Case also available in gallon size

So let’s say that you’ve had the same cell phone for years and years. And let’s say that one day, after having the same cell phone for a sweet forever, you get yourself a brand-spankin’ new iPhone. And let’s say that you’re so tickled with your new iPhone that you don’t want anything – ANYTHING – to happen to it.
So you’d buy a sassy hot pink case for your iPhone. Right?
Of course you would.
And do you know what else you’d do? Specifically, do you know what else you’d do if you happened to be, oh, Beth Moore?

You’d keep that phone in a Ziploc bag at all times.
It’s no wonder we all love her to pieces, y’all.


  1. says

    This one REALLY cracks me up. In fact, I’m rushing to the local Kroger and grabbin’ me up one of these for my iPhone! Great times last weekend in P’burg!

  2. Melinda Lancaster says

    As a faithful student of Beth Moore over the years I have learned a lot from her. Here’s to one more lesson learned. Ziplocks might very well become a new trend in connection with the new iPhone. Thanks Beth for the laugh.

  3. Wendy says

    Will my mom have to give up her title as Ziploc Queen? She uses them for everything, but I don’t think I have ever seen her use one for her current, working cell phone!
    Looking forward to Memphis this fall!

  4. says

    Oh me oh my!
    I totally agree with you Ms Beth! I’d zip mine up in a baggie too.
    If I had an iphone, that is.
    Part of that high strung anal personality ??
    Yea…I got it!

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