The Worship Rally Hangar

Welcome to the Worship Rally Hangar!

Worship Rally Hangar

Worship Rally is more than just the gathering place to start your VBS day, it’s the launching point for kids as they are introduced to the Bible content each day. These decorating tips can help you set the stage for your own Worship Rally Hangar.

Tip #1: Ask for help. It takes a lot of work to pull off a set up like this one. So gather some friends to help you.

Tip #2: Find the dimensions, supply list, and step-by-step instructions to replicate the Worship Rally Hangar in the Decorating Made Easy book.

Tip #3: Insulation board is your friend. It’s inexpensive and easy to work with. You can remove the plastic sheathing and paint it. You can use T-pins and duct tape to hold pieces together, and to affix accessories. In fact, that’s how we attached the real door pulls to our hangar.

Tip #4: Collect cardboard boxes. You can cut up some insulation foam and attach it to the outside of a cardboard box to make a real-looking wooden crate. Use paint to add some color and texture to the foam so it looks like wood. If you feel like having even more fun, use a heat tool to make grooves in the foam and then paint the grooves with a darker color paint.

Tip #5: Clean out the garage. Bring in tool boxes, barrels, crates, anything that looks like it might belong in an airplane hangar. Add an AWA logo—you’ll find it on the Decorating Made Easy Clip Art CDand you’re done!

Our airplane is made out of two-inch Styrofoam® and insulation board. You can find details for making your own in the Decorating Made Easy book, and hear more from Melita about how we made ours in our “Amazing Decorating Tips” video. Take a peek!



Be a part of our first VBS live webcast!!!

I’m so excited about our VBS 2011 Worship Rally Live webcast next week.  We already have over 500 people who are planning to watch, and there’s definitely room for  more!!  This is our first live webcast, and with the response we are getting it won’t be our last! You can sign up for a reminder email at

Here are the details:

On Wednesday, August 11th at 8:30 AM, we will begin streaming our pre-Worship Rally video at this website:

At 9 AM, we will move to a live feed from Van Ness Auditorium in Nashville, TN, where you can experience the first ever presentation of the VBS 2011 Worship Rally!! We will be doing some Big Apple Adventure music, previewing the Worship Rally Video for 2011, and looking at one of the missions videos for 2011. We’ll also have a live chat going on during the worship rally if you would like to participate.

After the live worship rally, we’ll have a live Q&A session with Jeff Slaughter.  If you have questions  you would like to ask Jeff Slaughter or the LifeWay VBS team, go ahead and email them to!

Be sure to tune in before 9 AM in order to make sure the audio and video stream is working on your computer.

Also,  if you are in the Nashville area and want to join us in person, we would love to have you!

And, if you can’t be a part of our live audience, don’t worry. We’ll be moving the video taken from the day to our LifeWay VBS You Tube page, and eventually our new VBS 2011 website.