are going to be spent by the time Saturday is over. It’s always an emotional time with Kay, Beth, and Priscilla but it’s a cherished time.
    I can’t wait for next weekend! I can’t believe how fast it has gotten here. :)

  3. Karen Barrows says

    Hi Paige, I am coming with my husband and about 15 women from Summit Church in Naples, Florida. We’re excited and can’t wait!
    Tonight our ladies are starting the Anointed Transformed Reedemed study. I’ll gather questions from the ladies and send them over to you!
    Love in Christ,

  4. Penny Thomas says

    I am here in Orlando with my mother in law, Tricia Thomas. We are from Destin, FL. My question for Kay, Priscilla and Beth is this, “being in the spotlight a lot, what are each of you doing individually to keep your relationship with the Lord strong and to keep the intimacy with the Father intact? And just for fun, what is your coffee drink of choice?”
    We pray God’s richest blessings on you and your staff! Thank you for following the Lord’s calling on each of you.

  5. Happily Anonymous says

    Here’s one on intimacy: “If you could only share ONE thing that, in your experience, would keep the sexual intimacy and passion alive in your marriage, what would it be?” :)

  6. Judy says

    Hi Paige,
    I am driving over to Orlando from Tampa with 2 friends of my heart and faith. Kay, Beth & Priscilla have blessed my life is so many ways. Kay introduced me to the sufficiency of scripture for my everyday ordinary life, first through her devotions then Precepts and other studies. I became serious about bible study in my 40’s and am now soon to be 67 My question is for her.
    Dear Kay, how has inductive bible study impacted your life in tangible ways?? and what verse above all else brings you back into focus when life seeks to steal your attention?
    So looking forward to sitting under your teaching and being with others who love God’s Word!! God bless you..abundantly!

  7. Linda says

    I was wondering how your ministries are addressing the new age influence of contemplative spirituality and the emergent church. It appears that God’s Word is being dumbed down a lot. I’m also concerned with the meditative influence from the new age and wondering how you are teaching/warning followers of your ministries about this?
    Thank you and God bless,

  8. Tina says

    I will be coming from Lake Wales, FL (an hour south of Orlando) with some sweet ladies from my church. I am so excited to be able to come. I may even have a friend from Gainesville who used to be in our college ministry in NC.

  9. AlwayzBelieve says

    1. Questions:
    a) If you were a single mom and your child’s father was inconsistent, as far as his interaction with his child – would it be better to sever the ties all together or accept the inconsistency which takes your child on an emotional rollercoaster through disappointment?
    b) How would you help your pre-teen child accept his imperfections? My son is a pleaser and has a tendency of piling on guilt when he’s corrected.
    c) I realize that marriage is not in everyone’s future. Would God give you these desires if his will for you does not include marriage or are these desires we create ourselves?
    d) for Priscilla – how do you maintain you beautiful locks? What’s your routine like?
    2. I will be travelling with my son, from MIA, to celebrate his birthday the day before. He will not be attending the conference however. I’ll be doing that solo.
    3. We will be seeing Animal Kingdom before and either mini-golf, a go-cart track or Aquatica after.
    Looking 4WARD 2 it. I pray for our journeying mercies and great weather.

  10. says

    Won’t be with you, but I have questions.
    1. What is a favorite ministry memory?
    2. How do you maintain your walk with God amidst the busy schedule of travel, writing, speaking?
    3. What is the single best piece of ministry advice you ever received?
    4. Favorite fun platform moment
    5. Favorite traveling moment
    6. What would say to those who are just responding to the call of speaking / teaching?
    7. What are your thoughts on social media and its’ impact on the Christian women? Is this drawing women closer together or creating a false sense of community while crushing local connections.
    8. Deeper Still is a huge event, how can a lone woman connect with others?
    9. Priscilla — One in a Million is incredible. What would you say to the woman who is struggling to break out of the Christianity as ‘something I do’ mold and embrace it as a Way of Life?
    10. How do each of you maintain connections to the women in the seats as you become more popular and unable to sign books or just chat with women at events?

  11. Pat says

    I am coming along with 2 of my friends from Jacksonville and while we are not going to DW or any of the other parks in Orlando we will be making a mini vacation of just relaxing and enjoying each others company along with the insight we know we are going to gain from the Lord that weekend. Can’t wait to hear all three of these ladies in person (have heard Beth but not the other two) however have done Bible studies by all.
    My question would be 1. Do you ever feel like you are on overload between trying to take care of things with your family, your ministry and life in general? 2. How do you recharge your spiritual battery when you feel this way?
    As part of the sandwich generation sometimes I feel as I am hanging on the end of the rope by a thread and that it is going to snap at any minute.

  12. says

    Hello Paige: This time next Saturday!!! WOW!
    I am coming from Warner Robins, GA with 9 other women – so that’s 10 of us! :)
    It is our Women’s Ministry Leadership Team and some of the minister’s wives from our church (including me).
    We can hardly wait…
    Praying for YOU and Betsy! Y’all do great work and we are so blessed because of that!
    Love & Prayers,
    Georgia Jan

  13. says

    Describe your personal daily times with the Lord:
    what materials do you read
    how do you organize your prayer life
    how do you memorize God’s word
    do you counsel more from experience or scripture

  14. Judy Rice says

    My question: How have you been able to forgive yourself for something you did in your past?
    Traveling from Dahlonega, GA. I will be driving down with a friend and meeting up with another friend in Florida and heading to the conference.
    I went last year in Atlanta and am sooo looking forward to this year.

  15. Debbie Mott says

    How do you love God enough to trust Him completely?
    How can we as a church “pass on” a revelation of Jesus that so changes and transforms and causes true worship?
    Traveling from Bradenton, Florida (2-3 hour ride) w/ group of about 30 plus from 17 year olds to old…all staying in condos together…many churches in our group. Revival!!!!!!!! Here OUR LORD comes! Prayer: Isaiah 6 us! We want a greater experience of GOD! Then we will really have the revelation to worship you in Spirit and Truth!

  16. LaWanda says

    There are 11 of us coming from MILLEDGEVILLE, GA! A few of us were so blessed last year in Atlanta we are bringing more with us this year!! Deeper Still is so amazing!! I cannot wait to see what the Lord will do!! I am counting down the days, hours, minutes,seconds…

  17. says

    I just moved to FL 2 months ago and Orlando is in my backyard. No way could I miss seeing these awesome women when they’re practically knockin’ on my front door. I’m supposed to be going with a friend but may end up coming by myself which is ok ’cause I’m pretty sure Jesus is going to meet me there. Can’t wait!

  18. Emily says

    I am coming with my newlyweds bible study group. Its about 8 of us. We are from orlando so a local crowd.
    What advice can you give young newlyweds in their 20s?

  19. Andrea says

    You have had successful marriages and relationships, but I’m sure you all remember dating and being single. What advice could you give the “single set” who know that God has that perfect man out there for us, but are struggling with being able to wait and find out the amazing things God has in store for us?

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