Do You Like People?

Last night, my 3 year-old daughter refused to eat her food or speak to anyone during our church’s meal time before Bible study last night.
Well, here’s a little background on Olivia. She’s a beautiful little girl who’s full of life, energy, very creative, but incredibly shy in new situations. By the way, “new” in this context means a first time experience on any given day not a “first-time ever” type of experience. So, therefore, every time she shows up at day care . . . guess what? It’s a “new” experience. So, anyhow, she becomes very inward and withdrawn when she encounters these “new” experiences.
After Bible study last night, I asked her, “Olivia, why wouldn’t you eat your food or speak to anyone at church?” She said, “Because I don’t like people. They were looking at me.” Well, her response has had me thinking about myself, life, and just a lot of things.
I had to ask myself the question, “Do I like people?” Even more so, “Do I like people in the same way that God likes and loves people?” Most days, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. But there are other days when I really struggle with adoring and honoring people the way God desires that I should. Well, that’s my prayer today that I will do more than simply tolerate the people God has placed around me. Instead, I really want to celebrate them and honor who they are just because “they are.”
So, I plan on getting a group of my girlfriends together later this summer and just get away for a weekend so we can have some fun and allow these issues to “simmer” a little. I plan on using Beth Moore’s Loving Well Retreat in a Box ( for our time together. We’ll probably rent a hotel room for the weekend, pile on the bed together, order some take-out food, stock up on chocolate and just pop in those DVDs and see what God might say to us through this study.
If you occassionally feel like my 3 year-old, maybe you should get your girlfriends together and pick up one of these retreats and begin the same journey.
I hope you like people more and more today!


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