Closing the Gap: Reaching Young Women

Hey Beautiful Ladies,
Last Friday I blogged about a FREE event that LifeWay is hosting tomorrow online:
” I just wanted to check in and let you know about a FREE opportunity to listen to a webcast discussing the life issues of young adult women. The free webcast will be this coming Tuesday, April 21 at NOON CENTRAL TIME. If you’re interested in ministering to and reaching a generation of late teens and twenty somethings, I urge you to join us Tuesday. Since there is no cost, there is also no registration required. This is an interactive training event, so I encourage you to chime in with your own questions or insights.”
In order to view the webcast simply copy and paste the folllowing link: After the page opens choose the option of entering as a guest.
I hope you will be our guests as we dive into the timely topic of reaching my generation, a generation in desperate need of Jesus Christ!
In Christ,
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    The podcast was SO GOOD. Thank y’all for taking time to put all the info together. I’m 28 and I’ve done college/student ministry for a while, and I think everything you said was SPOT ON and I learned a ton.
    Thanks again!

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    Thanks Annie for your encouragement!! And THANK YOU for working with college/student ministry…we need more “Annies” in the world! Let me know if you have any other insights or thoughts you’d add…we can learn so much from each other. Have a great day in the Lord!!
    In Christ,

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