You can still participate in this “God-sized event”

This, at the time of this writing, is actually a “live post” while I am listening to a nationwide conference call with Beth Moore, Travis Cottrell and participating simulcast churches across this nation.
This weekend, LifeWay Women is hosting one of the most amazing women’s events of the year. It’s called Living Proof Live with Beth Moore: The Simulcast. It will be broadcast LIVE from Louisville, KY into over 700 churches across our land, including four additional countries.
Right now, this very moment, we are gathered together by phone to update churches on last minute “nuts and bolts” about hosting the broadcast this weekend. BUT, most of all, we are gathered today to pray!! This is so amazing.
I truly am having a hard time describing how awesome this really is … listening to simulcast church coordinators lifting up prayer needs related to the broadcast this weekend.
It’s so awesome to hear Travis Cottrell say that while “we feel so inadequate” (I know I feel that way every day), God has called us for this very time to serve Him in this ministry through technology and this live broadcast coming up Friday and Saturday.
Travis just announced that he and the praise team will be leaving Nashville early Friday morning to drive to the simulcast church in Louisville. And, WOW! He is telling us as they drive north, they will call out loud the name of EVERY HOST CHURCH, lifting up in prayer those churches who have opened their doors in their communities for this event.
I have tears in my eyes at my desk here at LifeWay as I listen to close to 400 simulcast coordinators across this country attempting to all say “hello Beth” at one time as she joined our conference call today. I’m telling you, the Holy Spirit is already moving as we anticipate what God has in store for women on August 1 and 2.
Beth just shared she is still listening to the Lord about what He would have her to share this weekend. I love that! She told us today that we are part of something that we cannot do … not without God. Only He could come up with this event and it is through Him that all of this will be accomplished.
These women have brought us so many concerns going on in their lives today. Yet God has given us technology like a satellite broadcast where He can “do His thing” in many places through a single event. Beth just talked with us about obedience and that we need to simply lift Him up … then allow God to do what he does, drawing women unto Himself.
It won’t be by what we do in our own strength, but we are asking God to just place us where He needs us to be to reach out to make the name of Jesus famous.
Ladies, there are SO many involved in this one event – literally hundreds and hundreds of people serving to pour into women who will come from the four corners of this country and beyond.
Beth prayed and shared, then bowing down before our Lord saying “this broadcast is Yours … It’s Your Kingdom. And we will not be concerned or worried about all the technicalities of this broadcast. We just won’t get distracted by the technicalities. We are now focused on Jesus doing His thing.”
LifeWay Women’s Events Director Paige Greene said it all today when she said “This is a God-sized event”.
Today, we the LifeWay team, truly realized we can no longer manage this event. Beth was so right when she asked God to take over and anoint August 1 & 2 and all the churches participating.
And guess what? It is not too late for YOU to participate. You may locate a church here, and simply register at the door at a church near you!
Grab up a friend or relative or two and celebrate what God has for you in this life!
Again, we’ll all do what needs to be done to get ready for Living Proof Live: The Simulcast. But it is not about us, is it? It is ALL about our Lord Jesus.
Let us know if you decided today to join us! We’d love to hear from you!
And if you cannot attend, we would ask that you’d commmit to praying for God’s mighty movement this weekend! I cannot wait to hear the testimonies come Monday … can you?!!


  1. says

    I’ll be at the event and will be praying for every detail, for every woman, for everyone at Lifeway, for our beloved servant, Beth, for the entire praise team, for Him to be glorified through it all!!!!
    I can’t wait to be there. I wish I could find you and tell you “thank you” for changing the life of this girls heart through all your hard work.
    Hugs and blessings~

  2. says

    I have my tickets to the simulcast location of Hermitage Hills Baptist Church in Nashville, and can’t wait to see all our Lord Jesus does through this amazing event! I am joining you in praying for the Lord to “do His thing”! May He bless each of you with His power to accomplish all that needs to be done before, during, and after His great work among women.

  3. says

    While I won’t be attending the simulacast, I will be praying! I’ve started this morning and will continue all weekend.
    I’m looking forward to reading about what our God does this weekend!
    Anticipating Him

  4. Mitzi White says

    About nine of us are going from my church and we are so excited. I too sense a big God-thing going to happen to each of us, world-wide, live or simulcast. Can’t wait.
    Mitzi White
    Long Beach, Calif.

  5. Melissa says

    I will be there – Dallas, TX!…and hopefully my mother-in-law is coming with me! I can’t wait! Love the blog too…

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