Ian Miller Visit and update!

I know you are in great anticipation of the release of the 2010 list and I PROMISE. We will post it first thing in the morning! So stay tuned.
In the meantime, I wanted to tell you who visited our office on Monday. We had a VERY special guest (or guests). A few months ago, I put a prayer request for Ian Miller on this blog. Ian was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor on his brain. He has since had extensive surgery and has begun chemotherapy treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. His sweet Mom, Anna, is one of our long time Women’s Events team members and former LifeWay employee. We love Anna and we have been praying diligently for Ian and his parents.
I walked onto our floor for my lunch break from an all day meeting and there he was, the precious 19-month-old Ian Miller, with all of the energy and vibrance and joy (and pushing the elevator buttons over and over) that any healthy vibrant almost 2-year-old has. Some of my team members were there along with Ian’s parents and we were just mesmerized by him. Here he is with our sweet team member, Michelle Hicks:

And you know why? not just because it was so wonderful to see him so lively and squeeze him and smooch him but because the very presence of Christ was all over him. He plopped into my lap to play with my cell phone and I just felt his tiny life and how much I love him and I barely know this child. So how much more do his parents love him? and how much MORE does Jesus love him? And you could just FEEL His presence with Ian. Jesus is the King of suffering and He is close to the broken hearted. And He says let the little children come unto me. And boy does He come unto them too. I could cry just retelling it.
Oh it makes me love Jesus so much. In the hardest, sweetest, weirdest places, He shines the brightest and the clearest. He just shone through that sweet boy. Thank you Anna and Jason for blessing us with an Ian, and a Jesus, visit.
Please join us in continuing to pray for Ian. He is continuing his chemo treatments and his first one went so well. Praise God. You can follow updates on twitter by following his dad @jasonlionchaser or pulling the #ianmiller. And/or check his caring bridge Web page at :
He is faithful!


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    Ah, thanks. I’m puttin’ the laptop next to the coffee pot, so I see it first thing… well 2nd thing. Don’t usually actually open both eyes until I hear the coffee filling up the cup.

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