‘I was devastated, and then God…..

…how would you finish that sentence? Building on Sophie’s previous post, if you were to say, “I was devastated, but then God….’ What would you say? What’s your ‘God is/was everything’ to you story?

Has he just sliced through your life and met you recently? rescued you? made you stare at something in awe? Made you smile? Made you cry?

The cool things about our stories is that they are uniquely ours…but if we share them, you never know who can relate to it or be comforted by it. 2 Corinthians 1: 3-5 say:

‘Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort. He comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any kind of affliction, through the comfort we ourselves receive from God. For as the sufferings of Christ overflow to us, so our comfort overflows through Christ.’

Story telling is the theme of LifeWay’s National Women’s Leadership Forum next month. Women sharing HIStory…or stories of how God has met them and been their ‘everything’ in the hard places is a simple yet profound way to reach women who are hurting.

What’s your HIStory? I was devastated, and then God……?

p.s. we promise we’ll be more fun next week. ;0)



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    I was devastated, then God healed my soul as well as my marriage. God took the shattered shards of a broken marriage, restored them beyond my wildest dreams. I was devastated, and then God turned the rubble pile of my marriage into a beautiful living sacrifice to Him. I will never be able to proclaim His goodness enough…

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    About four years ago, I was so committed to my commitments that ministry became an idol. I worshipped my position, my place on that platform each week more than I worshipped God. (I was on our church worship staff and served at the piano each week.) The scary thing was,this shift of my affection happened so slow that I did not see it. God tried several times to get my attention, but I refused to slow down long enough to listen. God used extreme measures to wake me up. He allowed me to fall down our basement steps the Monday of our Christmas production week. That fall resulted in a trip to the ER and my right hand in a cast. Needless to say, I wasn’t on that piano bench for several weeks. But you know what? I wouldn’t trade those weeks for anything in the world. It was hard and it hurt physically and spiritually, BUT it was also a sweet time with Him. It’s amazing what God can do with us when we just shut our mouths and listen! As He healed my heart and I changed my focus of worship, He healed my hand. Literally. After a few weeks, I went in to see a hand Dr. for new e-rays and to discuss what to do next. He took the cast the ER folks had put on and took his own x-rays. Let me tell you, there was NO SIGN OF A BREAK. I believe with all my heart that this was God’s way of telling me that He wasn’t done with me yet, that I would play again.
    Boy, I didn’t mean to write a book!!

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    I was devastated by an adulthood filled with sin and strife and then God wrapped His loving arms around me and introduced me to Beth Moore and Believing God and my life has never been the same…YAHOO-JAH!

  4. Samantha says

    11 years ago at age 24 and 19 months into my marriage, my first child was stillborn only 4 weeks prior to his due date. I had known Christ as my Savior since the 1st grade. I had followed all the “rules” especially about pre-maritial sex and I thought “being good” meant nothing bad would happen to me. I had put God into a box of my own perceptions.
    Devestation hit and I had never felt so alone, so foresaken. My mother shared with me Isaiah 43:1-3 and pointed out the verse said WHEN I pass through the waters, WHEN I walk through the flood…WHEN, not if.
    God took that heartbreak and the 12 months that followed–Dad diagnosed and treated for cancer, new and unplanned pregnancy, etc. to draw me into a much deeper relationship with Him. It became about believing the truth I knew about Him instead of relying on how I felt.
    Today, I am desparate for HIM. Only He can meet my needs and it has nothing to do with “being good.” He had done such a work of healing in me. God has also given us 2 healthy children who are true joy! I wouldn’t trade the devestation, the shattered heart I experienced for anything. Even in the darkness, God is good.

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    I have share this story so many times in the blog-o-sphere, yet it is the defining moment in my walk with God. The moment when my worst confessed fear met my faith… It is my “BUT God…” story.
    I was absolutely done, at my wits end with my son… I was begging God to bless my husband and my family in spite of me. Then the worst thing ever happened. I got a call from my son’s former high school principal alerting me a local hospital was trying to reach me because my son, 17 years of age, had been in an accident and they had called the school looking for information on how to reach me.
    Justin’s life had been on a slow spiral. In March we had received devestating news that I thought would land my son in prison for a number of years and threatened to tear our family apart. Then we had my son arrested and left him in jail for seven days in May. Every time I prayed, I expected it to get better, but then something would escalate and before I knew it I was facing a police officer in my living room and begging God, face down on my bed to change my son or show me how to get through watching him self-destruct up close and personal.
    By the time August began to roll around in 2005 things were getting better with my boy. He had settled on getting his GED, getting a full time job and taking on the full adult responsibilities he had assumed when he ran a foul with the law.
    Then that call came, mid-afternoon… The call I believed would someday come, but never felt quite prepared for. As my pastor drove me the 30 or so miles to the hospital where my son had been taken by helicopter I simply prayed.
    “God if this is the thing You have been preparing me for… then I need You to keep Your Word _ if You are strength, I need You to be ’cause I have got nothing. If You are peace, then I need You to be ’cause I have no peace. If You can handle keeping this planet in orbit, those clouds in the sky and everything in this universe running without mishap then I trust You with my son. Please, God. All I ask is that he be alive when I get there.”
    He was… just barely. And he lived for eight days. Bittersweet days before his life gave way to the injuries and he followed Jesus Home. God moved in such miraculous ways.
    He gave us a testimony that moves mountains and showed me how my son is fine in heaven through Philippians 1:6. Many people who come to our home and know nothing about our family have to be told we’ve suffered such a loss and are in our third year after the loss. Many say, “If you had not have told us, we would never have guessed. Your family is so strong.”
    I recently shared a response to Beth’s Question in Week Two of Stepping Up… What did Satan come to steal that he did not get?
    My answer – When Satan set out to kill my son, steal my faith and destroy my family he did not win. He did not steal my faith – IT IS STRONGER. He did not destroy my family – WE ARE BETTER. And, he did not kill my son – BECAUSE HE IS ALIVE TODAY IN HEAVEN. I can live with that. Had God not taken me through an intense journey in His glorious Word, and walked every step of this journey with me revealing Himself as we had gone along —- I would be a squalling, used up mess in a mirey pit awaiting my death and certain that my child’s death would be my end.
    God has done great things for us and we are glad. He has given us joy in our sorrow, praise for our despair and an anointing to help others who hurt in their time of need. He is a great and mighty God who promises and makes good on everything He says.
    I love Him so… And, thanks for asking.

  6. Taria says

    Michelle –
    What an amazing, beautiful, heart wrenching testimony. May God continue to bless you and your family as you move forward in your walk with Him, honoring your son by showing how God so intricately worked in your life.

  7. says

    Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement. I always have to let people suck in that first realization of a child going home first before sharing the great news of our story.
    I always want them to hurry up and get over the “I’m so sorry part, so I can tell them about the God Wow moments we’ve so lived in the months since that fateful day in August 2005.
    Bless you for your kindness toward me. God is so good – Hoping in Him is never lost.
    Love you and I don’t even know you, but I know your heart.

  8. says

    I am sitting with tears in my eyes, reading the posts before mine. We have an awesome God, that is for SURE.
    There have been quite a few “I was devastated and then God…” moments in my life. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m just “not getting it”, in terms of the lessons God wants to teach me, or if I have a rather large target on my back for the evil one to find, or if this is just NORMAL for life on planet earth (aka NOT Heaven).
    God has always been the steady rock in my life, and through tragic deaths in our family, life-long illness on my part, miscarriages, and more… I have always been able to point to His work and comfort in my life.
    About six years ago, my then-husband and I adopted a beautiful baby boy. We had spent several years before that in a difficult marriage, but had (seemingly) found a good place together after much counseling and prayer and hard work. We spent two years going through the adoption interviews and process, and were so thrilled to bring home Samuel. Unfortunately it was only a few months later that my then-husband started making really bad choices and decided he didn’t love me anymore, but rather loved someone else. In an ironic twist of fate, I had to call our lawyer only 6 months after the adoption, to ask him to help me again – this time with a divorce. (Yes, adoption AND divorce in the same year).
    Through all of that time, God was with me – every step of the way. I can quite honestly say that the devastation one might normally feel during such a time was short-lived for me, and I credit it to God’s grace and His desire to bring happiness to my life, and to my baby boy. I felt peace and comfort like I’ve never felt before, within just days of my ex-husband moving out. I KNEW God was going to make it all ok, and that I wasn’t going to raising my son alone.
    God worked it ALL out for good, and I met my NOW husband just a few days after the divorce was final. Allan and I were married within another year, and found we were expecting a baby immediately. (I had suffered several miscarriages in the past, and have a bad heart, so pregnancy was not in the cards for me… so I thought). Our baby boy was born prematurely, due to blood pressure and health issues, but he was born HEALTHY. A year and a half later, I was pregnant with our baby girl. I struggled again with blood pressure problems and other health issues, but she made it to full-term, and now…two miracle babies later, I often sit in my home with my husband and watch my THREE children play together… and I cry tears of joy at all God has given me.
    This past summer has been so bittersweet. Our children are healthy and happy, but devastation has once again hit. My sister is currently fighting for her life with stage four breast cancer, and several good friends are in the middle of breakdowns in their marriage. My husband and I are watching from the sidelines, KNOWING that God is in control and that we must put our faith and trust in Him. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I’ve had a hard time “dealing” with it all. I KNOW God will make all things good, for my sister and her family, and for the families around me – even if we won’t know what that good is until Heaven. I just HATE what the evil one is doing in the meantime. So… I’m working on sitting quietly… being still and knowing God. I praise God for the blessings and joy He has brought to me and my family, and I pray for the day when I can look back and see how much He worked in the middle of this devastation.
    Thanks for letting me share – I’m sorry to be so wordy… may God bless you all…

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