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Beauty for Ashes

Last year, LifeWay provided a women's maximum security prison with Priscilla Shirer's One in a Million Bible study for women enrolled in a program called Beauty for Ashes. To be a part of the study, a woman must apply to the program and interview. She does … Read More


Everything is Broken

The world is busted up. Something’s not right. We see that fact all around us. We see it within us. For many, brokenness works itself out as depression, anxiety, fear, or addiction. Others stay busy achieving, indulging, chasing dreams, climbing ladders, or … Read More


Disappointed? Find Hope Instead

When I was in high school, my physics class was instructed to build a bridge with specific parameters, using limited materials, mainly craft sticks and wood glue. On the appointed day, all of us took our bridges to class, and they were placed over a gap … Read More

Women Reaching Women


10 Tips to Know When You Need Help in Counseling a Hurting Woman

Recently we expanded and revised our leadership resource Women Reaching Women in Crisis. As I … Read More


7 Ways to Help Women Discern Blog Content

If you are a women’s leader who already has a blog, you understand the benefit of speaking truth … Read More


The Risen Christ

This year, more than maybe any other, I am aware of what the risen Christ means to me on a daily … Read More

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