Backyard Kids Club Shoot!

Whew!  We had so much fun shooting a promotional video for Backyard Kids Club on Wednesday!  Video shoots are lots of work, but always lots of fun.  This shoot was especially comical because we had to pretend it was the middle of summer when it's really almost the middle of November!  It was a brisk 45 degrees outside on Wednesday but all of the kids involved with the shoot were so great about being outside in short sleeves!  We had plenty of giggles together all day while we pretended to be ... Continue Reading

Al goes to NYC!

Earlier this year, I got to tag along with our video team as we headed to NYC to film the promotional videos for VBS 2011. Our team in NYC consisted of Donny the VBS fan, who you all know and love; Roberta, the project coordinator and a vital part of our VBS marketing team; Ryan, the sound guy who toted at least 1000 pounds of sound equipment around in a backpack all over the city, and Steve, the video producer and cameraman! Now Steve has three young boys, so as he was leaving town, he let ... Continue Reading