Miley Cyrus: Balancing act or pole dance?

Vicki Courtney, author of 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter and teen expert platform speaker for You & Your Girl Events had a great post on her blog. Hop back over here to allaccess and comment here to let us know what you think . . .
“Move over Britney, there’s a new tart in town. The entertainment news sites were abuzz this morning over Miley Cyrus’s performance at last night’s Teen Choice Awards that involved um, a stripper pole.” Check out full post on Vicki’s blog, Virtue Alert.


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    Fantastic post by Vicki! The term “inner hooker” jumped out at me. Having been in public education at the secondary level for a decade, I have seen the change. Modesty is out- stiletto heels are in. There were no dress codes regarding tight jeans and high heels in many of the public schools. We battled daily having to tell girls to button their shirts (that were 2 sizes to small and had little chance of staying buttoned). She is so right- we as parents must step up and do the unpopular thing of being the “adult” in our kids lives. We decide what is acceptable and when we slack it is our kids who fall through the cracks.
    Thanks for the post Vicki!

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