1. Kari says

    I constantly remind myself of the verse, “Be content with what you have…” I think about how much God has given me but yet I want more all the time. I know how frustrated I am with my kids when they do that to me, I can’t imagine how frustrated God must be with me!!

  2. Jeanette Dahm says

    What a fabulous weekend. God was amazing in touching women’s hearts from the moment we greeted them at the door. As a volunteer I was completely humbled to be a part of the prayer for the event and also greeting all the ladies as they came through the door. Beth was so good at giving us God’s word and touching the ladies’s lives with her personal touch. Travis’s music was astounding and caused a new level of worship for me. Portland has been truly blessed by this event and hopefully the Lifeway Team was blessed in return. Thank you God for letting us be a part of your work in Portland, OR

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