My Inheritance

Back in January I bought a CD called God Speaking by a guy named Ronnie Freeman. I loved the CD instantly, and even now, almost eight months later, it’s still in constant rotation on my iPod. The CD is, in a word, excellent.
There’s one song in particular that I thought might be of interest to those of y’all who were at Living Proof Live this past weekend. The song is called “My Inheritance,” and as you can imagine, it fits in pretty nicely with the theme of Beth’s teaching. You may have even heard it at the end of the Saturday session – it was playing loud and clear over the speakers. Made me smile.
If you’d like to listen to a clip of the song (or even buy it), you can find it here on iTunes or here on Amazon.
As an added bonus to the song? Christy Nockels also sings. And that may not matter to anyone else except for me, but that’s okay, because OH, I DO ADORE HER.
Enjoy, everybody.


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    I love how God sends these love messages! I just picked up this very CD yesterday for a different song. I had been mixing songs for our fall Bible Study while sorting/rewriting my San Antonio notes when, what do you know? As I’m deciphering the nine points on Inheritance…what should play?
    Is our God awesome or what?

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