Thanks, Rich, for the incredible photos!
And don’t forget to check Twitter for updates (in addition to @lifewaywomen, you can follow @cottrelltravis, @bobonickalonick, @vjproctor, @amycato, @alexiscruz and @kevperry for all sorts of behind-the-scenes fun).


  1. Michelle says:

    Just got home from this fantastic event! What an experience! Thank you to all of the people behind the scenes who make it all possible. And thank you, Beth, for your ever present dedication and loyalty to serving the Lord and your fellow Sisters in Christ.
    God bless you,
    Michelle in CA

  2. Oh yes! Me, too! Thanks to everyone for the incredible amount of work it took to bless our socks off. What a wonderful bunch of hours I enjoyed with my daughter. You guys Rock. It. Hard.
    God is so awesome,

  3. Thank you very much . I had so much fun. I like it there. It was fun.

  4. Just love the pictures of my California sisters. Can’t wait to read Beth’s post on the event. I’ll be at the simulcast in August for sure!!

  5. What very beautiful women of God!

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