Tune in for a quick word from Regina Gibson, LifeWay Women’s Ministry specialist for Young Adult women.(or not so young – she blesses us all!)


  1. Thank you, Regina, for sharing this Word of encouragement today. We are looking forward to these each Wednesday! The LifeWay Women’s team appreciates you SO much!

  2. That was wonderful

  3. Thank you Regina! I look forward to hearing from you each Wednesday. The word the Lord gave to you today was very encouraging and uplifting. Thank you!

  4. Celeste Hill says:

    Thank you Regina for sharing the Word. I so deeply needed this today. God bless you and I will look forward to visiting with you again on Wednesday.

  5. Thank you for such encouraging and uplifting words Regina. Great Job!

  6. Joy was radiating from you sweet one…

  7. I will look forward to these Wednesday devotionals. Regina is a DELIGHT – her smile makes me smile :)

  8. Thank you Regina! You are just precious! I will look forward to your Wednesday devotions! Emmy : )

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