Esther and times of crisis

I know I say this every week but I am seriously loving the Esther study. Not only do I feel like I’m reading the book of Esther in a way I never have before, but I am finding so many God-breathed lessons along the way.
The most profound thing for me this week was something Beth said in the Session 3 DVD. I don’t remember her exact words, but the way I wrote it down was like this: “When we’re walking on the path to destiny, we usually come up on the heels of some crisis that leads us to the next place”.
What she is basically saying is that God will often use a crisis to move us in the direction He wants us to go.
I remember when Caroline was a toddler that she’d crawl around on the floor and find random objects to pick up. Every now and then, she’d get a hold of something she wasn’t supposed to have, so I’d rush over there to pry it out of her fingers, which was easier said than done. She’d hold to that piece of candy or small button or whatever it happened to be with a death grip. There was no way she was letting go and she certainly didn’t care that it might hurt her.
Sometimes that’s how I am with God. I just hold on to what I’ve found with all my might because I WANT IT. Meanwhile, He’s trying to show me that there is something better or that what I want isn’t the best thing for me.
And ultimately there are times that He has to bring me back to a place of complete dependence on Him so that I’ll quit being so focused on what I want and pay attention to what He has for me.
I’ll be honest, it’s usually not very fun.
But if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that He always gives me the things that are better-suited to me than what I would have given myself. He knows me best.
I’d love to hear what you learned from Esther this week!


  1. says

    Man, have I learned this lesson the hard way this week!!! Nothing like having a child go through surgery to put things in perspective!!
    Seriously, I keep thinking at some point I will actually learn some of these lessons. How annoying I must be to Him at times! Geesh!!

  2. says

    I just started Esther today. Going solo on this one. It has been a while since I have done a BM study and my head was swimming after Day 1. Forgot how much bible flipplin we do – BUT I love it! Can’t wait to get into it.

  3. says

    Melanie,I am the same way….I just love this Bible study. I think I’m addicted to it! ha
    Something that really stood out to me in the homework for Day 1, Week Three was where Beth said that sometimes even the strong grow weak but that the weak can grow strong if they set their minds to it. She taught that our “made-up mind” can be stronger than our “mood”. (examples: Joesph…Mordecai) I paraphrased Colossians 3:2 in that lesson to say: “Make up your mind to love the things of God more than the things of the world!” I think that’s the key. I should learn to do like Daniel and PURPOSE IN MY HEART that I am going to serve the Lord whether I’m in the mood to do so or not!

  4. Anna says

    Everyone in our study is blessed by Esther as well. I have ladies come up to me each week telling how much it means to them.
    We’ve just watched session 4 and it is great. But from session 3, I kept thinking all week about destiny and how ‘we’ problems often become ‘me’ problems. That scares me a little because it may mean it’s time for me to fix something or rather, God will fix something through me….scary thought!

  5. says

    It does just keep getting better. I loved day 1 where she said “I’ve had to learn to be intentional and determined about where I would set my mind”. It is so true. We need to be so intentional each day and take our thoughts captive. I also loved day 4 where we are reminded He never takes His eye off of us or the clock ticking over us. What a sweet reminder. How freeing is that? I am definetely reading Esther in a whole new light.

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