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Last year at Living Proof Live in San Antonio, Melanie and I were about to leave for LPL on Saturday morning when Beth Moore and her daughter Amanda walked into the hotel lobby. They were as cheerful and kind as they always are, but I noticed that Amanda was carrying a pretty good-sized box that had definitely seen better days. I think my expression pretty much screamed “What in the sam hill is THAT?,” and Amanda smiled and said, “It’s Mom’s fan.”
Since Melanie and I had spent a substantial portion of the previous night wide awake because we’d both forgotten to pack our sound machines (ALL THE QUIET WAS ABSOLUTELY DEAFENING), I found some comfort in the fact that Beth likes to have a fan running when she sleeps. And while I thought that it must get a little inconvenient for her to haul that fan on a plane, I figured that given how much she travels, she must have her packing down to a science. And I didn’t think anything else about it.
Until I went to Pittsburgh. And discovered the red box.

Beth’s fan!
According to the event team, when they first started doing LPL events, Beth would arrive with a GINORMOUS suitcase even though she was only going to be in a city for around 24 hours. The event team wondered what in the world she was packing – how many wardrobe options could one girl need? – but then they realized her suitcase was so huge because SHE WAS PACKING A TWENTY-INCH BOX FAN IN HER SUITCASE.
So the event team decided that, in light of the fact that a fan that size pretty much wipes out any possibility of only packing a carry-on bag, it might be easier if they assumed the fan-transport responsibilities.
Beth has told the event girls that she really doesn’t have to have the big honkin’ fan, that something small and compact would work just as well. But I think that for the LifeWay crew, the big fan is a bit of a tradition. It travels in the red box to every single event, and it stays wherever Beth stays, and then it’s returned to its red box home on Saturday mornings.
So there you have it. All of the red box-related information you never knew you wanted. Except for one thing that I just thought of right this second, and OH MY WORD I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner.
Do y’all think that fan is somehow part of Beth’s secret for achieving maximum hair volume?
I think we may be on to something.


  1. Kristi Brewer says

    I sleep with a fan too! I never sleep well in a hotel because I don’t bring a fan. Maybe I need to get a red box.
    Can’t wait for Deeper Still in Greensboro, NC!
    Kristi B.

  2. says

    This story makes me so happy bc I’m a fan addict myself. Last year in Kansas City, I got up from the hotel at midnight and drove to the Walmart(s) and bought me a sound machine. However, when I got back to the room and had to quietly get that bad boy unpacked and plugged in and settled back into the bed……the dern ocean sound had seagulls making that stupid sound they make.
    WHAT???? Who wants that sound while they sleep? Took that dumb thing back the next day and bought a small fan and that fan ALWAYS travels with me. ALWAYS.
    Us girls love our fans!

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