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    Tears in my eyes. Everytime I see pictures of the daughters of God worshipping & learning and just excited to hear from HIm it make me cry. Bless you all for all your hard work!

  2. shellyinPGH says

    It was a WONDERFUL experience. If we left there unmoved, it is NOT Beth’s or GOD’s fault. What a powerful message it was to our lives and the times we are in now.
    I cannot wait till she comes back to Pgh.
    I can truly see why the one lady flew all the way from CA for this. IT was soo worth it.
    Travis, the the worship team and Beth, especially, came and blessed all of us through GOD’s worship and WORD. I feel soo bad for those that missed this opportunity. I even skipped teacher’s training to attend this. LOL I did pick up the manual later on. This was worth its weight in GOLD. Please if you did not make it this time. Make the effort the next time. May God provide what you need to get you there.
    Thank you Beth, Travis, and everyone else.
    Congrats Ashley and Kevin. May GOD bless you both beyond your wildest dreams in your marriage.
    It was a privilege to be part of that event.

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    Sophie — thanks so much for sharing this weekend w/ all of us. I’m blown away by the pictures…. just love seeing a sister losing herself in worship.
    I love the video in the previous post –too cute!

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