Behind Priscilla…literally!

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Special assignment for All Access, Pam and I, had the privilege this week to get to Dallas for a behind the scenes (literally, see photo below) view of Priscilla Shirer as she taped her top secret, much-anticipated, new Bible Study, ‘One In a Million,’ that will release this summer.

We felt like two gals in a million with big hair as we watched Priscilla teach her socks off with sassy outfits and really cute hair. She BROUGHT it about how God does some of His greatest miracles in our lives when we are in a wilderness season. So true. Her sweet 90-year-old Grandma was in the audience and Pam and I got to meet her. We are blessed. But we didn’t wear our cheese heads.

We also got to squeeze the newest Shirer, Jude, and carry him around some while his Momma brought the Word! Maternity leave is over cause not only did she just tape a 6-week Bible study but next weekend, Feb, 6-7, Priscilla is going to launch her Going Beyond Events with LifeWay in Atlanta with a brand new message on Jonah. She’ll hit the west coast after Atlanta with an event in San Jose, CA on February 21-22. Yes, maternity leave is officially OVER. AND she has lost the baby weight in three months. She is our hero. In spite of an inch or so of ice in Dallas and snow in Nashville, we made it home with little drama (other than the drama we bring by just being together) in our travels!


  1. Beth Cunningham says

    You are hilarious! You guys must have a blast together! I gotta say I’m thrilled to see women who love the Lord like you do enjoy living with such gusto! You have some hero in you! Thanks for inspiring!

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