And here we go with “Esther”

I can’t tell y’all how excited I was to start the first session of “Esther” on Wednesday night. I’ve been looking forward to this study since the first time I heard about it and judging from the introductory session, it is not going to disappoint.
Also, I am totally going to start using the phrase, “I don’t need the whole Megillah” because it makes me happy.
The biggest thing that stood out to me this week was the fact that God’s name is never mentioned in the book of Esther. I’ve read it many times and I’d never really thought about it. I just knew that His hand was in the middle of that whole situation.
But isn’t it interesting how I can read Esther and see God’s hand all over it, yet sometimes wonder if His hand is all over my life? Does He really care about all the little things that make up my day?
I loved that Beth pointed out that this is a Bible study where no obvious miracle comes. We never see Him, but we know He’s at work.
That is where I’m living right now. It’s trusting Him for the day-to-day stuff. There are no big miracles or revelations. It’s just His faithfulness in giving me my daily bread.
And I’m clinging to Phillippians 2:13 “God works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.” As Beth said, “If you seek Him, God’s will will find you.”
How about y’all? I’d love to hear your thoughts and input on this first video session.


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    I feel a little silly to mention this as one of my favorite parts of the intro week (I began this past Wednesday as well), but honestly, one of the parts that meant the very most to me was at the very end of the intro lesson when Beth said something to the effect of “You’ve met women who have done a far better job at being a woman, but you’ve never met one who has enjoyed it as much as this one.” I know that, compared to the rest of the teaching, that certainly isn’t the most spiritual thing she said… but it hit me the hardest.
    It was just such a challenge to me — that, even though I may be surrounded by many (MANY!) women who are doing such a better job at being a woman than I am, I can still work to enjoy being one. With my job, sometimes I feel like it takes some of my femininity away — I know that doesn’t make sense since I’m running a girls’ ministry, but it’s still true, as weird as that may sound. I also have sometimes felt like the parts of me that are distinctly feminine — like, feeling strong emotions for example — are looked on as something “bad” but, secretly, I love those sides of me! I feel like God put that in us as women to reflect that part of Him (of course, we can misuse them / let them get out of control). When Beth said that she so enjoys being a woman, I felt like it was a little bit of permission for me to feel like it’s okay to enjoy actually BEING a woman.

  2. Melanie says

    Our Bible study started in Esther this last Monday. The thing that stuck with me from the intro video was her thoughts about when we don’t see God do a big miracle, but we know is there all the same. How he works things out in the natural…I needed to here that.
    I also like her Red Book answers the question….What is the hardest thing about being a woman ?? “HORMONES, HORMONES, HORMONES !!! lol…
    Thanks for this blog and all of the insight and fun that it brings. I have this one as my home page !! =}

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    “But isn’t it interesting how I can read Esther and see God’s hand all over it, yet sometimes wonder if His hand is all over my life? Does He really care about all the little things that make up my day?”
    YES! This resonates with me so much today. I have only seen the video and just got my workbook. This has been “A week!” Rather than share the laundry list (which is appropriate, because our washer died a week ago), I just NEED God’s Hand all over my life so much, more than my breath, more than my way. I just need Him.
    I believe He would like for me to step into the place I think He’s calling me to go. And I am struggling with wanting to or knowing if it is the right place.
    Can’t wait to dig into Esther this weekend more!

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    I keep thinking of Vashti and how her life (and maybe death- we don’t really know) had a hand in God’s plan for Esther.
    I’m also earnestly praying that our study doesn’t become a husband-bashing session. Beth makes it clear that it isn’t about that at all. But, any time you get a group of women together to talk about how hard it is to be a woman, egos flare and get puffed up. I was convicted years ago about honoring my husband. It truly frees you from so much pain and doubt!

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    We started the group last Wednesday also. As part of our introductions we asked the women to share some advice they had been given from their mothers or other women. I was struck by how many of them said their mothers didn’t give them advice or how they wanted to live their lives differently. As the leader of the group, I had already looked through week 1 and knew how it ended. “It’s tough being a woman in another woman’s shadow.” It’ll be interesting to hear the lessons and responses this week. As for me, I began to wonder how my “advice” is affecting my 10yr old daughter. I give it constantly!! This week caused me to stop and pray that I don’t make it hard for her to be or to become the woman God has called her to be.

  6. Anna says

    We started on the 18th and the intro session really motivated me. I’m interested in the story, but also in how God works when we can’t see Him. We’ve all felt it and it’s good to explore what it means.
    Plus I can’t wait to talk about how this young, unsuspecting girl became a powerful warrior for God!

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