From the Archives: Moving VBS Participants to Sunday School

  Sadly far too many churches fail to make follow-up a VBS priority and therefore never see the true benefits of their efforts. They invite the unchurched to VBS but they just don’t know what to do with them afterwards. Follow-up doesn’t happen automatically. The most effect way to capitalize on this yearly harvest of unchurched prospects is to move them from VBS to an ongoing Bible study ministry – Sunday School. How can we move unchurched VBS participants to Sunday School? Here’s ... Continue Reading

From the Archives: Planning for VBS Follow-Up

As we all know too well, VBS follow-up or continued connections does not automatically happen just because we hope or assume it will. Over the past few years the blog has included multiple posts on the importance of being intentional about follow-up. Connections begin during VBS and it is our responsibility to insure those connections are strengthened following VBS. The following five points challenge leaders to make follow-up an intentional part of every aspect of VBS from enlistment of workers ... Continue Reading

Advice from the Experts: Reaching Unchurched Families Through VBS

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Today's advice comes from Ginger Owens, Minister of Childhood Education, First Baptist Church Panama City, Florida.   We just completed VBS "Journey Off The Map" with our focus being reaching those who are unchurched. We had 80 families mark the registration card that they do not attend church anywhere! That represents about 40% of the kids ... Continue Reading

What Happens After VBS Is More Important Than What Happens Before

We spends weeks, months, and sometimes years preparing for VBS, yet tend to give little attention at all to what happens afterwards. As the last session of VBS concludes we take a deep breath and congratulate ourselves on a job well done, when in reality some of the most important tasks, including the following six, are ahead. 1. Make sure every child, teen, and adult who made a profession of faith, indicated they would like to talk to someone, or made other decisions is adequately counseled ... Continue Reading