Hey ya’ll.
This has been quite the busy week here on LifeWay campus. We’ve got 500 women walking the halls and attending the National Leadership Forum. It has been a great week so far. Angela Thomas was keynote last night and girls, she is so good. If you ever get a chance to see her live or do one of her Bible studies, you gotta do it. I laughed so hard and got tears too. God’s gifted her and using her in a mighty way.
Okay, well, don’t want to keep you waiting any longer so here goes. We’re gonna give away an Esther Bible Study kit (yes, I said kit, not member book!) with a drawing we’ll do here from ya’lls comments. So , post a comment about why you want your church, friends, neighborhood girlfriends, etc. to do this study. Comments will be open until November 21. So comment away and we’ll use random.org to draw a winner on November 21.


  1. Oh my! How could anyone list the myriad of reasons why it would be so wonderful to have a Beth Moore study to share with the community and neighborhood!
    I’ve been wanting to start getting some and cycling through one after the other with neighbors and friends who can’t make it to a Bible Study in our very rural area. This would be a tremendous gift. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I want to do this Bible study in memory of my grandmother. I remember as a small child going to church with her and my grandfather – that she would teach Sunday school for the ladies – that in the routine, every day grind of her life, she remained a child of God. That even while we are waiting in the tough times – we are still working for Him. This sounds like a Bible study with a lot of relevance – where our lives hit the pavement “for such a time as this.”

  3. I would love to win this study!!! I am so excited about doing this study that I have already ordered the audio CD’s and member book before we even do the study at my church! I want to experience it and want the ladies of my church to experience because I think we all know how tough it is to be a woman, yet I think we can learn from Esther’s example of being a woman of God and obeying the Holy Spirit.

  4. We’re just rebuilding our church after a 2 year period of change and upheaval. I’ve been wanting to get together a women’s bible study – and this one sounds PERFECT for the ladies in my church.
    Thanks so much for the chance

  5. Oooooh, I want this!! Just ONE HOUR AGO, we watched the last DVD from A Woman’s Heart. And it was so, so, so, so good! There’s not another study at church until January. :( Daniel was my first Beth study, and I have the CD set, so I’m going to go through it again on my own from now until January.
    I can’t wait to do Esther!!

  6. I am excited about this new study, and I know it would be a great one to do with girls from church!

  7. Many women I know have never been exposed to the wonderful teaching of Beth Moore and I would love to introduce them through this new DVD set.

  8. I’ve never done a Beth Moore study and would love for Esther to be my first. I have just recently gotten involved with a women’s bible study group and this would be a great curriculum for us.

  9. Every Beth Moore study is so awesome …so I can’t wait to do this one!

  10. Oh, how I’d like one. I know that women in my chuch want to live godly lives, but the messages their/I’m getting from the culture around me is so dang different!!! I want to learn from Esther and put somethings INTO practice!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. I just read the two samples available, and I’m now hooked! I can’t wait to do the whole study.
    A friend and I are trying to start a small group study at her house in the spring and this would be a great way to kick it off!!

  12. I would love to do this study. I always learn something new and applicable from Beth Moore.

  13. I loved the samples! I would love to do this in my church and neighborhood.

  14. We are moving “back home” in a couple of weeks and I would love to share this study with some old college friends! We’ve been doing the online “LBY” study long-distance, so this would be awesome to use together!! And use to invite other girls to be a part of with us. “It’s tough being a woman” resonates with all of us women!!

  15. I think this will be a fabulous study, as they all are! My mom’s church (my home church) has no women’s ministry and every time she asks about starting a new Bible Study, she gets denied. They would have no excuse if she had all of the materials already and they didn’t have to pay!

  16. This study would be awesome to do at our new church!! Some of the ladies are getting ready to do Part 2 of Daniel. I think Ester would be an awesome study to do next!!!

  17. My church is in the middle of a bad season right now. So i feel this study could be
    just what the women of my church need to
    be lights in the darkness.

  18. I’m sure that this will be a great Bible Study. I would love to do it with my group of women in my Sunday School class. It would not only grow us closer to God but closer as a group!

  19. Hmmmm…..
    Just read Sophie’s post and all the comments from a couple days ago… there’s your reasons number 1-23 why I want to do the study. Reasons 24-742 involve the level of perfection I hold myself to with my husband and children and parents and siblings and friends and aquaintances…
    and I KNOW my friends all feel the same way!
    I would do this study in my home first, with a small group of friends, and then loan it to my church to do at their next go round in February. and then I’m sure I’d do it all over again here at home just to drive the points home in my head again. :)
    Thanks for offereing this giveaway. You’re a cool group of chickies!

  20. I’m excited about this study, Esther is such a fascinating women, and her story would be wonderful to study with the women at church! I also think that this would be a great study for a group of older and younger women, it would bring women of all ages together!

  21. I love Angela Thomas. I was able to lead worship at a conference she did a year or more ago and she was phenomenal — very sweet and “real,” too!
    I would love to win this DVD kit because I have desire of leading a community Bible study — independent of any one church — and I think having our own set would be just fabulous!
    Oh, please pick me!! :)

  22. I can’t wait to do this study! My passion is for women and helping them be equipped with the information we all need to be godly women and warriors for God! Right now, we have it on the schedule for the summer months. If I were to win, I could do it after the holidays!!!! YAHOO-JAH~!

  23. I would love to share this with our women’s group at church! This would be a great kick-off going into the new year! We did the Loving Well study as a retreat last year as a group and we all grew in our friendships with one another! Thank you for the giveaway.

  24. I would like this Bible Study to be able to share it with the ladies in our motorcycle chapter, Southern Cross Riders, Chapter #681, of Christian Motorcyclists Association.
    Thank you for your wonderful insight and encouragement.

  25. I think it would be such a good bible study!

  26. It would be helpful to do with the college girls I will be discipling.

  27. I have done several of Beth’s studies and have been so blessed. I would love to share this study with not only my church, but all the women I love. Because it is tough being a woman! Thank you so much!

  28. How wonderful! We are starting this study in January, but there are other small groups wanting to do it and it would be awesome to have another copy available for our church. Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. I don’t know why, but God has me facilitating bible studies right now for the ladies of our church. We’re in our 2nd one, and are running out of available materials. It would be awesome to win this kit and give it to the church to have for our studies and also for studies in the future. What a blessing that would be! By the way, we’re currently doing Daniel and we Love, love, love it.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Jenny from VA says:

    I would love this Bible study because I have a heart for women’s ministry. I would love to be an Esther myself!

  31. Jabber Jaws says:

    This would be a HUGE Christmas blessing to our Bible Study group. We are so diverse and have several that financially struggle so this would be terrific as we could use our funds to help them instead of on materials. I can’t wait to see who gets the prize! It is Christmas early!

  32. Shelley M. says:

    God’s timing is so perfect! A study that has “it’s tough being a woman” in the title is just what I need and I know it’s just what many others need as well!

  33. Ooo… I live in military housing and have many friends who would love to have a Bible study together! We also have several women’s groups at our church which would love a great course. Thanks for the offer!

  34. I’ve been really wanting to study the role of women in God’s kingdom, and I can think of no better person to enlighten us than Esther via Beth Moore.

  35. I would love, love, love to get this kit! I have just the perfect group of girls to work through it with — my sisters and my mom!

  36. A neighbor and I have been wanting to start a Beth Moore Bible Study in our neighborhood, and have been waiting to borrow the Daniel study from a local church. What a blessing it would be to be able to start right away with the Esther study, which I have been eagerly awaiting.

  37. At my old church, I lead a thriving women’s ministry Bible study of about 50-60 women.
    At my new church (we moved), which is roughly the same size, women’s ministry doesn’t do big Bible studies. They just run small groups, and none of them meet during the day or have child care.
    Which means I haven’t done a Bible study in almost two years and I am DYING. I’d love to have this study just so I could lead my own group.

  38. I am a pastor’s wife and I would love to offer this Esther Bible study next spring to the young women of our church! Many have asked what study we could do and this would fit the bill perfectly!

  39. This summer a group of some old and some new friends completed Daniel. It was an amazing study that is continuing to challenge us. We had the privilege of coming as a group to see Beth in San Antonio. On that trip we decided we were going to make a summer Bible study a yearly tradition and that Esther was the one for 2009. Winning a copy would be great because we could share it with other small groups in our church.

  40. Oh please Mr. Random PICK ME!! Lot of us going through for such a time as this. (pleaseohpleaseohplease)

  41. Oh I’ve been anxious for this study. We all need this study for such a time as this!

  42. I have a group of women that I did “Jesus the One and Only” with a year ago and we were all just chatting over coffee this week about how we NEED to do another study by Beth together. We are all going through the same struggles, demands of motherhood and other things in life right now and sincerely desire to study God’s word together. This would be a fantastic way!

  43. I just finished Stepping Up with a group of ladies from my church, and was so impacted by Beth’s perspective. Life changing, indeed. Since, I’ve connected with a whole new group of women who keep saying we should do something together, and this would be absolutely perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one! Esther is one of my favorite books already, and I can’t wait to dig into it with Beth!

  45. What a way to bless others! Our woman’s bible study has kinda been put on the side burner. This would be the perfect thing to get it bak to the front.
    Please count me in.

  46. I would love to give this to my 21 year old daughter so she could do this with her single girlfriends at college. Esther is one of her favorite Bible characters.

  47. I would love to get a copy of this for my church – usually our church doesn’t get the chance to do the Beth Moore video series because of the price, so a free one would be fabulous! :)

  48. I’ve never had the chance to do one of Beth’s studies! It never seems to work out. But I did get to go see her in July in Mpls. I would LOVE to do this one!

  49. We are starting this in January – let’s see if I can win before we buy it! :)))

  50. It would be wonderful to do a study focusing on one of the women of the Bible. We did Believing God this past spring and are finishing Jesus the One and Only in a couple of weeks.
    How fun to have this study to do next!

  51. Wow – I would love to win this! I have a group of friends who would LOVE to do this study. We are huge Beth Moore fans!

  52. Wow, I would REALLY love this. I’m just finishing up Living by the Spirit for the second time. My group would love to go through this next.

  53. Our women’s Bible Study group decided over the summer that we would be doing this study this fall. We’re so excited that it’s here! We plan to start it after Christmas!

  54. i’d love to win this study, because we are moving 1000 miles away, so i could use it once here before we leave, and again in our new town. i’m also a mom to 7, (3 girls) who i really want to get God’s message for them.
    thanks for all you do
    jodi fl to pa

  55. The women’s group at our church has already done two of Beth’s studies. We have all really grown and been challenged by them! We have been blessed to have borrowed the DVD’s from another church! We would love to have one of our own to loan out to others after we finish! What a great opportunity!

  56. I am really wanting to do this study and would love to win this. A friend and I have been talking about doing a study with a group of mom’s during the week. This would be a great asset to use for that study.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Oh, good heavens, I didn’t even finish reading Sophie’s post on her blog that directed me here. She said ‘Esther – Leader Kit giveway’ and I was history. Couldn’t get here fast enough.
    For literally years I have been praying for God to move or move me (hey, someone should write a song with those lyrics!). And I’m still here. Trying to find new ways to be moved and to help others move along too. Maybe Esther is the one we’ve been waiting for!

  58. I got introduced to Beth Moore through a bible study at a church in the town where I work. Had it not been for that study, I would have never gotten to know these women, or have been so blessed by their presence in our lives.

  59. I am so intrigued by this study! I hope to do it regardless of if I win it or not, but if I do win, I know my bible study women at church would enjoy it so much!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. I would love to with the Esther leader kit because Esther is one of my favorite Bible stories and, of course, because all of Beth’s studies are fantastic. Can’t wait for this one too! Thanks for the contest.

  61. The women’s ministry would be so grateful to win the kit! We could save money for another investment. We are crazy about Bible Studies. The women’s group just finished Priscilla Shirer’s “Discerning the Voice of God” and now we are working on “Psalms of Ascent.” I lead the classes two nights a week and it is a blessing!
    We intend to work through Esther in 2009 and it would real help to win it!
    Anna in Georgia

  62. I would love to win this study kit, I would donate it to the church/ Study leader where I have Bible Study (not even my home church) so that it can be done there. How awesome, I love Beth Moore studies!!

  63. I LOVE Beth Moore studies and would love the opportunity to do one again and to really dig into God’s Word with some other women from church.

  64. I feel like my friends and I are experiencing firthand the fact that “It’s tough being a woman.” Miscarriages, difficult pregnancies, babies with colic, hysterectomies…all that tough “woman stuff” is the things we all seem to be living through right now! We would LOVE to do this Bible Study and find strength in the Word and in each other.

  65. I would love, love, love to do this study. I have been a BIG fan of Beth Moore for 10+ years now. I anxiously await each new Bible Study!

  66. Chris in Canada says:

    Can we Canadians enter? If not……just ignore this one. :-)
    I’m currently leading Beth’s Daniel study at our church and my goodness what a FANTASTIC time we have had getting into God’s Word. It. Has. Been. Life-changing! How could it not be?
    We’re excited about starting up our next study and I would be thrilled to win the Esther leader pack. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  67. I was first introduced to Beth Moore through a “girls weekend” to one of her Living Proof Live events. While at that event, my friend and I were both convicted that we needed to delve into God’s word deeper – and we were taking some friends on our journey! We proceeded to begin a Ladie’s Bible Study group and made many new friends – but more important, after doing several of her studies, have gotten to know my best friend Jesus, much better! Looking forward to this new study – would love to lead a new group with this study!

  68. We are a small church (which means we can’t afford to buy the kit) made mostly of college students or recent graduates. To be able to help these young women learn lessons about being a woman from the life of Esther would be wonderful. Also, Nov. 21 is my birthday. This would make an amazing birthday present!!!

  69. Our ladies group has always loved doing Beth Moore Bible studies, it is always exciting to see how God is gonna move in our lives through a study. I can’t wait to see the Esther study!!!

  70. I introduced several women from our ladies bible study to Beth Moore’s teaching through the Stepping Up study and they loved the in-depth study of God’s Word. We would be so encouraged by the teaching from the book of Esther because we KNOW it’s tough being a woman!

  71. Just looking for ways to help church save money and cut costs where ever I can. And absolutely love the other Beth Moore’s studies I’ve done.

  72. Oh, how I would love love love this. It would make me very clappy. :)

  73. Mary Jo Smith says:

    I lead a Discipleship Group for 4 girls in our Student Ministry. We’re finishing up one study and looking for another – perfect timing! Count me in. :) Thanks for the contest!

  74. Already have the group lined up to do this one. How cool would this be? Praying for the random number generator right now! hehehe

  75. I have been helping to lead the ladies bible study at our church. Several of the ladies have mentioned the new study and shown a lot of interest in it. It would be a great study for our group to begin in the new year.

  76. Esther is one of the most memorable characters in the Old Testament. We can learn so much from her story.

  77. I recently reread the book of Esther and I love Beth Moore studies! I just told my husband last night that I wish someone I knew was doing this study.

  78. I love the story of Esther and how God used her “for such a time as this” to save her people, the Jews. I think it would be great to study Esther more in depth and to see how God can use women to further his kingdom and was excited to see Beth make this into a Bible Study.
    We have a Women’s Bible study at my church and we have done several of Beth Moore’s studies and are currently doing Beth’s Psalm of Accent. I know our ladies would love to do this study on Esther. Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway!

  79. I am ready for a new Beth Moore study! It’s tough being a woman! What does the Bible has to say to this for my life today???
    Carol in NC

  80. i cannot wait for esther! we are starting in january! a new year and and a great way to start it…

  81. i would love to do this study with some of the young women at my church!!!! talking recently to so many of them, they are struggling to find there place in this world…..

  82. I lead the women’s ministry at my church and the desire of my heart is to get women into the Word. This is the only place that true, lasting life change can come from and more women need to yearn for what God has for them in His Word.
    We love Beth’s studies. We are currently doing Daniel and we all want to do Esther. What an awesome giveaway!

  83. I saw the promo for the study and KNEW that was the one for us to do in January. The setting of Washington,DC and the Oval Office backdrop sealed the deal for me. How awesome God is that we would have a message like that for such a time as this!!

  84. Our ladies just finished ‘Believing God’ and wowza, that was a good one! We are continually encouraged by God’s faithfulness.
    I would love a leader kit, as I am a homeschool mom, and would like to set up an evening time for the study. God bless!

  85. bethanyloy says:

    Why do I want this? Because I’ve loved every single Beth Moore study I’ve done, but my church has yet to host one! I’d love to introduce them. And- I really want to get into Esther and how she applies to us today!

  86. Are you kidding me?!!?
    I personally can’t wait to do this study but I have loved every.single. Beth Moore study I’ve done.
    ooohhh, please pick me!
    This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance –
    In HIM –

  87. I’m a missionary in Guatemala, and we would absolutely love to do this study! The missionary ladies here love Beth Moore, and she has ministered to each of us! Thank you for putting these studies out there!

  88. I have been wanting to do this study with the women I minister to at my church ever since I first heard about it. Why? Because the book of Esther is so intriguing, and so applicable. Mix that together with Beth’s amazing teaching capabilities and how could we go wrong?? I love the title, too. Because it IS tough being a woman sometimes! We need this study, all of us, and that is why I can’t wait to do it!

  89. I have been waiting and waiting for this study to come out ever since I heard about it! I would love my church to be able to host this – they already have a regular Beth Moore weekly Bible Study program and this would be a worthy addition. Please count me in!

  90. Celeste Hill says:

    I would love this study for “such a time as this” as the title is the season of life for this 46 year old Daughter of the Most High God.
    Being introduced to Beth’s bible studies and being able to see her in multiple LPM conference’s has truly changed my life and the relationship I continue to have with my Jesus.
    Thank you for this opportunity,

  91. Wow! I would love to do this study with my friends. Who couldn’t use another reminder of God’s great plans for each of us?

  92. Tracy Adcock says:

    I have heard so many great things about Beth’s Bible Studies. I have done CBS Bible studies 8 years, but would love to lead this Beth Moore study this summer and invited the ladies in my neighborhood.

  93. What an awesome opprotunity! The Bible Study group that I’m in has plans to start this study right after the new year! We are so excited to see how God uses Beth to shed new light on this amazing woman of God, Esther!

  94. I would love to do this Bible study with the girls at church! We just did a Bible study this spring, and it attracted women of all ages. It would be so great to do one again.

  95. Our ladies small group has not met in a while. The girls were just saying the other day how much they miss the time together studying the Word and just cracking each other up. This would be the perfect reason to bring us back together. Thanks for the give away. Crossing all possible crossable body parts hoping I win!

  96. PICK ME!!!!!
    I would LOVE to have this to do with a small group in January!!!

  97. I would like to win this Bible study to do with a women’s group at church!

  98. Stephanie J says:

    I would love to do this as the first study with a new women’s group I am starting in January. Beth’s studies are always so incredible!

  99. Oh, I so look forward to going through this study! I love watching the women of our church grow in the Lord by leaps and bounds when we meet together to commune over the Word! We took a year off from doing one of Beth’s studies, but I’m anxious to get back on board, and do “Esther”. How exciting that it’s here!

  100. Yea!! I have been waiting for this to come out! I want to do it with the girls in my Sunday School.

  101. Oh,a new Beth Moore study – that’s a reason in itself isn’t it? We are always looking for good women’s studies at our church and I KNOW that this one would fit the bill.

  102. I am soooo excited about this study. I am a part of a women’s Bible study held at my sis in law’s home. I have been apart of the group for 2 1/2 years and it was going on for that long before I started. We have done several Beth studies as well as Priscilla. We would love to be able to do the Esther study! We are a bunch of women from all walks of life and stages of life, so I know we would benefit from this study. Thanks for the giveaway.

  103. I am a missionary in Japan who is smack dab in the middle of language school. Japanese is one of the hardest languages for an American to learn…add to that the fact I’m a bit long in the tooth to be learning a foreign language and what you get is a very confused person every time I go to church. Our missionary group’s women have done several Beth Moore studies and it really helps to “feed” a bunch of spiritually hungry women who, because of language barriers, can’t really get all they need from the Japanese corporate worship services. We’ve also used what we’ve learned in our Beth Moore studies to minister to the Japanese Christians. We would all really love to do this Bible study! Thanks so much for having this give-a-way!

  104. I am a military spouse, and wherever we’ve been stationed, Beth’s Bible studies have been a great way to get in the Word and connect with other women on a deeper level.

  105. esther would be so great for our little neighborhood study…we are mostly a group of moms with very young children–one of our girls has 2 under a yr old (one was adopted, and right after, she found herself pregnant :>) )and we really could use some encouragement in the mommy/woman game. we are doing believing God right now and we are very blessed by it! we don’t have a lot of money (translate: none) to spend on Bible studies right now and thus have to borrow them–so it would be great to receive one and then share it with other churches!

  106. I am an ICU nurse at a children’s hospital, the nurses that I work with would love to do this Bible Study together. Thanks for the chance!!!!!!

  107. I’ve been looking for a good bible study to do for a while for a small group and I’d love to do thi study.

  108. Our church has done two Beth Moore studies in the last year – hoping to do the Esther study after the holidays!

  109. When I moved to NY one of the first things I did was start a Beth Moore Bible study with a group of ladies that were all new transplants. I found, what turned out to be, one of my dearest friends from that study. Since moving to MN three years ago I have yet to start a Bible study and still feel terribly lonely. Winning this study would be just the kick in the pants I need to organize one!

  110. I think “for such a time as this” is the reason why I want our women’s ministry to do this. It is a timely Word!

  111. Would so love to get more ladies involved and excited to be studying the Word! This would be a great place to start. Thanks for the opportunity.

  112. Becauce it’d be SO neat to be able to do the study I’ve been reading about with the womein in my church–instead of waiting for another group to get it, do it, and then loan it to us. Not that waiting is bad… :)

  113. Oh my gosh, what an incredible give away.My ladies so need to win this, we are a small church with a limited budget. My husband is the Pastor and our ladies never…did I day never….did a Beth Moore study….didnt even know who she was until Last June when my husband became their pastor. He is one of Beths biggest cheerleaders.
    Praying I will win.
    Much love, prayers, wisdom and blessings
    Amy in SC

  114. The women of our church have been doing Beth’s bible studies for years and we are so looking forward to doing this one, too!

  115. I have really been looking forward to this study coming out!

  116. I have been counting down the days for Esther to be released. Can’t wait to start the study. My church would be blessed to win the contest.

  117. Why do I want our ladies’ Bible Study to do this study?
    Because it’s tough to be a woman.

  118. Oh My Goodness! A study about one of the greatest women in the Bible! I just LOVE Esther, and it’s a Beth Moore study to boot. How can you NOT love that?! ;-) The women’s group at my church would love this.

  119. God has used very single Beth Moore study I’ve done to have a profound impact on the way I view Him. Living in Kenya, I’d love to share the Esther study with my community of girls!

  120. I have had the privilege of personally facilitating EVERY SINGLE ONE of Beth Moore’s bible studies at my church. It has been my joy to serve the ladies of my church as well as the community in which I live. I have been blessed beyond belief as I have sat under the teachings of His precious servant, Beth.

  121. Wow!What a joy it to be able to go into another great study from God through Beth!

  122. We just decided this morning that we would be choosing this Esther study as our Spring 2009 study. We do not charge to participate in our studies, so we don’t recoop any of the cost and our Women’s budget has recently been slashed (giving is down because of the economy being like it is). Recieving this study for free would give us a chance to use that money in other areas of our ministry. It would be such a blessing! (I know the other women leaving comments would be just as blessed by it, as well, I’m just giving you my story since that’s what you asked for!) :) Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  123. Our young ladies Bible study hasn’t done a Beth Moore study in a long time. We would love the opportunity to dive into this one!

  124. I just started MOPS and a few moms who have itty bitty babies started a play group. We talked about doing a bible study and I would just LOVE to be able to host at my house with the Ester Kit! We so often talk about how tough it is sometimes to be a wife, mother, and woman!

  125. i would love to win this! i have several friends that have left the church we used to all attend together..and we are all spread out– i’d love to win this for us to get together and study the Bible. thank you!

  126. Leanne from Canada says:

    What a generous giveaway….thanks so much!!! As for why we want to do the study….why not!!! Every single one of Beth’s studies is so rich, we don’t want to miss out on any of them!!

  127. I’m starting up a new small group in the new year and would love to use the Esther series to kick things off!!!

  128. We have a group of ladies at our church that love to do Beth’s Bible Studies (me included!). I started leading Beth Moore Bible Studies at our church about 8 years ago and I think we have made it through all of them up to this point. We just finished the Psalms of Ascent and it was awesome! We are ready for the next study..thanks for the opportunity to win the Esther DVD kit!

  129. Whoo hoo!
    What a great giveaway…Esther has been my favorite book of the Bible ever since I was a little girl and would BEG my mom to read it again and again…

  130. Oh, I would love to have that study for my ladies small group! I just love my friend Beth:)

  131. How I would love to win this Esther study as an encouragement for our women’s weekly Bible study! We love Beth’s teaching so much and do one of her studies each year. Our church is in the midst of a hard time…losing our much loved pastor, and facing financial struggles, and yet, we know that God is allowing all of these trials to perfect our walk with him…we are a part of this wonderful body “for such a time as this”!

  132. Our women’s ministry group is working on an outreach to women who don’t attend Bible studies and were discussing topics. Every lady can relate to “its tough to be a women”.

  133. We are starting a community wide bible study in our area after the first of the year. We have active churches, but they are not connected. The Lord is moving and we are following. We are starting a community wide women’s ministry entitled Drawing Near. Evening and (eventually daytime) bible studies are one part of it. We will be offering Beth Moore’s Esther study next fall in the evenings. We are so looking forward to how the Lord is going to use this mininstry to bring revival to the women in our area. Thank you – Praising the Lord for your work here at Lifeway and Beth’s team at Living Proof.

  134. Rachel Manchester says:

    Our ladies’ group has been looking forward to this since we studied Esther in Sunday School! Can’t wait to plow into this one.

  135. I would love to do this study! I am halfway through To Live Is Christ, and have learned so much, I’m sad to finish and excited to look for a new one!!!

  136. I would love to win this for our church. We plan to do this study in March. We have women from all different ages and churches that participate in our Bible Study. We have done 3 of Beth Moore’s so far and the plans are to do Esther next. We just finished “Believing God”
    We are a very small church but our women love these studies. 2 of the studies we have borrowed from a sister-church in a nearby city. We have only bought 1 so far and they borrowed ours when we were finished. Neither one of us have the Esther study yet (of course, since it just came out), but I know both churches would be thrilled to win this.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  137. I have waiting for this study!! Woohoo!! So exciting!!!!!

  138. Wow! My little Bible study group would love to be in the running for this prize. We would make sure it was shared with many ladies when we finished!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  139. I want my church girls to do the Esther study because….DUH! It’s BETH MOORE!! That girl brings the Word like nobody’s business! And right now the theme around many of my girlfiends is how hard it is to be a woman. Perfect timing, if you ask me :-)

  140. I would love to do this with women from my church. I believe we have so much to learner for older generations especially the women of the bible.

  141. Oh! I’d love to win this for my church. I lead the women’s studies at our church and JUST THIS WEEK I spoke to our Spiritual Growth pastor about doing this study. I even forwarded a 25% coupon that I found, hoping it would help us purchase the kit.
    Oh, yay! I am so glad that Esther is ready. We have been waiting for her!

  142. What a blessing it would be to win Esther so that our small group–my mom, me and about 10 friends–could get started on it. In the past we have checked one out of a church but Esther is hot off the press so what fun to get it now! Thanks for the giveaway and blessings, Jill

  143. Oh I just LOVE Beth Moore studies! And Esther should be quite a good one :) I’d love to be able to share it with the girls in my small group!

  144. I heart Beth Moore studies. And have been waiting for Esther to come out since I first heard about it. I get teary watching the promos!

  145. Heather S. says:

    What a blessing this would be for our church plant going through transition right now. I have felt so strongly that if the women are united, we can move forward to tackle the mountains that God would have for us to tackle.

  146. Mary Aycock says:

    I have loved every Beth Moore study that I have ever done, and am hoping to lead a new one soon! Blessings!

  147. I would love to lead this study in my home! God bless you all.

  148. I have a friend with breast cancer, that has said that she wants to do a Bible study. I think this would be a true blessing to her.

  149. I would love to have this study. In fact, we are planning to do it, but we haven’t purchased it yet. It’d be great to get it for free.

  150. My small group would love to do this study because we all agree that “It’s Tough Being a Woman!” :)

  151. We have had a growth recently at my church in 20-30 something women. I have felt a calling to lead a Bible study in this area for those of us who fall into this age category. I think we can grow together and develop lifelong relationships as we learn and worsip together.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this kit!

  152. I would love to do this study for many reasons! First one, I’ve heard so much about it during the process ( I am an LPM blog lurker) and I cannot wait to dive into a fresh word!
    Secondly, my bible study group needs to hear the truth that lies in the book of Esther. We have about 40 + women who attend our Wednesday morning Bible Study. (we are currently doing Believing God) Among the faces of young moms and grandma’s is a young girl who just got out of prison. A young mom who is watching her 19 month old baby die from Tay Sachs disease. A couple of wives of deployed Army soldiers. Just to name a few. The title “It’s tough being a Woman” sums it up quite nicely!
    Even if we don’t win we plan on diving into the study as soon as we finish this one. ALthough we are taking a year to do Believing God. I truly believe that God is more concerned with us making this our lifestyle that just completing another Bible Study.

  153. This would be such a good study to do at our church or the small group I’m a part of. It would be great to win on November 21st. That’s my birthday!

  154. So, my best friend and I started a ladies bible study 4 years ago in January. The studies we have enjoyed the most have been those led by Beth! We are currently reading Daniel and are loving it. I only wish that Beth could join us in-person for a night or so. It would be great if I won this new Esther study to share with the group!

  155. I would just love to win this study. I have a group that meets in my home each Wednesday morning and some of us need to be so encouraged bc life is just plain hard right now.

  156. Oh that would be WONDERFUL!!! My husband is the pastor at a relatively small church and we would love to get back into Bible study with the Esther study. I so hope I win!!!!

  157. Rachel Brown says:

    I am a high school art teacher, and the wife of a college football coach. I really NEED these videos. My book is on the way already. I would be honored if my name were drawn!!!

  158. Stephanie Townsend says:

    How I would love to win this study! I have a group of friends that go to the same church as me and our small group recently disbanded. We are now “floating” and not sure what to do- join another group, make our own, jut do our own thing, etc. If that random generator thingy picks me, I’ll take it as a sign that we should make our own! :)

  159. Jan Surface says:

    We have been doing Beth’s studies in our neighborhood for some time now. We finish “Jesus” this week. What a wonderful blessing it would be to start Esther. I can’t tell you how much we have all enjoyed doing these studies. Beth, you make the word come alive. Thank you!

  160. Because it is tough being a woman! : ) Seriously… I facilitate a group of girls and we really want to do this study next! Can’t wait!!!!

  161. This would be a great study for our church. It would be an awesome honor to win this set. God Bless your ministries.

  162. I would love to do the Esther Bible study with my girls from work…we get together every Thursday and this would be a great study to do!

  163. OH WE ARE SOOOOO EXCITED to begin Esther! We have a regular bible study group at our church. We just finished the Shirer/Moore/Arthur study!!!!!

  164. I am planning on leading this study next summer at my church! This will be our second Beth study and the ladies are so excited! It would be nice to win the study because our womens ministry has such a small budget. Hope to Win!!!!!

  165. This is so exciting. I am currently finishing up “Wising Up” with a group of ladies from my Church and neighborhood. I have almost completed all of Beth’s studies, and I have grown leaps and bounds spiritually…
    I would love to share this study with my circle of friends, and watch us grow together as we learn how to be a woman of God in today’s society!!! Thanks, Kim

  166. My neighborhood Bible study group is finishing up a study as the year comes to a close. We’ve already praying about where God would lead us for the next study. We’d love to do Esther! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  167. I am so excited about this new study. It would be wonderful to win and share it with friends!

  168. Lifeway is amazing and this is an awesome opportunity! Thank you! I have been reading the book of Esther and would love to have this study as to share with the women in my church. I serve as Women’s Ministry Director.

  169. Amy Thompson says:

    This is such a timely study, especially when we are going through such a transition in our country. Our church is going through a financial crunch right now, and as the Women’s Ministry Coordinator, I would love to bless the church with this opportunity for our ladies to dig into the Word.

  170. A group of us are going through Beth Moore’s Daniel study. The Lord is using this study to encourage me during a really difficult time in my life. Perfectly timed in the Lord’s plan! I would love to go through the Easter study with my girl friends!!!

  171. Wow…how amazing is this :o)
    Why would I want to win this amazing series (I know it’s amazing because it is a Beth Moore study!)
    Because I work for a ministry, a residential home for teens, and we are a mostly female staff. We are a close staff and we have been talking about doing a bible study together but wanted to do some thing special and could not afford anything like this. It would be a blessing to us.
    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity!

  172. I would love to do this study with a group of women and would love to have the leader kit!

  173. I would love for our ladies Bible study group to be able to do this new study. It’s been a while since we’ve done a Beth Moore book. To win the kit would be great since resources are sometimes limited.

  174. This would be a real blessing for my study group. We just starting Believing God, and God is showing Himself in an AMAZING and MIRACULOUS way already… and I was already getting excited about the thought of which study we would do next…this would be perfect!

  175. I have done many of Beth’s Bible studies so I can’t say that I’d like to win “just to try one out.”
    I had the privilege of being at a ladie’s retreat in England (yes, the UK) in 1998 where Beth was our speaker. There were less than 100 ladies there which made it all the more intimate and special.
    Because God’s timing is always perfect, the weekend’s focus was on surrendering our fears and worries to Christ. I was about 20 weeks pregnant with our 4th child at the time. I’d already experienced the loss of 3 children, the latest less than 6 months prior, and was almost worried sick about losing this child as well. I’d always felt my children move before the 20 week mark and had not yet with this one.
    One of the weekend’s activities was something I’d never done before. After a time of prayer and seeking God’s will, we were to write down on a piece of paper, something we felt the Lord had asked us to surrender to Him, but for whatever reasons, could not seem to do. We were then going to place that paper, and thus, that burden or fear, at the feet of the cross (my husband had constructed a large cross just for this purpose).
    I went off alone to pray. I did not hear anything audible, but knew clearly that the Lord was speaking directly to my inmost heart. “I want this child you are carrying. Surrender” this child to Me.” I was just terrified as I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I could not begin to imagine losing yet another precious child.
    I sat, sobbing. Beth came over to me and took my hand. She asked me what was wrong and I told her about my loss and about what God had revealed to me about my child. I was convinced that I couldn’t possibly surrender this baby to Him. I wanted this child so much I couldn’t put it into words. She talked and prayed with me. She said that this baby I carried was my little “Samuel.” God was asking me to place this child in His care; regardless of what that may mean. I had to obey; no matter what the cost to me. Christ is my Lord and Savior and He asks of me no more than He can see me through.
    The walk to that cross felt miles long. I lingered for what seemed like a long time. It was all I could do to drop that piece of paper in the basket at its’ foot. “I surrender this child to you; whatever that may mean.” I turned from the cross with tears falling and as I began to make my way back to my seat, my baby LEPT within my womb!
    God wanted me to surrender the worry about this child to Him. Once I’d decided to really leave this baby in HIS complete care in my own mind, I’d experienced a peace that truly surpassed all understanding.
    Beth helped me in such a profound way that day. I still carry the bookmark she signed for me in which she reminded me of my little “Samuel.”
    I have continued to be so blessed by her Bible studies through the years and I never miss a chance to pass the opportunity on to others whenever I can. She is truly a gift straight from the Good Lord Himself!
    By the way, my little “Samuel”? Actually, she’s a Mary. She’s 9 years old now and absolutely beautiful. She has such a heart for the Lord and serving and pleasing Him is her biggest joy in life. She is my miracle baby in more ways than one.
    From another Beth.

  176. So, so many reasons. I have been counting down the months for this study to be finished and ready to buy. I really want to offer it to all of the women at our church and also open it up to the senior high girls. I think this is going to be a great one for them to get involved in. Thank you for offering it on a giveaway!

  177. Darcie Lyon says:

    I think Esther is a wonderful woman who I take courage from. My fifteen year old who has autism loves studying her and I am hoping to watch this with her as she grows into the young woman God intends her to be.

  178. Pam Wollam says:

    I’ve been attending our church’s women’s Bible study group for 10 years! God has used these precious women to teach, challenge, grow, and encourage me. I would love to bring this Esther study to our group and dig in together. Oh my, goosebumps aplenty!

  179. Esther’s story is such an inspiration for all God’s followers, but especially for women. I would love to share this lesson with a co-worker who is a new Christian and a mixture of our friends. What rich teaching it will be!

  180. I love the story of Esther “… for times such as these”. We are all planted in our generation for a purpose… I would love to see and hear how Beth expounds on these and share that wisdom with all the women I know!

  181. Is it possible to list all the reasons why??? :)
    We need some new material for our ladies meetings starting in Jan 09 and I had actually looked at this for a recommendation. Beth’s Bible studies are always awesome!

  182. I love doing Beth Moore Bible studies. I have learned more and have grown more during those times than in any other!

  183. Our ladies bible study at church is just doing her book on Daniel and it has been AMAZING!! I would love to get this for our next study. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  184. Myself and another woman at work have started a Bible Study for our female coworkers. Beth’s studies are so awesome that I know they would bless the group immensely. Thanks!

  185. Our church is a resourcing church for some smaller churches around our area. One way we do this is to lend out Bible study kits with other women’s groups. It would be awesome to have a kit to share.

  186. The ladies at our church LOVE Beth Moore Bible Studies. We all always learn SO much! What else is there to say???
    Oh, and money is really tight, so buying it may be a while…
    Can’t wait to study Esther with Beth!

  187. I would absolutely love to donate this kit to the Christian high school I work for (that is also a church). Thanks for the opportunity!

  188. Beth B Mince says:

    I would love to win it for our church to do in January. One thing that has appealed to me so much with this study is the fact that so many women today are trying to find their places. Whether it is as a stay at home mom, or working mom or single mom or caretaker of spouse or parent. And whatever season we are in, we are here “for such a time as this.”

  189. I always love readings that focus on the amazing women of the Bible! I can’t want to read the amazing Beth Moore’s take on it!

  190. I would absolutely LOVE the ladies at my church to participate in this study!
    I’m doing my very first Beth Moore study now.
    I KNOW! What took so long?
    I’ve read her book, Get Out of That Pit. It was beyond awesome.
    Stepping UP…Journey through the Psalms…
    is what I’m doing now. It’s ministering to me on such a profound level that I never fathomed! God has gifted this woman–like Esther–for such a time as this!
    Rena Gunther

  191. Our church is fairly small and can’t always afford some of the big study kits so this would be awesome to have. We are just now finishing up Beth’s Believing in God series.

  192. After 23 years of homeschooling, I put all my “remaining” children in school this year.
    So, I’m experiencing this phenomenon I’ve heard about called “free time” – and I’d love to use some of it doing the Esther study with some friends.

  193. Oh how I wish I could express what an awesome thing it would be to win this kit!
    I try to do a Bible study here in my home every January, and it has always been a Beth Moore one. Needless to say, purchasing the DVD’s aren’t cheap, so I would LOVE to be blessed like that!
    Sign me up.. :)

  194. I feel like my church gives to me in so many ways. I would love to be able to present this to them!

  195. Our church is very limited in funds. The women in our body usually look to other churches to participate in studies because we can’t afford to purchase the materials. This would be such a blessing for the women in our body to do one together. What a wonderful giveaway!

  196. This would be such a good study to do at our church or the small group I’m a part of. It would be great to win on November 21st. That’s my birthday!

  197. What an incredible giveaway…woo hoo.
    I would love to win this newest study by Beth…my family has just recently started attending a new church and we are still getting to know people. I would love to have a study in my home since many of my friends are scattered throughout the city, attend different churches but are united in Christ as well as sharing the ups and downs of life…we could really use to be encouraged by Esther.

  198. We are looking for a study to do this spring. This would be ideal!!!!!

  199. There are several moms of my girls’ friends who are Christians but do not attend church regularly. I think this would be a great way to involve them in Bible Study and to set an example for our girls!
    Awesome give-away!

  200. Pick me! Pick me!
    What a joy our weekly ladies Bible Study is to me! And I so love the way Beth draws us to Jesus by making the Word come alive! Can’t wait for this new study! Blessings, J9

  201. We are SO excited to begin Esther at our church. After studying with my SS class of high school girls, it has become one of my favorite books of the bible. I cannot wait to share it with the women in our church.

  202. How exciting! This is an awesome and generous give~away. Would love to gather the women of our school to do this study!

  203. I would LOVE to win this for our ladies Bible study at my church. We are planning to go through the Esther study this spring, so this would be a great prize for us to win!

  204. I’ve been looking for a new bible study so this would be perfect. I love Beth’s and didn’t know she had a new one out!! We just moved and the people at our new church have never done a Beth Moore study. They are in for a treat!

  205. Breanna Davis says:

    I would absolutely love to do this Bible study with a group of women friends or maybe even the women in my Young Marrieds Sunday School class. I would definitely donate it to the church after I had done it!!

  206. I would love for our womens group to do this. We are having some moral issues at church now that have to be dealt with and this might be a good time for a study.

  207. I love Beth moore’s studies. Would love to win this!!

  208. I’d love this bible study to do with friends in my neighborhood. I am wanting to host something this summer…”it’s tough being a woman” will ring true with everyone I know! (along with, “thank God I’m a woman!” :)

  209. I am the counselor at a small Christian university and I have been struggling to obtain attendance at any sort of group. We have so many students dealing with similar issues that we would like to bring together into a supportive community, but we just haven’t had much success. Last Spring, I decided to offer a “Breaking Free” group and that actually worked! The group was small, but powerful! I had already decided to offer “Esther” this Spring and have ordered the books, but the leader’s kit would be awesome! With recent budget cuts, this would be a tremendous help.

  210. I would love to win this because a friend of mine who is questioning her salvation has asked me to do a bible study with her. What a wonderful way to bring her back in to the fold.

  211. This past September, our church held a Women’s Retreat for the first time in many years. Along with the rekindled fellowship with each other and the Lord, there was a renewed interest in holding Bible Studies for women. This Esther study would be perfect for renewing the hearts of our church’s women!

  212. Martha M. Thomas says:

    I LOVE these studies!! I lead a lifegroup of hurting women. Most are single moms and our group is a great mixture of all races. And we all LOVE Jesus! We would be SO blessed to win this drawing. It would encourage my group of ladies as well as those in our church body as well. Oh Lord, please pick me! :)

  213. I want to follow Esther’s example in how I approach my husband and others in times of conflict/distress. I want to teach my daughter and her generation they are here for a purpose!! Oh, and so much more!!

  214. Yvonne Miller says:

    The ladies at Zion Lutheran Church in Walburg have done all of Beth Moore’s Bible Studies and we can’t wait to do this one since it is her first on a study of a woman in the Bible. May God continue to bless Beth Moore as she has so richly blessed the lives of us at Zion.

  215. I really want to do this Bible study with the young women in my church. I feel younger women need a role model like Esther, to spur them towards standing up for what is right, in a world where everyone does wrong. Hearing about how Esther did the hard things, even though it might bring her death, even when she feared, will encourage them and give them faith to do the same thing.
    Kelly S. Michigan

  216. You know why I would love to do this Bible Study? Because I downloaded the free lesson and cried my heart out just from reading her dedication to her girls on the first page!! If I should not be randomly drawn, I will find a way to do this study at our church! Thanks!

  217. WOW…what a blessing you will be to one of my sisters…and her group of friends.
    I’ve been waiting…so patiently…and so very excited about the release of this Bible study.
    I’m the Woman’s Ministry director for our church, and I’m currently in the process of “revamping” our program. In fact, I just had a chat with our Small Group Pastor last night about incorporating this study for our woman.
    This, will truly be a life changing Bible Study…and I’m SO excited to roll it out to our woman!!
    Blessings to you all…for all that you do!!

  218. rebecca in e.tx says:

    The women’s group at our church is almost finished with Breaking Free, and we will need another study to do after Christmas. what better choice!!
    Thanks guys,

  219. Teresa Stout says:

    “For such a time as this.” We need, as women, to learn how to live in times like these.

  220. Harmony Gamblin says:

    Oh my, if ever I have felt that it was tough being a woman- it is this week. Between the personal issues going on in my own marriage and the issues facing some of the women in my Bible study this study of Esther seems to be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity.

  221. I would so love to do this study!!!

  222. Our small Bible study group has been waiting for this study to come out since we first heard about it some time ago. We are planning to start back after Christmas, and we can’t wait to get back into the Word and get back into each other. Being involved in a Bible study is just an unbelievable experience on so many levels!

  223. Beth Moore studies are so deep, so challenging, so rewarding. They always serve to draw the women of our church closer to our loving Savior. How exciting to do a study on Esther, who was sold out to her Lord and willing to do whatever she needed to do in order to save her people.

  224. I love the story of Esther. You can truly say WHAT A WOMAN when you are talking about her. Through her life you see just how strong we woman can be. I have never done a detailed study on her….I have had lessons on the different events in her life but to have a chance to study what each of these meant would be wonderful, delightful and meaningful to me. But, this is not just about me but includes all my sisters at my church. Plese pick me for my sisters in Christ.

  225. I am so excited that this study is finally out. Esther is one of my favorite ladies of the bible and Beth Moore…well enough said.

  226. I would love to have this study so I could start a neighborhood Bible study with and get to know some Ladies on my block. I know my immediate neighbors, and really think one would help me get this kicked off for sure! Hoping and Praying that I am blessed and this ambition is confirmed by a win! Thanks a bundle.

  227. We have a group of ladies in our church who do bible studies all throughout the year and we have done all most all of Beth’s studies. We patiently wait for new releases when we have read about them. I ordered my workbook for Esther a couple of months before it was being released so I would definitely get a copy early. Our church would love to win the leader kit for this study because we will be doing it hopefully in the spring of 2009. We love all of Beth’s studies. Have a Blessed Day!!!

  228. This would be awesome, over-the-top gift for the ladies in our small town! We’re in a low income area and our churches struggle mightily with just the basics. I would love it if you picked my number so we could include ALL the ladies in the community. The teaching and encouragement would be a huge blessing for them. Thank you!

  229. I am an Esther fan! I’m so excited about this Bible Study to begin with.
    I would love to lead a group in this new material.
    Beth is the bomb! And studying about Esther and how God used her…..would be double bonus!
    Count me in to win! Please!?!

  230. OHHH – I wanna win!!!

  231. Oops – sent my last comment too early – you can delete it…
    Anyways – I want to do this study with the women in my small group – I love Esther – that she was so brave. I loved the movie that was out a few years ago on her…. its stirred up a new passion to learn of this woman & her willingness to let God use her!

  232. For such a time as this God has lead this Bible study to us. Our senior high girls class did a verse by verse study a couple of years ago on the book of Esther. So now it is time for the ladies in our church to have a Beth Moore Bible study.

  233. Esther is one of my favorite books of the bible and Beth is one of my favorite teachers of the bible study.
    Our women’s group tries to do a new study twice a year and many of us have been following the LPM blog waiting for Ester’s release!

  234. For many reasons this would be a great bible study to win. My most important reason is that God has put it on my heart lately to do a bible study in my home for ladies that can’t make it to a Wednesday morning study because they work. I think it would be a true blessing to me to get to do this study and I would love to be able to do it at a low or no cost! Always looking out for the budget around here. And to learn to have a heart like Esther, wouldn’t this world be a different place!

  235. I have been anxiously waiting for this study to be released. I am looking forward to getting into the word and sharing it with the women of my church. I hope to look for a time to get a group of young women together to study about the examples of Esther. It is tough being a woman is our world today, but I consistantly hear women longing to be what God has called them to be.

  236. Oh….a time such as this….God has sweetly been whispering in my ear to start a study in my home for the women in my area. We are of different denominations but share a love for Christ. I can not think of a more appropriate place to start with these busy, over extended Moms than an Esther study taught by Beth Moore. Thank you for an amazing gift!

  237. The women of our church love Beth Moore! We’ve done many of her previous studies, used her retreat program for our Women’s Weekend Retreat, and a group even went to see her live. Beth’s studies are well-rounded…requiring time in the Word AND time with the Lord in prayer as well as time to fellowship and laugh together as a group. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway as I’m sure God will use it to bless just the right group of women! :)

  238. The Esther study sounds very compelling! I would love to share it with my church.

  239. I usually have a group of girls do a Bible study of some kind during our summer months of down time from BSF… I’ve been thinking this would be a good one for next summer. Looking forward to it!

  240. I would be thrilled to share the study with my Bible buddies. I can’t wait. Please pick me.

  241. BONNIE NOVAK says:

    Please random number picker – pick me – so I do not have to explain why our Bible study funds are over budget again…..

  242. I would love to be the winner of the Esther Bible study so that I would not have to buy it when our group starts it in January. God will use you to bless the woman he has already chosen. Thank you.

  243. I would so love to win this study! Esther is one of my very favorite books of the Bible and I would love to share this with the ladies of my church and my community.

  244. The ladies at my church just finished “God’s Dwelling Place,” and we are already hungry for another Beth Moore Bible Study! Thank you for this giveaway!

  245. My girls bible study have been trying to figure out which study we will do next, we would love to do a Beth Moore Study but it seems kind of pricy for just the 4 of us to purchase, this would be great to win a free kit!!!
    THanks for the great giveaway!

  246. Beth’s studies are great and you learn so much!

  247. Some dear friends and I are doing the “Jesus the One and Only” study right now and are really enjoying it. I know we would enjoy the “Esther” study as well. She is probably my favorite female heroine in Scripture.

  248. I am part of a small “young moms” bible study, and we’ve enjoyed two other Beth Moore studies together in the past. I always learn so much from her insight! Thanks!

  249. I have been wanting to do a women’s Bible Study for a long time and finally the time has opened up to do it – the funds to purchase a kit are another story…I’d love this to be God’s answer to that concern.

  250. Every woman in my inner circle of friends is in or has just passed through the most difficult set of circumstances in their lives. Is it ever tough being a woman. We need all the help we can get. Beth Moore and Esther seem like the perfect answer for us!

  251. Lori Jenkins says:

    I am really excited about the new bible study on Esther. This summer the ladies in our church came together and did the Beth Moore’s Stepping Up. It was such a success we are now doing Believing God. It has been so good for us ladies to come together and study the word. We are not only growing spiritually but are studying with women that me might only see on Sundays. It has truly been an answered prayer. Like most churches our church is experiencing financial hardships, it would be such a gift to win this study so that we can continue meeting and studying his word together. Thanks

  252. I’m a part of a church plant with a lot of broken women who need more of the Word and we are wanting to do one of Beth’s studies soon… And if I win , this must be the one He wants us to do!!! : )

  253. Sally E. Thomas says:

    I am 70 yrs young; attend a small church & big Womens Bible Study with many young women. We do not live in an affluent area with the predominate faith being Mormon. The girls could really use the study.

  254. I really want to do this Bible study with the women of my church. We did our first Beth Moore study last January, “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place.” I bought it off of e-bay–the only way I could afford to do it. The women LOVED it and the group thrived. Now it’s time for a new study. I’ve really wanted to do Esther for a variety of reasons, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to fund it.
    Our church has limited funds. We’re a new plant church. So basically there is NO budget for women’s ministry. It’s been funded by me. So winning this kit would be a dream come true!!
    ~Cheryl Baugh
    St. Louis

  255. Ooooh, I’d LOVE for my church group of ladies to do the Esther study. We’ve done so many Beth Moore studies already and have grown in so many ways. It really is tough being a woman….I can’t wait to get my hands on this new study!!!!!

  256. I truly enjoy Beth Moore’s Bible Studies and I have to admit that Esther has always been a favourite….such courage….our Bible Study group usually does at least two Beth studies a year and everyone always loves doing them…we learn so much.

  257. I was just looking at this new study… and hoping to be able to lead it for the January Study at my church.
    Sweet Blessings,

  258. The staff and volunteers at the pregnancy center where I work are hoping to do the Esther Bible study together beginning in January. This would be such an exciting thing to get the kit for our center!
    God bless!

  259. The book of Esther is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to do this study!

  260. My “inner circle” would love to add this study to the list we’ve done of Beth Moore’s awesome resources!
    I’ve always wanted to delve into the book of Esther in depth.
    Thanks for the chance!

  261. I would love to be able to offer this to our adoptive mother’s playgroup of Chinese children. Several moms don’t have a church home but they are always asking questions. How awesome it would be to do this for our Chinese playgroup!

  262. Our women’s Bible study group is currently working on the Daniel study. It is been simply awesome. We would love to have the latest study to do next!

  263. Toni Banks says:

    In the moment I am misty-eyed about this posting. I was invited to attend the “Believing God” study by a co-worker and fellow Minister’s wife. I accepted reluctantly as I’ve been withdrawn from co-ministry with “leading” women because of “their” overwhelming problems. Over the years I’ve become forlorn as I’ve listened to, counseled and supported sad, abused and disheartened women in ministry. As the wife of an Evangelist, I found myself with no appropriate place to purge or refresh myself. Isolation and disconnection had become my comfortable, yet lonesome fortress. Evangelistic ministry has conveniently kept me from having to anchor to long-term “church” relationships. The pure, honest, self-disclosure contained in the video-seminars exposed me to myself. It made me understand that I too have “their” overwhelming problems. For this I am grateful and have found myself looking forward to attending and being accepted without having to take on “their” overwhelming problems. I got to look at and deal with “me”, together with “them” listening! As I open myself to God with “my” overwhelming problems, what beauty I have seen in them as God’s “leading” women! I would like to see them blessed with the “Esther” bible study to enhance “their” work and committment as “leading” women. Also, with them, I can commit again, purge, refresh and grow stronger as one of God’s “leading” women.

  264. I’m a military wife currently living in Guam. Our women’s group here (PWOC – Andersen) would love to do a Beth Moore study! And Esther would be perfect!

  265. I would love to have this study – especially so, since it’s about Esther – to share with a group of my girl friends. I can’t think of a better way to mesh us together!! We all need the fellowship, I’m certain, and the study will be such a plus to add in there! Please pick me!

  266. Ellen Roth says:

    We are just finishing our last week of Deeper Still–David, and there are at least 30 women who would love to do Esther. When we asked them what they think they would like to do next, one table grabbed their cups and glasses and started pounding methodically, “Es-Ther, Es–Ther” getting louder and louder. It was a riot! So, it would be a great gift for all of us here in Michigan’s Thumb!

  267. We’re on a budget at church, but we sooo want to do this study. Thanks for the opportunity!

  268. Oh how I would love to receive this bible study. I would do it as a small group in my home or someone’s home. I belong to a co-op with homeschoolers and we so often are going and going; doing for our kids and husbands but this would be a perfect way to stop and take time for ourselves and to fellowship with other women.

  269. Melanie Smith says:

    This would be an awesome thing for our churches’ Women’s Ministry in a small rural town. I am involved with leadership and this would be a huge boost to our ladies.
    Thanks, Melanie

  270. I would love to win the Ester study for my small group. I finally got my peeps listening to Beth … and we purchased the Proverbs study. Winning the Ester set would be the sprinkles on my latte!!

  271. We have done Breaking Free, Believing God, and we are now working through Stepping Up. These studies have been such a blessing to those who have accepted the invitation. I would love to win Esther because I hope that it will draw in women that don’t normally come to something like this. I pray that the women in my church can be more united no matter where God has us in our lives. This study could be a tool to help get us there.

  272. The women of West Houston have been anxiously awaiting the completion and release of Esther. :-)
    When Wallflowers Dance is the basis of our upcoming women’s retreat. I have enjoyed Angela Thomas’ writing and look forward to more of her work too. I’m sure you were blessed!

  273. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Would love to go through this study with a group of ladies from our MOPS group. We did one of Beth’s studies (Jesus, the One and Only) two summers ago, and we LOVED it!

  274. Would love to get this!

  275. Our group just finished When Godly people do ungodly things and we want to do Esther in January! We would be so excited to win!!

  276. I’d love to win this for my church. Right now I’m leading a group through Daniel and I’d love to follow it up with Esther when we are done. Several women in the study have mentioned wanting to do it and I’d be so excited to be able to tell them we could! we have several moms in our group … some homeschool, some work part-time, one works full time, and a couple of us are SAHM’s … we are really looking forward to this study!

  277. I would LOVE to win this study to go through together with the young married girls from my bible study class!!

  278. Oh, I would love to win this!! The only Beth Moore study I’ve done is “Believing God” online. It would be great to actually do a study with other women, in real life…what a concept!! Thanks for the chance!

  279. Beth has been such a mentor to me online and through her bible studies. God’s Word has become so precious to me and the ladies at our church and the talents and ministries that have spawned just like new births through the fellowship of people finding their place in God’s plan for their lives and the priviledge to share in this “tough” journey as women in the world today that affects their community, schools, homes, workplaces and churches, Beth points us to a strong loving Savior who can walk through each step of our lives and the Living Word of God and what sustaning strength it is to us sometimes moment by moment ! Praise God, at this time I am working hard on becoming debt free (especially with the economy, it has its challenges !) and winning the Bible Study would just top off the blessings of God in provision for us to continue studying Gods Word ! It will be wild and exciting for whoever that person becomes ! Thanks Lifeway team for allowing God to use you in this awesome MINISTRY to WOMEN !

  280. Rene Owens says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Bible study. I just started attending a new church and would love to do a Beth Moore study to get to know all of the ladies!

  281. I would love to win this for my church. It has been a while since I was able to do a Ladies Bible Study due family circumstances. This is something my heart needs.

  282. Marilyn Woolard says:

    It would be great to receive this for my church. The ladies asked if we could do another of your studies. Thank you for your ministry

  283. I’ve been waiting for this one for EVER! I would love to do another study of Beth’s and this one looks great!

  284. We recently moved to a new town and have joined a church that is FULL of new christians. I have felt an enormous desire to begin a ladies bible study and this would be the perfect study to use. There are SO many women who need this!

  285. When I found out that my Bible study group was going to be studying this book next spring after I move, I was so disappointed. I love Beth Moore studies and Esther is one of my favorite stories in the Bible, especially after our youth group performed Bow Down, a very corny musical about Esther. :) If I had the leaders’ kit, that would mean that I wouldn’t have to miss out. I could start my own group, even. How wonderful would that be? Make new friends, study God’s word with Beth…

  286. I can’t wait to do this study — Beth Moore’s Daniel study blessed me in so many ways. I would LOVE to win this for my ladies’ Bible study group!

  287. Make my day, will you?!!! I would scream with delight! I am so excited to do this study, and would love to share it with my buddies.

  288. I would love to win Esther for our women’s ministry at church because the gals at our small church love to seek God! Just as Esther trusted that God had a plan for her and her people, we trust God has a plan and a purpose for us as well!

  289. I have done a couple of Beth Moore Bible studies online and I absolutely love her studies! There are a few women that I do Bible study with and we are learning so much about God and ourselves. We are seeing how God is using us despite ourselves. This Esther study fits perfectly to what we have been seeing in our own lives. We don’t feel adequate but God’s word continually shows that He will use us. We also see how tough it is being a woman. I love how in Esther it says she was created “for such a time as this”. We do have a destiny just as Esther did. God is showing us in our personal Bible study time that we too are created “for such a time as this”. We feel it is a crucial time for revival for women. God is working and we want to continue to be encouraged that God will do a mighty work in us. I think this would be an awesome study to do with these ladies. Thank you Beth Moore for another superb Bible study.

  290. Aside from the fact that Esther is my favorite woman in the Bible…and I’m reading several other studies about her right now – who wouldn’t want an in-depth study about her by Beth Moore!?
    I would love to be entered in for this to be able to do with a group of women that I’m meeting with!

  291. My father-in-love once told me I remind him of Esther. I would LOVE to win this study kit to share with a circle of friends and family who cherish Beth Moore’s teachings. What a special opportunity!

  292. Robin Eggen says:

    When i think about Esther, i always remember the verse that says something like, “for such a time as this”. In this world, in this economy, in this political climate, I really think we are all going to be challenged to be used “for such a time as this” for the glory of God. I’d love for our church, our ladies to be prepared. I want to be prepared to be used to the glory of God. So please pick us for our ladies bible study at Kessler Community Church in North Oak Cliff (Dallas). Thanks for the opportunity.

  293. We are doing a Bible Study right now written by a local woman on Esther and Ruth. I have learned so much and would love to be able to continue that with this new Bible Study. I have been waiting for it to come out FOREVER!!!! I’ll do it no matter what but I would love to share it wiht all my Bible Study girls!

  294. Sarah from Wyoming says:

    My small group just finished Wising Up and are now starting jesus the One and Only. I’d love to be able to do Esther next. Thanks for the contest!

  295. I would love to win the Esther study for my small group. We are currently doing “Stepping Up” and God is stirring powerfully in many of us. I know that Esther will continue the purging and strengthening that God is already doing. I just praise God for Beth’s willingness to let God work so mightily through her!

  296. I can’t WAIT to do this study….I feel like God has brought me through my own “Esther time” and there are so many truths about Jesus to learn from her story!

  297. I had researched this Esther study not too long ago and thought that it would be perfect for our small town’s group of church women. It’s a small group of women who are wanting God to use us in our town that is mostly closed to the gospel. But we truly believe that God can and will do amazing things through us. His word is spreading and we are so encouraged!

  298. I would LOVE to win it… I have never done a Beth Moore study where I didn’t walk away changed and more in love with my God! I can’t wait to see what is in store with Esther! I’m especially excited about this one because I’ve been praying over the study since she began work on it!

  299. I love Beth Moore studies! Our Wednesday night ladies Bible study group have completed several over the years and we all have grown so much in the Word. Thank you for providing a chance to win the latest, greatest study!

  300. my mom’s bible study is doing this study in the spring… sure would nice to win it!

  301. The Ladies Bible Study group of our church will be finishing Beth’s Stepping Up just before Christmas. We have had 30 women of all ages (17-78!) studying God’s Word on Monday nights. And one thing we have learned: It is tough being a woman! We’d love to do this Esther study next!

  302. I want one… plllleeaaasssee!
    I just finished teaching Esther in my SS class, and I would love to go through it again with Beth’s insight!

  303. My girlfriends and I would love to do one of Beth Moore’s studies for our next session. Our group got started with Kelly Minter’s No Other Gods along with all the other groups when she made that suggestion for this past summer on her LPM blog. We’d love to try out her latest!! Thanks for the chance.

  304. I have really been looking forward to Esther. Her story means so much to me. I would love to lead my girlfriends in this study.
    OH I hope I win!

  305. Beth Moore is phenomenal, and so on target. I can’t wait to experience her new study, and would love to share it with the rest of my sisters at church!

  306. When we tackled our first Beth Moore Bible Study, I would access that we were in a dry spot as far as spiritual growth is concerned. Her studies are so intensive and convicting and I love the way she takes a fresh look at the Bible. You could feel the Spirit working in our women and we have had a strady group of ladies who have really grown through Beth’s teachings. Needless to say, Esther will be a great study!

  307. Pick me, pick me!
    This would be such a fabulous study. I’m the leader of our church’s MOPS group, and if we get this kit, we’ll be sure to start a bible study starting in February!

  308. Our Thursday evening group has done 3 Beth Moore studies and we would love to do this one in the spring! Thanks!

  309. Debbie Summey says:

    Esther would be great to share with the ladies when I do jail ministry. We have done several of the Beth Moore studies and the ladies really seem to enjoy them.

  310. Beth’s studies are always so insightful. Her obvious love for the Lord shines through, and I would love to share this study of Esther with other ladies at my church or in my neighborhood.
    Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  311. Carla Pullum says:

    I would love this study. I am currently doing 2 of her studies. When Godly People Do Ungodly Things and this study of her’s is deep! I am also do Living Beyond Yourself and love the fruit of the spirits! Would love to do this study next with the ladies at my church.

  312. Ohhh, I just walked in the door from the Breaking Free taping in New Orleans! Wait, that’s almost not fair, I’ve been so blessed this week. Okay, if I win….I’ll donate it to our Association, that way many can be blessed by this study!

  313. Ester would be a great study for a new group I am starting. I am part of a homeschool group that meets for the kids to have PE. While they are playing organized activities we will be doing a Bible study together. Since we are not able to join daytime groups because of teaching all day, then usually nights are very busy for most of us also, this would be a great time to get some group study in.

  314. Our church doesn’t have any kind of Women’s Ministry or Women’s Bible study going and this would be the perfect one to start with.

  315. It would be really wonderful to have this, because from what I have read, it would be a good study to have for my neighborhood gals that are unchurced, but would come sit in my Den and drink tea and join in. I think some lives could really be changed.
    Calista Patterson

  316. We would LOVE this for our neighborhood women’s bible study!! We are from different churches, different family situations, and different places in our faith journeys, but we all want to know, love and please God more every day. This would be perfect for all of our ladies!

  317. A group of young moms has been looking for a new Bible study, and this would be a wonderful opportunity for us. We have never done a Beth Moore study as a group, and I think it would be so beneficial to the ladies and their families.

  318. Becky Brown says:

    I have purchased or gotten as a gift several of Beth Moore’s Bible studies. I loan them out to friends and they host Bible Studies in their homes. I turn 50 today and I reflect over the last 1/2 century of my life I can see how God has been at work. With an Esther Bible Study it is just one more resource I will have to share with friends so that they can share God with those that might not come to church and sharing God is the most important thing we can do in our life regardless of our age. God bless all and thanks Beth for following God’s purpose in you life. Becky

  319. The girls and I in our couples bible study are looking to branch off and do our own study! This would be perfect for us to begin!

  320. Sandy in Texas says:

    Yeah! I can hardly control my excitement. Would love to share this with my bible study group. We’ve done almost all of Beth’s studies together. So we must keep the momentum going with Esther!

  321. Gee, I hope I win! November 21 is my birthday. I’d love to do this study in my home with a group of young singles/young mothers.
    -Melanie in NC

  322. I would love to win this kit!!! I was just talking about it today, that I wish that I had the dvds!!

  323. strawberryrose says:

    We would be thrilled to do a Beth Moore Bible study in our awesome group of ten. Esther would be great to do next.

  324. I’ve wanted to begin a Bible study in my home, and I think this would be a perfect beginning!

  325. I really want to start a bible study for a bunch of my mommy friends and this one looks great. Please count me in!!

  326. Trace girl says:

    I am woman….. enough said.

  327. Shannon Hone says:

    I would love to get back into the Word and invite a few ladies that I know from my children’s friends at school to join me. I think it would be a great way to take our friendships to the next level.
    Thank You,
    Shannon Hone
    Spokane, Washington

  328. Ohhhh…..I want to this.

  329. Our Women’s Group is so excited about this Bible study from Beth Moore – it’s already being promoted and we don’t start until January!! I cannot wait – it has been several months since we have been in a study and I am soooo ready!!! Our group leaders would be so excited to receive this kit!!
    Thanks Lifeway!!

  330. Would love to win this kit. My hubby is being deployed for 6 months in February and what better way to make the time fly than to host this study in my home over the course of 24 weeks. Ahh… what a great idea. =)

  331. Just finished the Psalms of Ascent and can’t wait to start Esther! Each study brings more depth!

  332. I’ve never done a Beth Moore study. But, I will if I win. Now, I’m off to read my Bible and discover Esther’s story.

  333. I would love to win the Esther study. I have checked out Beth’s books from the library but cannot afford to buy a study book and have been prayed over as being like Esther…would love to study what God says she is like. :o)

  334. We would LOVE to win this study.
    We are looking to do a “ladies” Bible Study at our church. Our goal is to bring “younger” and “older” together for a very special study, and Esther would be a great one. Thanks for the giveaway

  335. I want to win this for all the ladies at my church, so we can continue to grow in the word of God…….they are soooooo much fun!!

  336. its me again..... says:

    well i tell you what i have enjoyed so many other studies with beth moore, this one is sure to be the BOMB!! as well….good luck everyone!!!!!

  337. ohhhh i want this baddddd says:


  338. IM ALL OVER THIS!!! says:


  339. THE YOUNG AND OLDER says:

    i have found that these studies have really helped bridge a gap in the age differences in our church, they have united the younger and older females of our church in Gods word….what a blessing!!

  340. I could do this all day says:

    I wonder what my chances would be if i sat here and did it all day, i would if i had the time!!!!!

  341. just trying to do my part says:

    oh this would be sooo much fun…..i hope they randomly pick me that would be crazy cool…….pick me…pick me….pick me……….pick me…….pick me…….oh this is giving me anxiety!!!

  342. Well what can I say, I want this simply because it would be an awesome study for me and the wonderful ladies of my church….great wat to stay in the word of God….ive already learned so much from Beth moore and her studies, and the book of Esther would be a great next step in our journey through the word…..enough said!!

  343. THE MAN!!! says:


  344. Heather Bailey says:

    I have been so looking foward to this study. Esther is one of my favorite books in the bible and now with Beth’s (aka – Jesus’ sister) – insight….I just know it’s going to be one incredible study!

  345. I am in a Bible Study with 6 other amazing women… 6 of us being in our mid to late 20s and early 30s, 2 of them being our awesome and wonderful mentors and leaders. We could use a study like Esther to remind us of who we are in Him. :)

  346. It just wouldn’t be a Wed. night at our church without Beth Moore in the house!
    Seriously though, our Wed. night studies reach out to so many. We have several ladies in our class that only come to church on Wed. because their husbands are unsaved and won’t go to church with them on Sundays, so they just stay home to be with their families. We want to continue to reach out, especially, to these ladies and would love to reach out to them with Esther! Thanks!

  347. The women in our church Bible Study are very excited about the new Esther study!! We are a small church and have to borrow our studies from other churches. We have been able to buy 4 of Beth studies in the past 10 years and are always able to share them with other churches as well. In fact we are sharing one with a community of women from different churches in South Dakota at the moment!! (And we live in NW Arkansas) We definitely use Beth’s Bible studies to reach out to others!!

  348. I would love to have this Bible study to experience and share with my church.

  349. Kay Cordell says:

    With all that is going on in our social climate right now, I think the story of Esther is very fitting as to how we can stand firm and strong in a tumultuous time where Christianity is not viewed so favorably. If we become soft and do not stand up for the fight by being informed Christians, we can easily become passive and lose many of our religious freedoms that we are in so danger of losing at the moment. I hope that by studying Esther that I am reminded that the path or the fight is not easy-and I can use her example as inspiration of “keeping the faith” when God cannot be felt during dark times.

  350. I’d love to do this Bible Study with the ladies at my church, then loan the kit to a nearby fellowship for them to do. We have borrowed a couple of studies from them when they were done so that we could save some money! I’d love to return the favor.
    I just love the book of Esther. She was a remarkably normal women that God called to do extraordinary things, and she didn’t wimp out. She lived by faith, and I’d love to dive into her story and learn more about God with my friends at church.
    Plus, HELLO, all of Beth’s studies are the BOMB!!!

  351. Rebekah Patin says:

    I am so excited about the Esther bible study. I started meeting with a wonderful group of women over a year ago with the purpose of sudying the Word. This group lit a fire in me for the Word of God. We have done several Beth Moore studies to include Believing God, Daniel, and Stepping UP. We went as a group to a LPL conference over the summer and it was life changing. I would love to be able to bless my group with Esther so we could all get a glimpse of the destiny that God has for each one of us.

  352. How blessed we have been since we began our first study of Daniel last summer! We had a group of various women of various churches and communities come together during the summer. From that initial group of around 10-12, we have now grown to five DIFFERENT study groups working on the same Living Beyond Yourself study. Even our 7-12th grade girls are working on the lessons weekly! We are growing in our faith in our Lord and so blessed to be a part of learning MORE of God’s Word together. There are approximately 50 women and girls meeting together, from 5-6 towns, studying the same study at various times. We live in a city of around 5000.
    Our women are so looking forward to what study we will be doing together after the holidays. I know the Esther study is on many of our hearts and minds! If not this winter, we will begin that study together in the summer! Having the opportunity to receive this study will be such a blessing to us.
    Another small group of women will be beginning the Living Beyond Yourself in January, so that study will continue to bless the women of our communities.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s Word and teaching His Truths. God bless you and keep you!

  353. Our new church plant is starting a women’s group in January and I can’t think of any other than Esther by Beth Moore that would be a better place to start!

  354. Mary Campbell says:

    Our women’s ministry have studied several of Beth Moore’s bible studies and it has made us hungry for more. Many of us are being challenged in this day and time – by the world, the enemy and even ourselves – to face some very difficult decisions and changes. I can’t think of a better story than Esther to equip these good women of God “for such a time as this.”

  355. Gina South says:

    I’d love our ladies class to have this opportunity! It would strengthen women of all ages!

  356. We will do the study regardless, but I so would love to be able to give this gift to the ladies who have shared so much of their lives with me through past Beth Moore studies.
    We are just about to finish Jesus the One and Only, and this would be a fantastic way to take us in to the holidays and get us ready for the new year with Esther.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

  357. Sherri Smith says:

    I started a women’s Sunday School class in my church a little over a year ago and have been blessed tremendously by the women in my class. It has been life changing for me. We are just finishing our 2nd study and ready to start another one and this would be an awesome one to do!

  358. Debbie Scoles says:

    I am longing so to share this with my daughter who is not living with the Lord right now. Her life is currently filled with real and grownup trials, and my heart goes out to her as I see her withdrawing more into herself in her grief. I pray for her daily and share the Lord with her, I hope this study can help illuminate Gods love for her and His plan for her life. She has heard Beth teach once and I saw her defenses thaw just a bit that day. Praise you, Jesus!

  359. Carrie Furr says:

    It would be such a blessing to share this study with the ladies of my church. I feel I’ve been so blessed by my last two Beth Moore books. I had just purchased To Live is Christ and was so excited to start my study when my pastor announced we were starting a four month study on Acts. What a ‘coincidence!’ Then, I found the 90 day study of John, only to find out he was going to go through Revelation through the end of the year. I am so grateful for God putting these books in my life to expand my Bible Study during these series. Maybe if we do this study, he’ll decide to teach Esther next! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  360. Having an “Esther” kit would be an icebreaker of sorts for me. My husband and I just moved to Chattanooga, TN and will hoopefully be involved at a church sometime soon. How fabulous would it be if I could offer the newest Beth Moore study to them? I am so excited about this one…no matter what, I’m praying that the church we settle into will do this study.

  361. Ooh, I think this would be amazing to own. I have done some of the other Beth Moore studies with a small group at church. I have always wanted to do the same study with a group from work. Owning this would allow me to do both! How fun!

  362. Thanks for this great opportunity for an amazing give away! It is hard being a woman and I thank God for the opportunity to meet with other women to dig into God’s word, pray together and share sweet fellowship. And there’s nothing like a session with Beth Moore to help do all the above! This would be an amazing gift to our women’s bible study! Thank you again for this great give away!

  363. Amy Driskill says:

    Hey! We all want it, we all need it! Pick me!
    How nicely this will add to our Ladies’ Bible study library. Currently we are doing “Daniel” and loving it. I’ve been wondering, when will Beth write one on Esther? Yea! I have a wonderful group of ladies that allows me the priviledge of leading our ladies’ studies….little do they know, they are leading me. What a nice gift this would be for them!
    Amy Driskill, Greenville Kentucky

  364. Whitney Elliott says:

    Hey, I just want to say I loved the Bible study “Believing God”. It really brought the ladies in our church together. I am real excited about us doing the Bible study on Esther. I love learning about her story. I think it is going to be a good one!

  365. Our Sunday School class has done all of Beth Moore’s studies. We are always waiting in the wings for the next one to come out!
    While we have used many of the other Lifeway Bible studies, Beth is by far our favorite!
    We had a whole group go to the Siesta Fiesta
    in San Antonio, and feel like we are surely
    some of her best friends! Ha!

  366. Ginny Wilson says:

    My sister and I have been SOOOO excited about the Esther study! She’s leading it at her church starting in January and could really use a free kit. We can’t wait to hear how to be a tough woman!!

  367. Hello, awesome!

  368. I would love to do this study. Our last study referenced her so much.

  369. I would love for my workplace to be able to use this study for the women here. We have a lot of working wives, mothers, singles, and everything in-between where I work. We all struggle with how to be a godly woman and to ultimately be the woman whom God created us to be. It breaks my heart to see women who settle for less than God desires for us, and I think this study would be quite encouraging!

  370. Becky Mixson says:

    I would love to win this study. Our Ladies will be doing the study in January and it would be wonderful to receive it for free!!

  371. My husband is a pastor of a small church w/ a small budget. I’ve started a Ladies Bible Study during our discipleship time. We’re on our 3rd study – it’s so exciting to see these ladies grow in their christian walk. This group of ladies want to do another study in January – but, our budget is VERY tight for the upcoming year so we may not be able to purchase a new study. It would be great to win the Esther Study Kit – my ladies would be willing to purchase their member books – purchasing the “kits” are a struggle.

  372. I am already scheduled to lead this Bible Study at my church. What a gift it would be to get the goods for FREE!

  373. I’ve been wanting to start a neighborhood Bible Study, and this would be the perfect study to start with!

  374. I love the story of Esther and I can hardly wait to get Beth’s perspective. I have been wanting to lead a Beth Moore study for our homeschool support group. What a super cool blessing it would be to win it!

  375. I would LOVE to win this study! Bible Study materials in English are hard to come by in France, and this would be AMAZING!

  376. Becky Smith says:

    We have a bible study of about twelve girls. The first one we did together was “Believing God”. It was life changing to all of us. We have been waiting on Esther, so we can begin in January.

  377. Our ladies’ Bible study is excited to study this.

  378. This fall one of my dear friends asked a group of women from law school to join her in a bible study. Through her chuch back home she was able to borrow the Believing God study. We completed it last night but have spent weeks complaining how much we will miss continuing the study.
    The study has been such a blessing and we’ve even had several additional women request inclusion should we start a second bible study. It would be such a blessing to be able to share this with the many wonderful women of the law school.
    While we will be working with the church to see which studies are available we would LOVE to start the Esther study in the spring.

  379. AZtwinmommy says:

    I would love to do the Esther study with my neighborhood Bible Study group. We are scheduled to finish Beth’s Stepping Up study on the Psalms of Ascent, and our group has been so richly blessed by it.

  380. Kate Jackson says:

    Beth Moore is awesome!! She challenges you to live as a true spiritual champion for Christ!! It has been life changing to a small church here in New Mexico since we did her “Believing God” study last spring!! She helps to ignite a passion for Christ like no other Bible teacher I have heard in quite some time. It is such a personal way of studying God’s Word and applying it to our daily lives!! I am in hopes that we can use the Esther study in the same way!!!!!

  381. I’m really looking forward to this study.

  382. This would be a great study for our church to do. :)I love Beth Moore studies!

  383. God has gifted Beth Moore with the ability to speak to the hearts of women. Esther is such a fascinating study in character and faith and I would be honored to share in this study with the ladies in my home group and also with the women of our church.

  384. I first saw the flyer for this study when I was at my church women’s Bible study this week. I think it would be such an incredible thing for the women of our church to participate in.

  385. Ohh…fun giveaway!
    I woudld like it because she told us last night that it would be good for girls my age. And I have no doubt that it is amazing! :)

  386. It would be so amazing to Study Esther with a group of women! I can’t wait to start this!

  387. I would love this Bible study so much. I know who ever wins will be blessed by it.

  388. God has given Beth Moore some amazing insights into the scriptures. Thank you Beth for sharing your insights. You have helped me grow in Jesus.

  389. I feel the srudy of Esther comes for such a time as this. We as Christian women need to choose to take a stand for Godliness in our homes, workplaces, and communities. This study of a strong woman who took a stand for her people in the face of possible death is what we need. I am looking forward to studing Esther!

  390. For such a time as this comes the study of Esther. More than ever, we as Christian women need to be in the WORD so we are able to take a stand for Godliness in our homes, the workplace,and communities. My Bible Study group is looking forward to this study of one of the women God used to make a difference for her people.

  391. Esther is a great example of a godly woman being used by God to accomplish His purpose for His people. She displays qualities such as: widsom, courage, discernment, and obedience to her uncle, her husband and God. These are attributes needed in godly women. She’s awesome. Any woman anywhere would profit from a Bible study of one of the greatest women God ever used.

  392. What a great opportunity to learn about a strong woman in the Bible like Esther.

  393. Wow, it looks like many women would like this study. I think it’s fantastic and I hope each one is provided an opportunity to get in the word and study Esther.
    When I think of Esther (here for such a time as this)I too want to be available for the place and purpose God has for me.
    May God bless you for blessing someone with this study!

  394. Esther. One of my favorites. If I could learn to live my life with such faith. I believe the good Lord has a plan for all of us. Participating in studies such as Esther continues to help me figure out what that plan is, as well as, developing the courage to start living it out.

  395. I am a pastor of a small church of most “senior saints” in NW Arkansas. They just completed the Patriarchs series. It was inspiring and energizing! I appreciate the difference this teaching makes in the lives of our church women and the many guests from outside the church that attend. Whether we win this drawing or not, we’ll make sure they get to do Esther, too.

  396. I would like my church group to do the Esther Bible study because Bible studies with Beth Moore truly changed the way that I view my relationship with God. I grew up in a pretty strict home and I believed that God was a punishing God, waiting for me to step out of line so that He could zap me with a thunderbolt. However, what I learned by doing Beth Moore’s Bible Studies is that He’s a LOVING God, that He longs to draw me near to Him and that when I hurt, He hurts (even more than I do!). These Bible studies have changed my life and I can’t wait to study Esther!

  397. I would love to help provide my church with this great resource. Our church has lovingly provided women for years with such rich resources, many of which were written by Beth Moore. In depth Bible study has changed my life and I am grateful to my church for seeing its importance and making it a priority in its budget.

  398. I would love to introduce a Beth Moore Bible study to my friends/sisters in Christ, most of whom haven’t done a Beth Moore study yet and/or haven’t heard of her before.