Oh, y’all.
This is Kevin, Travis Cottrell’s drummer on the praise team, and Ashley, a dear family friend of the Cottrells. And you’ll have to excuse the jumpy / spinny camera moves because I was just a wee bit excited.
Also: I apologize in advance for the part where I scream.

Isn’t that THE BEST?
We have all just been BESIDE OURSELVES. I thought Travis Cottrell was going to jump straight out of his skin. And there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole arena.
Yay, Kevin and Ashley! We love you!


  1. I love that she grabbed him quicker than she did the ring.

  2. YYYESSS!!!!! Love it.

  3. Well that just made my whole morning! Congratulations Kevin and Ashley!

  4. HOW SWEET is that…I started crying ;)

  5. that is the sweetest thing!

  6. I will cry at any proposal EVER. And yes, I cried at this one.

  7. That is awesome!!! I jumped over from twitter. And I jumped on Twitter b/c Travis’ FB status update said today was boinb to be “the best” – Oh I’m so glad I did!!! YEAH!!! Super Congrats!!!

  8. That is soooo sweet!! Here I am feeling all sick and sorry for myself, and that truly DID make my day!
    Congratulations Kevin & Ashley!!

  9. Well I got my cry in for Saturday morning! :)
    Congrats to Kevin & Ashley!!

  10. Loving me some public proposals…always the best!

  11. Awe that was awesome

  12. Awww, how sweet that is!! Do they have to be SO stinkin’ cute?!! Both of them. :)

  13. You were right…that made my whole day! Always good to start the day in tears!
    Congratulations to Ashley and Kevin!

  14. OH! I TOTALLY squealed. And then CRIED sitting here in my living room. WOW! That’s SO sweet!!!!

  15. That was the best! It warmed my heart and gave me goosebumps ALL over! Congratulatons to Kevin & Ashley!

  16. I’m bawlin like a baby and you are LYING if you think there is nothing sweeter than seeing two darling people get engaged!! And, I don’t know these sweet ones and I’m wanting to hug both of them!!!

  17. This video has nothing on the moment itself. (AND THE VIDEO IS PRECIOUS AND PRICELESS!!!) I was in the front row at LPL Pittsburgh this morning and don’t know Kevin or Ashley but I, like everyone else in the arena, was tearing up!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS Ya’ll!! What a beautifully tangible expression of the Love of God in your hearts and lives! Thanks for sharing it with all 6000 of us!

  18. This is just awesome!!! Tears of joy for them. :) Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  19. Julie Belden says:

    That was so awesome this morning. Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story. Congratulations. What a blessing to be there in person. Keep us updated on the wedding plans.

  20. That was SWEET! I was so sad (and so surprised) to see that the 2 1/2 minute video was over! Why do proposals have to be so short?!
    Best wishes to the happy couple and their families!

  21. Oh how sweet!!!!

  22. What a beautiful couple! Congrats to them.
    Very sweet :)

  23. What a great day – so awesome that we at LifeWay Women had this opportunity to share this “behind the scenes” moment … a very memorable one for sure. None of us will ever forget this very special Living Proof Live. Our very best to Kevin and Ashley from their LifeWay family!

  24. kenadies mom says:

    Oh my gosh, no one knows what that was for me!!I was there and it was amazing! I cried in excitement; just seeing another couple in God’s path!! I’m so happy for them!!

  25. So wonderful! Best wishes for Kevin & Ashley! How great when the body of Christ can celebrate together!

  26. That was such a great moment! What a fun surprise that just added to a wonderful weekend!

  27. Beautiful moment! Love it!

  28. LOVE IT!!
    Now the real question is was that Travis playing a little Journey in the background on the piano? :)

  29. So sweet! I don’t know these people from Adam, but that sure brought a tear to my eye. I especially liked how serious he was putting that ring on her finger. So. Sweet.

  30. How sweet and exciting!!

  31. seriously, the best part HAS to be what was being played on the piano in the background. :)

  32. So sweet! I had to play it for my husband, owner of the lamest proposal in the history of proposals. :)

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