Guessing the 2010 Event list? its time

Okay gals, a couple more clues cause tomorrow (today) is the big day. Please e-mail your best guesses on where we’ll be with our 23 events in 2010. This may help you a little bit.

We will have!

12 Living Proof LIves with Beth and Travis

2 Deeper Stills with Priscilla, Beth, Kay and Trav

5 Going Beyond with Priscilla and Anthony

and 5 You and Your Girls with Vicki Courtney and the SonFlowerz

So email me your best guesses by noon, July 31 at and guess as much as you’d like. Don’t post it here or you’ll give away your best ideas. Will send a few more clues out tonight and early in the morning on twitter.

Here are a couple more clues. I’ll be blunt and say its one of the Dakotas! and for that matter, there’s one in one of the Carolinas too!  Hmm, I hope you’ve seen the hints on Twitter from me, Amy and Pam. You can follow us at @pamcase, @paigegreene and @amycato for a few final hints in the a.m.! You can do it.

There’s one place we are going where they say it never rains…okay, that’s it for tonight. Maybe, just maybe, we are coming to your town! Probably not, but you never know!

Night gals! Tomorrow….DEEPER STILL!! whoo hoo. I love being back in the motherland!

p.s. the entire 2010 list is IN the Deeper Still listening guide! :0)




  1. Elizabeth says

    Did you ever post the cities for all events in 2010? I am not sure where to find it. Help please and many thanks! Elizabeth

  2. Kelli says

    I’ve been looking too!!! I’m dying to know if I’ll get to go in 2010. No where close enough this year and I’ve missed it!!!!

  3. Penny says

    I was at Deeper Still in Greensboro, and the program listed some of 2010 events. How can I find out where Deeper Still in Birmingham, AL will be held at (i.e, name of arena/coliseum) and where Going Beyond in Columbia, SC? Thank you.

  4. says

    You- “Ok, gals, couple more clues cause tomorrow is the big day” Me- Ok, today is tomorrow! Actually, tomorrow was August 1st, except that is was a weekend and I am guessing you were at Deeper Still, so tomorrow can be Monday, which is surely today!…So please tell us where the list is, so anxious I would even cozy up to you with some Southern vernacular, except that I can’t spell that. So can I just say “Ya’ll are prit near drivin’ us California types crazy with all the waitin'” Thanks so much!

  5. Paige says

    I promise the list is coming. Will post it very soon and registration will open within the next week. We’ll keep you posted on the blog and announce the winner to the guess the cities contest. Thank you to those who guessed! We have some GREAT cities next year and many cities were guessed. We can’t wait too!

  6. Carolyn says

    As I woke up this fine August 2nd morning I anticipated finally knowing WHERE 2010 would take me to see Deeper Still – I am one of those California ladies going NUTS. I was patient yesterday as my friend checked hourly to see if the 2010 list was posted….but alas it hadn’t been. So today I ask, with much love and passion – WHERE IS THE LIST?!!!! Don’t make us California gals wait much longer pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. LOL. :o)

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