The BIGGEST event of the year!!

Gals, its here! (Its here its there its everywhere!!) The Living Proof Live 2009 Simulcast is this coming weekend live from Green Bay, WI. (you may remember seeing us and/or Beth in a cheese head at some point this year).
The event will broadcast live to some 90,000 attendees in 516 churches in 45 U.S states and 7 other countries including China and Australia. Beth and Trav are truly going to the ends of the earth and we believe God’s word will NOT return void! Isaiah 55:10-11.
To say the LifeWay women’s team is excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! We are so thankful for the 516 host churches and today we’ll get on a Web cast with them today at noon along with Trav and Beth to just pray for God to cover it all and MOVE in a mighty way across this nation and the world. Beth will teach out of Psalm 37 “Coming Home to the Heart of our Desires”.
If you want to find a host church near you, click here
If you are hosting don’t forget to list it on your marquee at church or put a sign out front! Pam said folks are calling their church about coming because they have a sign out.
If you can’t make the simulcast event please pray for Beth, Travis, the host churches and for God to change lives and draw women to Himself!!
We love you!
Paige and the Team!


  1. says

    Finally! Someone who uses !! as much as I do! I love it!
    I’m going to a simulcast here in Birmingham and I’m excited!
    (Have you seen how cheesy Beth is in her new video?)!

  2. Erin Warren says

    I just got home from the sinulcast here in Rogers, AR. Loved it! I have never seen Beth before, and my younger sister invited me to go with her. I’m so glad I did. I’ve heard from several women who have done several of Beth’s studies that she makes you really think about things, and re-think the way you may have always thought. And you know, they were right. What does my heart desire? I’m really re-thinking this one. I’m 26 yrs. old, 2 wonderful girls, a great husband, and I need to find what my heart desires and live it every day!
    Thanks Beth for a great evening of fellowship with great wommen, wonderful music, and whole lot of things to think about! -Erin

  3. Susan Bone says

    Just an incredible night! I don’t know how I’ll sleep. Will keep praying Holy Spirit speaks to women (and those “few brave men”). I’ve been busting with excitement since a friend and I went to the Conference in Pittsburgh. (The Perfect Storm) I invited a bunch of people and there were nine people there that I specifically invited. I am thrilled that God would use me in that tiny way of just telling people about this event.
    This next part is private and am not sure where to post or send it. Please remove if should be somewhere else as it is not my story. A friend of mine’s son died about 3 weeks ago. He was only 8 years old. She came with me tonight and will be with me again tomorrow. I’m not sure how she’s feeling about what she’d hearing and I don’t know what she is going through. We have a 45 minute drive both ways and I’m not sure what to say. There is another lady riding with us so it has been casual conversation. I don’t want to push anything and am praying for Holy Spirit wisdom to keep from saying anything dumb and to speak grace and mercy, whatever God would have me say. Again this is not my story I’m just asking for prayer for my friend and guidance for myself. Thank you! Many blessings to LPM, Love, Susan

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