Six Questions Every VBS Worker Should Be Able to Answer

While we never expect there to be emergencies during VBS, the very definition of emergency is an "unexpected" situation. An important part of VBS training is emergency preparedness that insures every member of the VBS team knows how to respond and who to contact. Before the first day of VBS make sure every member of your team knows the answers to these six questions: 1. Where is the First Aid Kit and/or nurse located? 2. What do I do in case of a fire, tornado, or other emergency? 3. What is ... Continue Reading

6 Must Knows for Working With Teens

VBS it's not just for kids. LifeWay provides VBS curriculum for Babies–Adults. Student VBS can be an awesome way for your church to connect with and attract students. However, many people only view VBS as a kids ministry. If you church already has or is interested in promoting Student VBS, these 6 tips will help equip your leaders. Teens are searching for their identity. VBS provides a great opportunity to introduce teens to the best place to search for the answers they need. Instead of ... Continue Reading

Six Things Everyone Needs to Know about Presenting the Gospel

I'll admit up front that I'm terrified to share the Gospel with kids. In truth, I experience tremendous terror no matter the age of the person. It's not that I haven't been trained or haven't had enough experience. My terror comes first from - believe it or not - a real fear of one-on-one conversations with people I do not know extremely well. And then there is the fear the person will ask a question from left field that I can't answer. Of course I know I can not let fear stop me from doing ... Continue Reading

Six Tips for Increasing Training Attendance

A common frustration expressed by many VBS leaders is low attendance and enthusiasm for training events. As stated yesterday, no matter when or how far in advance you schedule training there is always going to be conflicts that prevent some of your team members from attending. But instead of giving up and deciding not to provide training opportunities, consider these six tips: 1. Provide Food. Besides the reality that we church people assume food is an essential part of every meeting, lack of ... Continue Reading