Decorating Worship Rally. . .Time Lapse!

Hi everyone! I know, I’m usually a Friday blogger but I found this video this weekend on our LifeWay VBS 2013 website that I wanted to share.

This is a time lapse video of Melita, Gordon and Pam putting the Worship Rally set up.

The jokester in me wanted to say that this was in real time and that Melita, Gordon and Pam had just drank a pot of coffee EACH but I decided to be nice. :P



The Worship Rally Hangar

Welcome to the Worship Rally Hangar!

Worship Rally Hangar

Worship Rally is more than just the gathering place to start your VBS day, it’s the launching point for kids as they are introduced to the Bible content each day. These decorating tips can help you set the stage for your own Worship Rally Hangar.

Tip #1: Ask for help. It takes a lot of work to pull off a set up like this one. So gather some friends to help you.

Tip #2: Find the dimensions, supply list, and step-by-step instructions to replicate the Worship Rally Hangar in the Decorating Made Easy book.

Tip #3: Insulation board is your friend. It’s inexpensive and easy to work with. You can remove the plastic sheathing and paint it. You can use T-pins and duct tape to hold pieces together, and to affix accessories. In fact, that’s how we attached the real door pulls to our hangar.

Tip #4: Collect cardboard boxes. You can cut up some insulation foam and attach it to the outside of a cardboard box to make a real-looking wooden crate. Use paint to add some color and texture to the foam so it looks like wood. If you feel like having even more fun, use a heat tool to make grooves in the foam and then paint the grooves with a darker color paint.

Tip #5: Clean out the garage. Bring in tool boxes, barrels, crates, anything that looks like it might belong in an airplane hangar. Add an AWA logo—you’ll find it on the Decorating Made Easy Clip Art CDand you’re done!

Our airplane is made out of two-inch Styrofoam® and insulation board. You can find details for making your own in the Decorating Made Easy book, and hear more from Melita about how we made ours in our “Amazing Decorating Tips” video. Take a peek!



Lights! Camera! Action!

We recently wrapped up the shooting of the VBS 2012 drama for the Worship Rally DVD. It was such a great experience. We had a wonderful group of kids to work with. They were so talented, and such great people to be with during a 10-hour work day!


We got to shoot much of the video inside an old World War II bunker. I couldn’t believe how massive that place was. You could journey 300-400 feet into this underground labyrinth of tunnels with mysterious rooms and passageways. Lots of heavy metal (not heavy-metal) doors that screech when opened.


I wondered what all had taken place inside that space over the years.

As interesting as the bunker was when we first walked in, it was a blank slate. Steve Fralick, a multi-tasking member of our video team and set designer extraordinaire, had shopped for vintage aviation and other items during the two or three months prior to the shoot. (He can find treasure where others see only junk.)


And once we were on location, we traveled to an egg farm and gathered a variety of worn-out and beat-up items—an old desk that had uneven legs to stand on, a rolling metal storage shelf that was rusted beyond use, broken pallets, old gas cans, and anything else that looked old.

I’m so excited about this video! I think the story is intriguing and tons of fun, and kids will like the mystery of the bunker. I can’t wait for you to see it!

More about the shoot in my next post!

New and Improved Idea Banks

We heard you! The VBS Idea Banks are back, and they are better than ever. This is the place where you can “deposit” your ideas and “withdraw” other people’s ideas on all aspects of Vacation Bible School 2011. The Idea Banks are different than the VBS Forums—the forums are a place for discussions and conversations.

Our Idea Banks provide a place for you to upload your own photos, videos, and text about any VBS topic—crafts, snacks, decorations, Bible study, missions, Worship Rally, recreation, scheduling, follow-up ideas, teacher appreciation, success stories, and more. Get out your camera and share your success with others. Anyone have some “VBS blogger” appreciation ideas?

Help! My Worship Rally DVD is messed up!!

Well, it’s not really messed up – we just added a new feature and it works differently now!!

We added a split-track feature to the Saddle Ridge Ranch Worship Rally DVD this year because of customer requests. The split-track feature allows you to turn down the voices on the DVD so you can have the instruments playing and Jeff Slaughter doing the motions, but not hear the kids voices on the DVD. Unfortunately, this has also caused some issues with playback if your TV/DVD player is not set up just right. Hopefully the tips below will help get your DVD playing like it should!

  • If your DVD plays just fine, but you can only hear either the instruments or the vocals (but not both) in the performance segments, your speakers are set to output mono instead of stereo sound OR your DVD player is not properly connected. Those performance segments have split track audio, which means the instruments are in the left stereo channel, and the vocals are in the right.
  • FIRST, if your DVD player is connected with composite cables (Red, White, Yellow), make sure you have BOTH the red and yellow cables connected properly. If your player is connected with component cables (other colors), make sure your audio cables (they will be separate) are properly connected for stereo output.
  • If this is happening on a TV with built-in speakers, just hit the menu button on your remote and set your audio output to “stereo”.
  • If you have external speakers or are using a soundboard, make sure your balance is set to the middle (not toward the left or the right).