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The future comes at us fast! I bet you can remember being a little girl playing house and pretending to be a mom. If you think real hard I bet you’ll recall your first crush, first boyfriend, and first kiss. It won’t be too far a stretch for you to conjure up the struggles in friendships, romantic relationships, parental disagreements you had in your teens. Can you believe how far you’ve come and how fast?! Well, now there’s a new generation of girls playing dolls and dress up, struggling with insecurities in personal relationships, and wondering about the future. The world they are growing up in is vastly different than the world you did. They have cell phones now. They text more than they talk. They are tempted with things and fall into traps that most of us could not have conceived of at their age. Before we know it a generation of girls will become a generation of young adult women and so forth. The question before us is what are we going to do to influence the girls in our world today?
LifeWay is doing something….
Meet Pam Gibbs LifeWay’s Girls Ministry Specialist
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LifeWay realizes that if a generation of girls (0-17) and young adult women (18-34) is lost to the philosophies and empty deception found in this world it would be devastating! We don’t want to see that happen! Pam Gibbs is a dynamic woman who has a heart and passion for girls. Pam desires to see the church effectively reach, keep, and minister to a generation of elementary, middle, and high school girls. I bet you desire the same thing! Many of you are moms, youth group leaders, neighbors, and friends of those who have girls, I encourage you to allow Pam to be a vital resource to you in your efforts to reach out to a younger generation.
Pam blogs at Add it to your favorites and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with girls coming up today.
In Christ,
Regina Gibson
Women’s Ministry Specialist
For Young Adult and African-American Women


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    I, for one, as a Girl’s Ministry Director at my church am so grateful for her and for the blog! When I heard about it a few months ago, I about screamed with excitement! :) It has been such a great blog and resource. And, can I mention my excitement about the Girl’s Ministry Conference next year????? Oh my goodness, I CAN’T WAIT!!

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