A Giveaway for a Minister’s Wife Getaway

(This post written by Pam Case, Director of LifeWay Women and a Minister’s Wife!)
From one minister’s wife to any other out there, it is one interesting ride that I am on. It’s been a 12 year journey for me so far. And for those living in my shoes, you know what I mean when I say no two days have been the same! Do I hear an ‘amen’ in the house? Well, it only makes sense that we might want to bless a minister’s wife, or two or three … or let’s say TEN minister’s wives with an opportunity for God to bless ’em through the upcoming Living Proof Live w/Beth Moore for Minister’s Wives.
Beth will be in Nashville March 13-14 for this exclusive event. Are you a minister’s wife OR would you like to bless your own minister’s wife with a ticket to the weekend?
Here’s what we’ll do. Comment me below with a short paragraph why you (if YOU are a minister’s wife) or why YOUR OWN minister’s wife needs to be blessed with a ticket to the March 13-14 event. Comment me like crazy over the weekend. On Monday, in the women’s business team meeting I lead, we’ll take a break and do a random drawing from all the comments. There is not one purchase necessary, just your wonderful comments here.
Late Monday, we’ll contact those ten who commented and won. Keep in mind, this will not include travel, but we’re covering the registration for the Beth Moore Living Proof Live event. It’s gonna be a life-changing weekend for those ladies – and I’ll be one of them.
If your minister’s wife would still like to attend, it’s not too late to register either – www.lifeway.com/women ! So, comment on. Looking forward to reading the responses and pulling ten blessed names on Monday! I love ya’ll! Pam


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    Technically, I am a minister and a minister’s wife. For the first 11 years of our marriage, I was a bona fide minister’s wife as my husband was a youth minister and then a preaching minister. But three years ago, God called us to an organization called Youth Encouragement Services. We co-direct an after school and summer program for low income families in West Nashville. It’s intense ministry for both of us without the church politics :). That being said, I went to this conference when it was in Chattanooga and came away thoroughly blessed. I would go this year, but the fund aren’t there, so if you could still consider me a minister’s wife, and if I am fortunate enough to have my name drawn, I would love to go!

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    Okay, I am a youth minister’s wife and must admit I am sitting here crying at my desk ’cause there is no way I can afford to go – just checked plane ticket prices…even if you drew my name. But I just wanted to THANK YOU for doing this…the event and the give-away. Living in a fish bowl in small-town Texas is sooo challenging some days, but we are seeing explosive growth in our youth – both in numbers and in spiritual depth – HE IS SO WORTH IT!!! And I know it is the same for so many of us who married a man and his ministry. So regardless of who your ten blessed winners are – HURRAY for them and HURRAY for you for loving us enough to do this!! It means so much more than you could know unless you’ve walked a mile in our shoes or sat a few times in our pew! :) Blessings to you all!!
    In His Love – Cindy

  3. says

    I’d love to nominate my minister’s wife! Loretta Peoples is a dear friend, neighbor, church pianist, fellow-laborer and I LOVE her and she LOVES Beth Moore (Well, we all do! I’m leading our 11th Beth Moore study at our church!) As a two-for-the-price-of-one, deal, I wish my daughter Jessica could go with her! She’s engaged to a wonderful young man who’s headed to seminary! Maybe it’s not too soon for her to be blessed as a future minister’s wife! Thanks for doing this!

  4. says

    I’ve been at it since 1986. The last 12 years have been on the foreign mission field. Well, sort of. Technically we serve in rural South Carolina, but here they speak a different language (men call each other “Bo”), have funny accents (not just Southern ones, but geechee-gullah on top of that and it’s VERY hard to understand), worship their ancestors (Confederate Memorial Day is a government holiday), and the customs, oh the Old South antebellum customs.
    Well, this congregation has loved us enough to keep us around for 12 years. And we’ve loved God enough to be willing to keep on doing it. But I could use a break, and a visit to the CITY, and a word of encouragement from Miss Beth!

  5. Melanie Kerschbaum says

    I would like to send my pastors wife, Mary Doering. Mary is a wonderful person shining brightly as a Light in this world. She does so much for the women in our church and she is always so approachable. I think she would really enjoy it and I know she deserves it.

  6. says

    I feel guilty entering to win… But I would love to win a free ticket! Can I afford one. Yes. Would I rather spend the money paying off thing… yes. Thanks for the opportunity! H

  7. says

    I have been a minister’s wife for the past 8 years. My husband is the senior pastor of the Church of the Wildwood in Macon, Georgia. We have 6 children, whom I homeschoo. I would love to go to Beth Moore’s living proof for minsters wives- I could use a shot of motivation and conviction and encouragement and no one does this like Beth does. Thank you for this opportunity.

  8. says

    Well, I actually looked online at this not long ago because I’m a seminary wife and I saw that seminary wives were included in the “who can come.” My husband has been in seminary since Jan 02 and will finish next May. In the 7 years we’ve been preparing for full-time ministry, we’ve been on 2 missions trips that have broken our hearts, he’s served as an elder during which time his best friend’s wife left him (that’s the short story), a fellow elder was jailed for sex crimes, and we lost a baby (17 weeks gestation.) Our marriage has been attacked, and I’ve felt absolutely strung out, fried, and in the pit of despair. I’ve told a close friend I’m not sure I’m even capable of crying anymore. And we haven’t even gone full-time yet. I hate to sound like a sob story because we do have a great life– 6 awesome kids and a wonderful church to live and serve in– but as a future pastor’s wife I am already feeling the need for a “pep rally.” I just would like to “re-remember” why we are doing what we are doing. It stresses me out to think about being vulnerable this way (going to a conference) but I would just love, LOVE to be refreshed. And I’d LOVE to take one of our awesome pastor’s wives with me. They work so hard and pour themselves out for us and I know they could use the encouragement as well. Ok I’m done rambling now. I do hope that you will consider me even though I’m not YET a pastor’s wife. It’s been a marathon; not a sprint.
    Thanks for doing this!

  9. Tanya Brand says

    I am a minister’s wife and a minister’s daughter. I have been brought up in this ministry arena and some days I’m fighting the good fight and other times I’m losing. I love to support my minster husband in his ministry and feel as though I am called alongside him, not only in marriage but also in ministry. The two can not be separate! Also…I think Beth Moore Rocks and I would love an opportunity to see her up close and personal with a group of fellow minister’s wives!

  10. says

    I am a the wife of a fabulous minister. We’ve been partners in this cray journey for almost 9 years now. I’m the mama of three darling girls who wear me out. Every time I have heard Beth speak, and she goes “off script” to talk to us minister’s wives, I end up in tears because she speaks words of love and hope and healing and life right to my core. Maybe it would be dangerous for me to win the ticket because I would be a blubbering mess most of the weekend. 😉
    Also, I don’t know how the ticket give away will work in the end, but I’d love to win two tickets (greedy little thing, aren’t I), because I have a friend who is a minister’s wife who has been dealing with some horrible, painful griefs. She could use a weekend away, I know it. I’d love to get away with her for girl time with Beth.

  11. says

    I am a minister’s wife…my husband and I have been in full time ministry for 24 years now…okay, so I would LOVE to come to this special event…in fact, I would be totally blessed to be able to attend.
    I must admit that I need the encouragement and renewal in my call as pastor’s wife. The Lord is doing something different in how I am involved in our church, and I would love the time away to hear from Him and learn from Beth.

  12. Shannon says

    I would like to nominate my friend Jena. From the time I was about 12 until the time I was in my mid 30’s, she was my pastor’s wife. Her husband went from being the youth pastor to the senior pastor at my church. About 2 years ago, her husband resigned from pastoring our church and took a position with our denominations mission agency. I happen to work for that agency as a missionary in Japan so I don’t get to see my friend very often. She has been a huge part of my life for many years and is a woman who loves God and is passionate about sharing Him with others. I have had the blessing of doing several of Beth’s courses with Jena and know that she would appreciate the chance to hear Beth in person. She also lives in the Nashville area so getting there would be no problem! Thanks so much!

  13. says

    Okay, this one is a delightful minister’s wife from my church, FBC in Rock Hill.
    Paula is the kind of woman that I am around and I start to remember that the Holy Spirit really can transform us into something GREAT!
    She is peaceful, patient, giving, and KIND!
    I have never, ever, ever heard her speak an unkind word about or to ANYONE! And this woman volunteers in every area of church! One morning after a lock-in, I had not even gotten up yet (6:45 am or some crazy hour), and she was already cleaning all the rooms and straightening up for the day.
    She would hate me writing all of this about her, because she is MODEST! BUT she is not ashamed to tell about what God has done for her.
    The main reason I am nominating her is this: her hubs was just on a Disaster Relief mission trip to Kentucky and on the way home he was riding with my father-in-law and the Church’s Disaster Relief trailor they were pulling ran off the road. The truck flipped three times, and all but a couple of bumps and bruises, they are BOTH okay. It happened last night, so I know she must still be in shock. They are OKAY! Praise The LORD! They are shaken, but not in their faith!
    PLEASE pick her, I would love for her to have this treat, and SHE LOVES BETH MOORE and coordinates her studies for our whole church!
    She really is all that!

  14. Krista says

    I am a pastor’s wife. My husband and I, along with 2 other couples started a church plant in Louisville, KY almost 4 years ago. I really, really, really wanted to attend this Beth Moore conference but can’t afford to pay for it. I stay at home with our 3 kids. My husband works another part-time job (Starbucks) to help pay the bills. He works 60-70 hours/week which leaves me at home banging my head against the wall. :) I’d love, love, love a getaway and some refreshment from Beth Moore!

  15. Kathy says

    I’d like to nominate my minister’s wife Natalie Kizzire. She’s such a sweet woman who quietly serves alongside her husband Jerry. She and Jerry came to us at a time when we were in a bit of a turmoil as a body; they’ve led/are still leading us through growing pains, a major building project, and all the day-to-day “stuff”. I think that this would be a blessing for her, which would result in a blessing for her husband, which would result in a blessing for our body, which would result in a blessing for His Kingdom! Thanks for considering Natalie.

  16. Alyson Ferren says

    I have been a pastor’s wife for almost 16 years. We are in the largest church we have ever been in and also I am in the hardest time I have ever been in. Some (read as most) days I just want to throw in the towel, quit and pick a church to just go to, with no responsibilities or titles. BUT, and this is a huge but, I know that God has called us here, and He is doing amazing things. So, I need to regroup, refresh and refocus. Beth has a way of doing that. I need to get my Pastor’s Wife mojo back. I need to get back in the game. I need to remember why I love the church so much. I just need, so I can give.

  17. says

    My pastor’s wife is such a beautiful woman. Leanne has such a peaceful sound when she prays, a graceful heart and a beautiful voice. She ministers to children as a nurse in a childrens hospital, she mothers her own children to be followers and leaders of Christ, and she encourages other moms to find God in their hearts. I’ve seen Leanne attending several of the Women’s Bible Studies and I know she appreciates the guidance of Beth Moore.

  18. Shane Cornutt says

    I am writing this for my wife, the pastor’s wife. I have watched my wife, day after day, year after year, support me unswervingly. I have watched her see others reach out to me in support and appreciation while she is often not mentioned or forgotten altogether. I have tried, many times, to be as much of an encouragement to her as she is to me. I also know that no one knows how I feel quite like another pastor. So, as much as I may try (and I know she appreciates the effort), it is not the same when I try to know how she feels and be an encouragement to her.
    I simply love her as she is the best thing the Lord has given me outside my salvation. I would love for her to have the chance to get the same prayer, encouragement, and edification from her peers that I get. I would love for her to have the chance to worship, pray, and learn in a setting where she (and others like her) are the focus of learning and sharing. I would love for her to have the chance to do these things without having to worry about diaper bags, the kids’ jackets, runny noses, etc. Something for her, a chance for the Lord to touch her heart where her only concern is fellowship with Him.
    Thank you for the chance for this to happen.

  19. Heather N says

    Hello! I am a gringa (meaning non=Spanish)minister’s wife in of a (fabulously wonderful) Spanish Pastor. I was a missionary to the deaf in Puerto Rico when God put us together. He being a widower, and me never having been married. We have 3 teenage boys (steps for me). I am learning Spanish, although I am fluent in Sign Language. More importantly I am learning to be fluent in “Mommy” and “Wife” at my (undisclosed) advanced age! God has used Beth as a life saver for me, and have been able to use her Spanish resources for our women. I pray the most deserving minister’s wife will win (honestly, its probably not me, we are doing great, God is pouring out his resources on us, Praise His Name!)

  20. says

    My previous comment for was myself (aren’t I the selfish one!). After reading the comments who have nominated others, I am now inspired to do the same, so this one is for Jan B. She is a ministry wife – they used to serve in the same church with us here. Difficult cirumstances prompted their leaving here and going to another church in another state a couple of yrs. ago. They’re now near Atlanta. We still keep in touch and see each other when we can. She just sent her 3rd daughter off to college this year; they were empty nesters for a few months until her husband’s father had to move in with them due to his poor health. So, they’ve had lots of transitions to deal with and I’m sure she could use a get-away. One of the things we always talk about is how much we miss the times we had at Bible study together. It just hasn’t been the same since then. I’d love to be able to go by and pick her up on the way to Nashville!!

  21. says

    I would so love this! My husband has been in ministry for almost 10 years. During these last 10 years, he served as a Youth Minister and he now currently serves as an Associate Minister. We have 3 small children – 4 year old twins and a 20 month old. I would love for the opportunity to attend this conference. The location is perfect; since my parents are located in Nashville and it is only a 1 and 1/2 hour drive from my home. I would love to be fed spiritually.
    I also want to enter my best friend, Alisha. We met a little over 13 years ago while at Lipscomb when our husbands interned together in Lebanon, TN. Since our first meeting, we have been the best of friends, serving in the supportive role as ministers’ wives. For the past six years, we have lived in the same town and our husbands work together at the same church. I would love nothing more than to be able to bless her with this opportunity.
    Thank you so much for doing this! It means a lot!

  22. says

    I may be too late. But…I’ve been praying for God to open the doors for me to go. I cannot afford it. I have three teenagers that come first right now. One is a senior getting ready to graduate and head to college pre-med. Woohoo! The other are girls! Need I say more?
    My husband and I have travelled a sad ministry road this past year. We left our church of almost 7 years due to sin in our church leadership. It was more than we could deal with another minute. It was very difficult and painful. We were made out to be the bad guys and nearly lost our house because of not having an income.
    Today, hubby is preaching in a loving church not too far from where we live in Indiana. It has helped us see that ministering is still what God has called us to do.
    I want to be there to hear Beth encourage all the ministry wives. I know how complicated and difficult this calling can be.

  23. Tonya says

    We have a new pastor who is just getting settled and this conference would be a great way for his wife to get to know the other pastors’ wives.

  24. Julie Bates says

    In June of 2008 our church was blessed with a wonderful new pastor and his family. They are young and full of energy and ideas. They moved from Kentucky and had a diffucult time selling their home BUT they closed on that house a few weeks ago. They have two adorable children. I would love for this precious young wife and mom to go to this awesome event. She had prayed that God would allow them to be a part of a church that had an active Women’s Ministry where she could grow and where she could minister. God is good!

  25. Ashley Diggs says

    I somehow feel guilty for entering for myself. I guess that feeling comes along with being a minister’s wife. My husband is the director of college ministry at our church. Every day of the week we see heartbroken college kids that are looking for something to fill the void in their life. Even if I am not one of the chosen ones, I ask you pray for us, and our ministry!

  26. says

    I nominate my sister. She is married to a Middle School Youth Pastor serving in Nashville and is in a very unique situation. They have a little girl who just turned 1, and in January they found out they were pregnant with triplets! (no fertility treatments either.. it was a complete surprise!) Lord bless her – she’ll have 4 children under the age of two! In this high risk pregnancy, she will have to be on bed rest as soon as she hits 20 weeks. But March 13-14 is a few weeks before that deadline, and it will be VERY long time before she will ever be able to attend another retreat of any kind. I would love for her to attend and be refreshed as she still maintains her role as a minister’s wife and a mom of 4.
    She has been my role model my whole life and is a big part of the reason why I accepted Christ. I love her dearly. We both have enjoyed Beth Moore’s Bible studies together and though we live far apart, we remain very close. She stands by her husband in much support and is still involved in Bible studies and the youth group as much as she can be. I think she absolutely deserves this!

  27. says

    I have been a ministers wife for 23 years. We have pastored 7 churches. We have 3 sons. The oldest son will graduate from college in May. My middle son is in college too. Being in the ministry has been a blessing and a curse. We have seen God do miracles in our lives and in the lives of others. We have also been badly hurt by the body of Christ. Right now my husband is between churches. We are waiting of the Lord to lead us to the church he has for us.
    I could use a lift in my spirit. I know Beth has the gift to encourage. I have done most of her Bible studies. I am in Esther right now. I love to study along with Beth. I am also part of her scripture memory challenge for the year. I would love a chance to sit at her feet and learn from her.

  28. Jan Williams says

    Law, I hope it is not too late. I was just forwarded the info and had to put in my two cents. Usually I know what to say, but now that someone is really listening I have bloggers block. So why do I think that I would like to have free tickets to attend a Beth Moore conference. Well for me it is time for some adult entertainment. Let me explain. For 15 years I have spent my summers waking up sleepy teens in the morning to eat a breakfast they don’t want, followed by hours in the sun doing activities that will certainly lead to me having future hip disorders followed by nights of loud music and little sleep only to get up and do the same thing for days in a row. Why did I spend my time with these teenagers, because at some point in the week these kids were away from “life” enough to come in contact with the Life Giver and I had the privilidge of introducing them. In the midst of the heat, sweat and tired muscles I watched teens realize what it is like to serve Jesus by serving the “least of these” in our world and I watched them awaken to the reality of ministry at their age. For 15 years I have listened to teens crying in our phone late at night as I hear them recount why their lives are coming to an end because their only love deserted them and I have had the opportunity to usher them to the side of the One True Lover of their soul and be a part of the healing as Jesus shows them He is enough. I have been to countless high school games and recitals and beatuy reviews to represent that God loves them enough to place a person in their lives that is interested in them and loves to see them in their shining moments. I have been to rehabs and funneral homes and hospital bedsides to represent that God loves them enough to place a person in their lives to see them through their worst moments as well. I can’t count the graduations and weddings and baby showers I’ve attended and don’t want to because it proves I am getting old, and for a youth minister’s wife that is frightening. What happens when I can’t keep up or can’t figure out how to text or facebook? Recently it seemed that American kids were not enough so we adopted a teenage son from Ukraine into our family; you know for some international flavor. This life that I have been given, being a youth minister’s wife, has been the best adventure and is totally a priviledge from God. Oh, there are times when I complain, but the blessings far out way the negatives. Back to the adult part of my comment. I would simply love to have this weekend just really to identify with others in my shoes and keep the fires going. Beth Moore really has the gift of spiritual arson. It would just be a priviledge for me to be surrounded by others that share in this same lifestyle and calling and to be encouraged and be with a group of ladies that are “in the same boat” as me. So for the sake of adult entertainment and enlightenment and encouragement I would love to attend the conference, and WITHOUT teenagers just this once please.

  29. says

    Am I too late to enter? I feel bad entering myself. Maybe I’ll give this to another staff wife at our church. My husband is a small groups pastor, and we’ve been in ministry together for nearly 12 years. We love our church deeply, but…I’m tired. :) We’ve had many mountaintop occasions but this season is definitely the desert, and I’m not sure why.
    I put off entering because I felt guilty, and now it may be too late, but…it’s worth a try. :)

  30. says

    not sure if this is too late, but hoping it’s not. I just saw the post today (late on Monday)…and would love to go in for the drawing. My husband and I are in the midst of church planting in Connecticut. We have been working on the planning phase for a year now and our church launch is scheduled for September 13th of this year. I would love to be a winner of this for several reasons. One being, I’d love to just spend some time with women who are in the same shoes as mine, I’m craving some conversations with other women who have been through this already. I also adore listening to Beth Moore and have learned so much about my relationship with Christ through her obedience to God in writing her studies. I’m at the very beginning stages of being a pastors wife and just want to do all I can to be the best I can be as we begin this journey! I have two young children at home and an amazing husband, and to be honest it would be nice to get away alone and really stretch my intimate relationship with Christ, just me, my Heavenly Father and 5,000 other pastors wives! :)

  31. Marsha Baldridge says

    THe blog did’t say when the deadline was. I grew up across the street from the church and Pasonage. Union Valley – Hutchinson, KS. In second grade the Pastor had a son that was my age. I fell in love when him. I have always wanted to be a pastors wife. We always had such sweet Families. I must have taken a wrong turn as I am not a pastors wife. I will be 50 3-8 and thought I would have my life in order. I am newly unemployed and starting over again. God has always provided jobs at the right time. I am studying Esther with a group of sweet ladies @ FBC PC, OK. We only have 2 lessons left. This retreat would be a sweet way to get alone and grow more intimate with my sweet Jesus.
    Blessing to who names GOd puts in your hands.

  32. Dana Gilliam says

    I’m not sure if I am getting this in too late or not but I would L-O-V-E to nominate our pastors wife at our church. She and her husband have brought so much to our church since last June. We are Methodists and as many of you know, our pastors aren’t “rooted” in a church for very long. She has been such a trooper because she was raised in Atlanta and then lived in Birmingham and larger cities and now has been “placed” in a small, rural town. Our pastor lost his mother at age 7 and lost his father, who was also a Methodist pastor, just days before Christmas last year. Not only has she had to adjust to small town living, she has had to endure this sad season of her life. She is just a great person and such a joy to be around! I think she SO deserves a retreat for ministers wives so she can draw from others who serve in the same capacity. Thank you so much!!

  33. says

    Great news!
    Your name was drawn to win a free ticket to the Minister’s Wives Living Proof Live event starting tomorrow evening in Nashville. We had some late comps come open so we wanted to try to bless some women with them.
    Please let me know if you can make it or not and give me your last name if you can and we’ll put a ticket for you or your Pastor’s Wife if you nominated someone at Will Call.
    Let me know if you have any questions! praying you can make it!
    Paige Greene….paige.greene@lifeway.com

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