Update: the girls in the brown t-shirts

If you were at Deeper Still in Atlanta last year – or even if you weren’t – you probably remember the story of the girls in the brown t-shirts.
Well, this past weekend at Living Proof Live in Pittsburgh, Beth gave an absolutely incredible update on those sweet women.

“For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.” – Psalm 57:10


  1. Judi says

    Thank you for posting this clip. I am so moved at Beth’s words about filtering her message through these 8 women’s experiences . . . do WE believe God’s word is true for our own lives as well? Believe it, siesta, believe it!

  2. Rebecca says

    God is so good! I’m so glad that Beth addressed that–there are women who need to hear that precious word! :)
    Thanks for posting Sophie!
    Prayers and blessings,

  3. says

    Of everything Beth said this weekend, this moved me the most! Not just because I have lost a precious baby and am now expecting again… but because I am so thankful that Beth uses a filter like that, because it’s so true for SO many women…. SO true.

  4. says

    Balling my eyes out…God IS faithful. He IS Good. Mmm, I’m passing this along to our dear friends, who lost their darlin’ girl AnneMarie Grace. They gave (and still give) God all the glory and the enemy not an inch. They too have a little toddler boy now, who really acc. to the doctors should not be here. But God…He is faithful!

  5. says

    I remember those sweet ladies from ATL – they were such precious and joy filled women
    At the time I did not know why they all had matching T-shirts b/c I did not want to stare to read them but found out on the LPM blog who they were
    I am just THRILLED at God’s faithfulness and love for us!!
    Thank you for that update it made my day!!!

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