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Yesterday Melanie and I had a conference call with some of the women you see over in the sidebar to your right: Pam, Kris and Paige. All three of them – along with Dawn, who’s also over there to your right – work in the women’s ministry division at LifeWay, and every single time I talk with them, I am AMAZED by how much they have on their work-related plates. In fact, yesterday I pretty much decided that if I had even a tenth of their responsibilities, I would curl up in the fetal position and remain there forevermore.
But they don’t, of course. They are passionate about the work the Lord has entrusted to them, and they work tirelessly, selflessly and enthusiastically. I am always encouraged (and usually exhausted from laughing) after I talk to them.
It occurred to me this morning that it might be fun for y’all to find out a little bit more about what they do. These are the women who work with LifeWay authors, who plan events, who make sure the Bible studies get published, who make sure churches have the resources they need. Everything that comes out of the LIfeway women’s divison passes through their hands.
Doesn’t sound like an intimidating task at all, does it?
So, what would you like to know about what these ladies do everyday? What kind of behind-the-scenes info would you like to hear about?
Just leave your questions in the comments – and we’ll pass them along!


  1. Darcie Lyon says

    How do you pick your bible studies author and have you ever done a study for women who are parents with children of disabilities?

  2. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ministry! I wouldn’t be where I am today without God working through you!
    How do you handle criticism? When you work and work to serve people who are sometimes, just bound a determined to be cranky?
    Who designs all the artwork for the Bible studies? The pages are deep and spiritual…but they are also so pretty!
    Have you ever had a speaker pass out?

  3. says

    I had the joy of being able to work with Paige for a bit and she is a complete BLAST!
    It was an honor and a priviledge to work with someone who has such a love for her Savior and a passion for women’s ministry
    Thanks to each of the ladies
    They do a great job
    May God continue to bless each of them :)

  4. Brenda Hudson says

    I really like doing business with LifeWay Christian Bookstores. But, I don’t understand pulling Gospel Today from your stores because it portrays women pastors. Isn’t Beth Moore considered a pastor? She has a following and people study her works and listen to her daily. Yet you have a whole section of your website dedicated to her. Is there any difference? Sincerely, in Christ Love, Brenda Hudson
    [NOTE FROM EDITORS: Brenda, That criteria is taken from verse: 1 Cor. 14:34 in which we are told that women may not lead men in church. Beth isn’t pastoring men in church].

  5. Karilynn says

    What does a typical day look like at LPM? How many ladies work together and I would love to here a little about each one’s responsibilities!

  6. paige says

    Hi Teresa!
    Thanks for your question about how we pick cities for events. I’ll tell you it is a huge puzzle and it requires a lot of prayer. It is Beth’s heart and ours to not go back to the same place with a couple of years time so more women across the country can experience Living Proof Live. The same goes now for Deeper Still.
    We try to get a good spread across the country and hit some big places, and small ones, like Billings, Montana last weekend. What an incredible group that was. Right now we are looking at cities for 2010!!! So we look at where we haven’t been ever, and where we haven’t been in few years. For smaller events we look at our invitations from churches for Priscilla Shirer’s Going Beyond or You and your Girl with Vicki Courtney. We also have to make sure we aren’t in a wintery city in winter or trying to get into a big arena during basketball season or in a time frame in a city when another large women’s event will be there. We also have to look at our speakers date availability. Shewee, as you can imagine it takes awhile. But God is all over it. He is before and behind us and everywhere in between. I trust Him to close doors and open them for us. He knows where we will go and who will be in each seat. Pray with us that His plan for 2010 will be revealed smoothly. :0) Thanks for asking!

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