A New Blog for Kid People

OK, you don’t know me but I add the videos, fix broken things, and host of other things for the AllAccess blog. So, when I went to the wonderful AllAccess people and asked to hijack a post, they graciously allowed me. Maybe it was because they realized I could make their pictures look funny or shut the whole thing down, but I am just going to think it’s because they are THAT AWESOME and they want you to know about a good thing.

What is that good thing? It’s the ParentLife Blog.


Our ParentLife magazine people are venturing into the blogosphere and it’s about time. This is for Moms AND Dads of kids – well, I guess there is an assumed kid when you say you are a mom and dad – but what I mean is that they are preteens and younger, down to babies. And just like a baby is brand new, so is the ParentLife Blog. They want you to stop by the delivery room and tell them how cute or not so cute they are and one person will actually get a free book for the feedback given. Oh, and if you work with kids or just like cute kid picts, the ParentLife Blog is also a place for you. You can also send in cute kid pictures and submit your funny stories. Based on what they hear, there may be some tweaks and changes or a massive overhaul (I originally typed overalls 😉 so that it is the best parenting blog – evuh!

I want to hijack more posts. This was fun. I feel like a pirate – ARRR. Until then, back to your regularly scheduled bloggers.


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