First Simulcast Beth Moore Study Winner!

Congratulations to Amy Cogswell and Northland Christian Church in Topeka, KS for being the first winner of a Beth Moore kit of their choice. They chose Esther! Esther_Cover_email.jpg
In case you didn’t know, your church too can be entered to win a Beth Moore Bible study Kit and also enter the grand prize drawing of an expense paid trip for two to see Beth Moore live in Green Bay, WI on August 28-29! Here’s how it works. Have your church register to HOST the Living Proof Live Simulcast at your local church. (Actually, no purchase necessary, click details from here – )
So, check it out, ya’ll. See if your church has signed up yet, and if not, go talk to your church about it! This is a great way to bring the women of your local town, community and city together for a powerful experience.
Hoping the rest of your Tuesday is a happy one!
love and smiles! Kris


  1. Steph says

    The ladies at my church are almost finished with the Esther study… it’s awesome! Y’all will love it.

  2. Wynette Miller says

    Just wondering if any other deaf person had ordered/purchased the individual weekly films on Esther by downloading from the website.
    I need to know if those are CC or subtitled, prior to placing an order.
    Thanks in advance,
    Wynette L Miller

  3. Kris says

    Here is what I found out from our multimedia department: We do not have the capability of ccing or subtitling any of our downloads. They also said that was standard in the industry to not subtitle digital downloads. Our actual kits do have the subtitling capability.

  4. Susan Roach says

    Which church in San Antonio, TX will be hosting the 8/28 & 8/29? Thanks for the info
    Blessings Always!

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