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** This is a public apology from Kris. I was responsible to post Regina’s devotion on Wed.and totally missed it. I was with my kids and I totally spaced on posting for allaccess. No excuses. This is so my fault and I’m so sorry! I’m posting her original devotion. Merry Christmas Everyone!
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The Humility of the Incarnation
It’s Regina Gibson here! Thanks for joining us for our second Wednesday Weekly Devotion (WWD). We do sincerely apologize for addressing you without video this week. Thank you for your grace and patience with us. Lord willing, we will have the technical glitches worked out by the first of the year and you’ll get to see me face to face once again. I can’t wait! Until then, no need to lack some good encouragement from God’s Word. So get comfy, grab your coffee or cup of tea and your Bible (if you don’t have a copy on hand, that’s not a problem), and let’s take a minute to receive a word from Him! I encourage you to read all the way to the end. It’s worth it. I think it is a timely word indeed…
Let’s start with a question:
What is the most humiliating experience you’ve ever had?
Do you have it in mind? Of course there are the monumental experiences, but there is also the humiliation that comes via everyday life situations. If you’re anything like me you can definitely picture yourself in the following situation: You’ve gotten all dolled up for work, just as cute as can be. You stop to get your coffee. You go to take that first delightful taste, ever so carefully. You don’t notice until you’re in your first appointment of the day that little drips of mocha have drizzled down the front of your, of course, white sweater. Simply humiliating. We all do what we can to avoid moments such as these
Consider this statement:
In the flesh our natural inclination is to seek exaltation. Do you think that’s true? I would like to suggest to you that humility does not come to us naturally. It comes through the person of Christ.
In Beth Moore’s study Daniel she writes: “No one rich or poor, powerful or oppressed, healthy or infirm, enslaved or free, male or female, old or young, from east or west, of color or not, is exempt from the temptation to dangerous pride…Pride is not a circumstance. It’s a state of mind.” (Moore, 71)
This Christmas season you and I don’t want to miss the humility of the incarnation, the desirable humility available to us in the person of Christ–
In Philippians 2 Christ pictures humility perfectly for us. *Please take time to read it. Give His Word opportunity to become living and active in you*:
“Make your own attitude that of Christ Jesus, who, existing in the form of god, did not consider equality with god as something to be used for His own advantage. Instead He emptied Himself by assuming the form of a slave, taking on the likeness of men. And when He had come as a man in His external form, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death–even death on a cross. For this reason God also highly exalted Him…” (HCSB)

Don’t miss the humility of the incarnation….

Special Note: In the original language of the text, Greek, the word used for humility in verse 8 of Philippians 2 literally means “humiliation of mind.” Christ had humility of mind.
The one who made you chose to identify with you in human flesh and blood
The one who is the absolute giver of life, gave up his life in the most humiliating way so that we might have life to the full
The one who made us walks with us
The one who spoke the world into being speaks to man
The one whose thoughts are far above our thoughts, thinks about us
The one who was raised from the dead and who will be exalted forever was crucified on the earth
Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression of humility.
Will we choose the humility of Christ this Christmas season, or will we be content with the usual: hurriedness, worry, impatience, biting remarks, and quick tempers?
Will we choose people or products? Will we extend kindness to that cashier checking us out or to the waiter serving us, or will we have a demanding spirit?
Will we choose the fear of man and not share the Gospel with a lost relative, or will we choose the fear of God and humility not caring to save face for anyone, considering their life as more precious than our comfort?
Will we choose excess, giving only to those who are already rich, or will we extend our hands to the poor?
Will we choose the way of humility which leads to honor or participate in the folly of pride only to fall?
Are the choices you make, choices that reflect the humility of Christ, for it is easy to give mental ascent to a virtue we do not possess? The world is consumed with people who are full of themselves, but the world desperately needs some people who filled with the Spirit of God. Will we choose to carry the dying of the Lord Jesus in our bodies so that His life is manifested in us this Christmas season? Will our attitudes be the same as that of Christ Jesus or will it be Christmas as usual?
Thanks for sharing life with me a little bit this week. Starting the first of the year I will be joining you via video once again for our Weekly Wednesday Devotions (WWD). Thanks for extending your grace to us while we get it ready to go for 2009.
And to those who commented a couple of weeks ago, thank you. I do cherish hearing from y’all. I wish you the Merriest Christmas in the world!! Well, see you soon and join me for more WWD with yours truly right here on All Access!!


  1. margaret kennedy says

    Thank you friend for these words. I was so incited and encouraged. I am going to look forward to this and plan to join you weekly. I am smiling big time as I see your precious face!
    love, margaret kennedy

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