17. Ask church members to use specified social media hastag. Create a hashtag that is specific to your event. Ask church members to help you promote your VBS to their social media community using the hashtag as often as possible. 18. Mail Journey Off the Map Postcards cut into puzzles. Print your VBS information on the back of the large Journey Off the Map Postcards. Cut cards into puzzle pieces, place in envelopes and mail to kids on your churches prospect list. 19. Home Journey Off the ... Continue Reading


Use Journey Off the Map Stamp on all mail sent from church office during two months before VBS. Journey Off the Map Bug Gliders Tournament in the park. Invite neighborhood kids and families to join you. Hold competitions and award small prizes. Serve snow cones and pass out registration information. Distribute “Ask Me About the Journey” buttons to church members and ask them to wear the buttons two weeks before VBS. With each button include a small card with information members would need to ... Continue Reading

It's Time to Start Prepping for VBS 2015

Really? Start prepping now? It's only October and the holidays are straight ahead. Exactly! October is a perfect time to begin preparation for VBS 2015. VBS 2014 is not yet a distant memory and the rush and crush of the holidays have not reached the all-consuming stage. It's a great time to both express appreciation to the workers who made VBS 2014 possible and at the same time jump into the art of introducing the theme and goals for next summer. This is why the name of the Jump Start ... Continue Reading

From the Archives: Questions To Ask About Your VBS Promotion

LifeWay's VBS team is Celebrating 90! That's 90 years of providing VBS curriculum, training, and administrative helps that have been used by thousands of churches to reach millions of unchurched kids, teens, and adults. I've been combing the archives for advice from the past that is just as relevant today. This list of questions will be a valuable resource as you begin planning printed promotions (flyers, newspaper and web advertisements, and bulletin inserts) for VBS 2015. 1. Does the message ... Continue Reading