Pictures! We have them!

So I meant to post pictures from Living Proof Live in San Antonio as soon as I got home, but I accidentally left my camera at the Siesta Fiesta pajama party Saturday night, and oddly enough it is somewhat difficult to upload your pictures when you live in Alabama and your camera went home with a bloggy friend who lives in a different state (thanks, Kim, for finding it and sending it to me!).
There’s no doubt that the weekend’s teaching and worship were huge blessings for everyone there. And on top of that, there was a whole bunch of other great stuff.
Like sweet friends:
And a Q&A time with Beth, her daughters Amanda and Melissa, and the women who read The LPM Blog:
And last but not least – cute shoes:
So basically, you know, it was perfection.
Hope we get to see some of you in Las Vegas at Deeper Still this weekend – Melanie and I will be blogging as much as we can, so check in here and at the Deeper Still blog if you get a chance.
Love y’all!


  1. says

    Ok I am totally cracking up!
    I love that you edited out the janitor guy from the airport – hehe
    Also loving the shoe picture :)
    Have a blast in Las Vegas baby and bring back some juicy details of the Spirit kind – hehe
    Love ya

  2. says

    Boy ‘o boy, Las Vegas will not know what’s hit ’em!
    Thanks for sharing your photos of a most wonderful time. I look forward to what ya’ll will be sharing from Vegas.

  3. says

    Great pictures! I’ve really enjoyed all the posts about the conference. For now I have to live through those, and maybe someday I’ll get to go in real life.
    And Sophie, I just wanted to say you look beautiful in that green and white shirt.

  4. says

    I’m cracking up that you cut out the janitor! TOO funny…he was so thrilled that we wanted him in our picture! :)
    And MY GOODNESS…I’m looking a little too tan in the circle of flip flops!!!
    Seriously, what a sweet group of women we were among. There was such a sweet spirit in that place..

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