Valentine’s day single? no problem…seriously

Yes gals, its true, you all may not have known it but I am one of few single gals on the LifeWay Women’s team. I am in my early forties (i’m sure you are shocked at this, thinking I was probably 32). ;0) But alas…yes, i am 42 and loving it.

So why do I say Valentine’s Day single, no problem? Well, I rarely define myself as a ‘single’, primarily because I don’t feel alone. I am in just one of the sweetest seasons with God of my entire life. He has impressed some Isaiah 30:15 on me lately…part of that verse says, ‘…In quietness and trust is your strength.’ If you knew me better, you’d know that quietness is not a strength of mine. But anyhoo, when I am quiet and listen to God, He just speaks to me so much through His Word and gives me His strength.

And because I live alone (can i get a whoo hoo!) I can just talk back out loud or sing or mumble back to Him. I tell Him everything; the fun stuff, the complaints, the sad stuff, the thankful stuff. He is so good to me. He is my one true companion. I heard our gal Beth Moore say at a recent Living Proof Live event that, ‘When you tell God you love Him, say ‘I love you too!’ not just ‘I love you.’ Because if we feel like saying it, its because God has just leaned over us and told us He loves us!! So true. So I have been trying that out.

Do I want a man someday to share my life with and to be my hunky Valentine? You bet I do! But I can finally say after some wrestling with God and sensing His sweet affection toward me, that I want HIM more. That is a HUGE perk of living alone for so long. Its just me and Him. So all you single ladies, I encourage you to enjoy this season of singleness as long as it lasts. It can be the sweetest time of your life.

I say gal a lot just to be goofy. So I will celebrate this Valentine’s Day with my sweet ‘Gal-entines’ as I call them. I also have a couple of fun guy pals who I call ‘Pal-entines’. Feel free to use these terms.

Single girls give us a shout out about your good God times! And Happy Gal-entines Day!


  1. says

    Happy Valentine’s Day Paige and all our single siestas.
    Well, I was married but my 12 years ago today, my divorce became final. I have grown in God’s Word over these last 12 years and He is my delight. I love God and no man on this earth could take his place in my heart. 12 years ago I couldn’t have said that. I used to light a candle in the early mornings during quiet time and after praying God and I would have breakfast by candlelite. I talk to Him like HE is right beside me because he is. God is my True Love.

  2. Taria says

    I think of all the Valentine’s Days I’ve been single, this one is bothering me the least… and it’s because I know that Christ is the ultimate and forever Valentine. :) It’s beautiful! I also live alone, so I get the added benefits of being able to talk to Him and humble myself before Him any time I like. :) Happy Valentine’s to you!

  3. Melanie says

    I’m not single, but it’s refreshing to here from someone who is and enjoying your relationship with the Lord !!! Encouraging !!!!

  4. says

    Paige! This was so sweet. Thank you for sharing your heart!
    I am the Girl’s Ministry Director at my church, and also single, so I am having a few girls over so we can have a romantic dinner. :) It will be fun. And as much as I want a man, I am loving this season with the girls! :)
    And, last night I even told Him that I WANTED Him to be my all. Because if I’m not satisfied in Him alone, I know no man will ever satisfy me.
    Have a great day, Paige!

  5. says

    Thanks for this Paige, I remember my singleness in much the same way. It is good for me to remember as I encourage my single gal pals. I’m going to be forwarding this link to a close friend today who truly needs this word.

  6. says

    Thank you Patty,
    That is a good Word! I will light a candle too for my meals with Jesus! He is so sweet and good to me too. I was married before too and I find I have much more consistent intimacy with the Lord now that I’m on my own. And I need Him more!

  7. says

    I totally posted a blog the other day on how my God knows how to love me better than any person could. I’m learning and growing so much in this period of my singleness. He is teaching me about love and family. He is showing me how different He created me to be and how great that is. He just loves me in a million small ways.

  8. Holly says

    Hey Paige and everyone that posted a response….
    I stumbled upon this post and was encouraged. I’m 45, single and have never been married. But am in a hard and lonely place and so yesterday was really hard for me. You encouraged me and I just wanted to say thanks.

  9. Melanie says

    Hi Paige,
    I just stumbled upon this post and I say a big AMEN!! I am 38, single and never been married. I have to say this has been the first year ever that Valentines Day has not bothered me at all! I pray this means my relationship with Him has grown deeper. He is the only provision.
    God bless you and this ministry He has given you.

  10. Betsy Langmade says

    Hey Paige – Thanks for giving a refreshing perspective to what another single friend called “Single Awareness Day”. Did you know you write just like you talk? I could hear your voice inflections as I read this – so fun!


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