Here we go & go & go…Simulcast Roll call!!

Prosper, TX? Manhattan, MT? Red Deer County, AB, Canada? Anyone, Anywhere?

Here we go is no joke! As Pam mentioned earlier this week, a God-sized event is upon us in LIfeWay Women’s Events! It is very quiet up here on my floor of the building I work in here at LIfeWay. Too quiet for me, especially today! It is like the calm before the big God-storm.

We are praying for no real storms in hundreds of towns across the country (and the world) where 715 churches holding some 70,000+ attendees (no pressure Beth and Travis) will simultaneously, worship, hear the Word of God and probably giggle some together as the Living Proof Live Simulcast event, live from Louisville hits the airwaves!

Its kind of like air travel…I don’t understand how planes fly…but I trust that they do and I get on there and go.

That’s how i feel today. I don’t know how it all works but we are going and going and going, everywhere from Ponca City, Oklahoma, to Mexico City, Mexico to Petal, Mississippi to Manahawkin, NJ and so many other cool places. There are some interesting names of these towns and churches.

Are you hosting in your church or are you going to the simulcast at a church? If so, tell us where you are and what you hope to hear from God this weekend!

Joshua 1:9 tells us ‘He is with us whereEVER we go!’ (emphasis mine). So where are you going tonight?

Thanks be to God for you and for technology! Where ever you are today, please pray for God to move mightily through His big event!

Praying and so very excited,


  1. Karen says

    I can’t wait for tonight! A group of ladies from my church is going to a sister church here in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
    I’m really wanting to hear from God this weekend about what He wants me to do. I’ve had such a restlessness and longing for more for the past few months and I’m praying for God’s leading into a new direction – or maybe just for some satisfaction with where He has me now. I’m ready to hear and follow. I’ll be praying for things to go smoothly and that many will meet Jesus.

  2. Kelly Middleton says

    I’m so excited about the weekend-we are in Columbia South Carolina and heading to River Springs Church to view the simulcast. What am I expecting? Whatever God is planning. My prayer this week has been that God speaks in a way none of us expect-higher, greater, deeper than our hunger for Him. I can’t wait!

  3. Paige says

    Thanks Kelly and Karen,
    I will be right here in Nashville, TN watching from Brentwood Baptist! I can’t wait to see how it looks on the big screens! We can always expect MUCH of God!

  4. says

    Hi there!!!! I will be joining in from Church on the Rock in Pascagoula, Mississippi! And I can’t wait for tonight to get here! :) :) :)
    I have a feeling I’m going to learn from God a direction for my life. I feel certain He will speak to me through this event. Amen, Amen, Amen! :)
    God I pray for revelation in my life and the lives of the 70,000+ women attending the conference!
    Prayers and blessings,

  5. Gina says

    We are hosting the simulcast at New Covenant Bible Church in Cedar Rapids, IA. As some of you may know, our city was flooded in early June and many in our community are dealing with the long term devastation from that flood.
    I am praying that those who attend at this location will be strengthened in their inner world. I know that God has a word that is true for all of us no matter where we live or what we are going through. He is Faithful and True!

  6. Donya says

    Thank you for reaching out today! It has been a little calm here as well, in Greensboro, North Carolina but that could be a good thing. I am one of the event coordinators at Christ United Methodist and we are READY!! So many prayers, so much work and so much love has been poured out for this event. Our team said, Yes, Lord, several months ago and we are on fire with excitement for what HE has in store for us tonight and tomorrow. As one of our team members said yesterday…the prayers and praises that will be lifted up from Louisville and 715 churches this weekend will be so powerful it’s almost too much to comprehend! It is a God event and we praise His Holy Name!
    We will continue to pray for everyone throughout the weekend.

  7. Jill from Omaha says

    My Church Lutheran Church of the Master in Omaha NE is hosting tonight. I’m excited. A little bummed that most of my Beth Moore groupies are on vacation this weekend and unable to attend, but know that God will show up and I need that more than I need groupies with me!
    Praying for a wonderful weekend. Loved seeing Beth last may in OMaha live and now again a year later live…sorta.

  8. Ramona says

    My church, The Bridge Church in Lawrenceville, GA is hosting the event. We are so excited, the church looks great. I’m already here and waiting for the women to come. We are prayed up, gussied up, caffienned up and ready for God to show up. No storms here in Atlanta. Weather is a little hot, but no storms–big ones last night and the night before but God sent a front and cleared it all away! :)
    Praying for Beth and the team and all of us and praising God for this incredible opportunity.

  9. Pam C says

    Woohoo … here I am in Lexington, KY to participate at Northeast Christian. It’s going to be a weekend to remember!! Praying for Beth, Praise Team and the LifeWay events team. Bring it, Lord!

  10. Pam C says

    Just a quick note – WOW – from Lexington, KY. Countin’ down to getting up and going back in the morning. The simulcast broadcast seemed to go off without a hitch from my standpoint. And frankly, I was so deep in worship of our Lord that I’m not sure I’d noticed a problem anyway! I was blinded to everything around me except for the most awesome presence of the Holy Spirit in that place!

  11. Phyllis K says

    Our church hosted this event. It was so powerful, amazing, and so uplifting! It is over now, of course over way to fast!! I enjoyed every minute of it! I wouldn’t even know where to began! God worked so much on making way for me to be able to attend the Beth Moore event. Praise to You Lord, Thank You! Phyllis

  12. Phyllis K says

    Our church hosted this event. It was so powerful, amazing, and so uplifting! It is over now, of course over way to fast!! I enjoyed every minute of it! I wouldn’t even know where to began! God worked so much on making way for me to be able to attend the Beth Moore event. Praise to You Lord, Thank You! Phyllis

  13. Cathy Davis says

    I saw the simulcast in Birmingham at N. Shelby Baptist Church. I got choked up thinking about 70,000+ women singing and praying at the same time, all over the world! It was a wonderful event, and I can’t wait to meet her later this MONTH!

  14. Mitzi says

    Attended simulcast in Long Beach, CA and it was so God, so anointed, so wonderful. Beth’s passion for the Word is contagious. the women that I went with heard a special word from the Lord and left on fire to persevere.

  15. says

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the simulcast. I was introduced to you through the book, “Voices of the Faithful” and I am now in week 8 of the Breaking Free bible study. I was very happy to find out that you and Keith are “dog people.” My husband and I have 4 four-legged kids and two of them are German Shorthair Pointers. I would like to think that they are a little smarter than your sweet puppy but it may be that they have us trained instead! You have been given a gift and I am blessed to be able to listen, watch and read your teachings! Thank you for all that you do. I am so happy to be developing a deeper relationship with our wonderful God through your teachings.
    Love in Christ,

  16. says

    Oh Lifeway team….
    This girl was there and boy did she ever bring a word!!! I’m still grinning, rejoicing, celebrating, excited, hopeful, encouraged by the weekend!!! Louisville was completely 100% all God and He was glorious!
    Blessings over each and every one of you who helped make it happen. I praise God tonight for every single person.
    Thank you Southeast for a transforming time.

  17. Debbie says

    I attended the event at Christ’s Church in Jacksonville, FL. I really enjoyed the message – it is something I would love to hear over and over again. Is the simulcast going to be available on DVD or CD?

  18. Diana says

    I finally got to “meet” Beth here in California. What a very special time we all had. Beth is quite the gifted teacher. Thanks for blessing us out here in the West!

  19. says

    Well done, ladies~! All of the inspiration, wisdom, and hard work that went into this event paid off! I attended the simulcast at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church in Nashville, and was blessed by every second of the event. Thanks for the blood, sweat, and tears that went into planning and carrying out this conference. The Lord worked in a mighty way – 100 fold! To Him be the glory!!!!

  20. Cheryl says

    WOW!!! My feet have still not touched the ground. Thank you for all the work, planning and holy spirit sweat that went into it taking this from a vision to a reality. I attended at Second Branch Baptist in Chesterfield Va. – You did not give me a daily word but a life changing one. It was life giving in a way I cannot explain in a blog…just say I am sowing w tears.. and travis team was just awesome – open the gates of heaven.. As the kids say it was ….sweet. All blessings to you and your team.

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