VBS 2012 Music – A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

One of the favorite parts of VBS is music! We consistently receive comments from workers, parents, and children telling us how much they enjoy the songs. I am constantly amazed how well people can recall the words and tunes of VBS songs from 10 to 15 years ago. In reality they are not just remembering tunes, they are remembering and quoting Scripture.

Recently I had the great privilege of spending two weeks with 21 college-aged adults at CentriKid Camp at Louisiana College. One evening someone started singing a VBS song and before long a large number of the team joined in the trip down memory lane. With ease they were recalling VBS songs they had learned as children. Not only did they remember the words and tunes but the motions as well!

With VBS 2012 – Amazing Wonders Aviation – just around the corner I thought you might enjoy listening to excerpts from the five daily songs. Enjoy!

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G excerpt
If God – excerpt
In Your Power – excerpt
Remarkable – excerpt
Worthy – excerpt

Recording Sessions . . . and Cinnamon Rolls!

Recently we were in the studio recording the music for VBS 2012. I love the experience of seeing a song go from an idea, to lyrics and melody on paper, to a full-blown production. And then to see kids performing the songs and the musical. . . . Well, it can be a very emotional thing! Many times, I’ve been one of the weepy ones in the audience at our VBS Institutes and VBS Previews as I watch kids perform these songs, singing their hearts out!

We worked with a different production team this year.  We were in a new studio with new surroundings and different processes. This production team of Spencer and Preston first worked with Jeff Slaughter, the composer of the VBS 2012 music, on the arrangements of the songs. Then, some of the instrumentation was recorded before bringing in voices. On the nights I was there, we had two young ladies in the sound booth.  (Other voices were recorded at different times.)

After the voices are recorded, then the producers work many hours to put all the pieces together, adding just the right level of this and not too much of that. Know what I mean? Take a listen to the theme song“Amazing Wonders Aviation”. Oh, and you’re going to love the “pretty song,” as I like to call it—“Worthy.” I hope you enjoy the music of Amazing Wonders Aviation™!

BTW, we did have some celebratory cinnamon rolls once the final song was recorded! Yummmmy!

A Little Christmas Cheer from LifeWay VBS!

Thanks to LifeWay News for a little coverage on how we are thinking about Vacation Bible School, even during the Christmas season!! – Check out Ho, Ho, Yes! It’s VBS!

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VBS Music Preview

At LifeWay Kids Conference last week, the Young Musicians Honor Choir from Oklahoma did such a great job with the premiere of the VBS 2010 Saddle Ridge Ranch music. I put together a video of some of the highlights for you, but I need to warn you ahead of time – I’m not the best videographer in the world (so you may experience some motion sickness while watching).

I really was blessed to see these kids worship as they sang these songs – It’s very touching to hear them sing “I just wanna be like Jesus” and be able to tell that they really do mean it!


VBS 2010 Recording Session

I have some pics from the recording session that was done for the VBS 2010 music. . . they recorded way back on St. Patrick’s day, but I thought that was way too early to tease you guys with VBS 2010 stuff. :)

Just so you know, the official theme release date is June 22nd, but if I were you,  I’d start checking for some clues to the 2010 theme even beginning next week . . .