Video Pre-production

Can you believe we already are in pre-production mode for the VBS 2013 Worship Rally DVD?! Most of you haven’t even seen the 2012 video yet (though I’m confident you will take a look)! One of the fun, but challenging parts of the pre-production process is finding the right location for the story. Is it within driving distance from Nashville? If not, how will we assemble our cast? If we’ll be driving, how many vehicles will be required? What will gas cost us? Yikes! I can’t wait to tell you ... Continue Reading

Puppets Anyone?

In our opinion, the best VBS resource is one that has multiple uses. Skits found in the Amazing Wonders Aviation Closing Worship Rally are just such a resource. The skits (found on pages 35-39 of the Worship Rally Guide) are a great way to bring each day of VBS to a close, but they can also be used to begin the day. With just a few tweaks to change past tense into future tense the characters, Sal and Sam, briefly introduce the theme for the day and help kids connect with the contents of the ... Continue Reading

Meet the Actor: Tizoc Fleishour

This is the final installment of "Meet the Actor," where the cast members of the Worship Rally DVD are featured. If Tizoc were sitting here beside me, I feel certain he would say, "You saved the best for last." He has a great sense of humor, and I loved bantering back and forth with him. (I, of course, would have to say to him that I liked all the actors equally. Then he would probably tell me he was certain that couldn't be true!) Like his fellow cast mates, Tizoc arrived prepared to work each ... Continue Reading