Decorating for Agency D3

How are you doing on your National Thrift Store Day challenge? Check out Friday’s post from Courtney to find out the details of the challenge and how you could win a VBS 2014 Starter Kit of your choice! To kick-start your creativity and maybe give you a few ideas, let me show you what we did with a few thrift store finds of our own.   This "cone of silence"/domed fixture was a prominent feature of our decorations for The Lab (crafts rotation). Check out this video walk-thru and see how ... Continue Reading

I scream, you scream, we all scream for VBS??

If you've been around kids for any amount of time, you know they can be LOUD!  What's more fun than to be a little loud during VBS? This year, make sure you don't miss these super fun Screamer Balloons.  They're long balloons that make a crazy "screaming" noise when you let the air out! Check out this funny video of some of our LifeWay Kids team trying them out for the first time. ... Continue Reading

Building the Swing Ride

Materials: Cardboard carpet tube (often free from carpet/flooring suppliers) Hammered, silver metallic spray paint Yellow spray paint Optional: painters tape 2” thick rigid insulation foam Jig saw with fine tooth blade Colored duct tape Circle punch (scrapbooking tool) Holographic scrapbook paper (with adhesive back is ideal) Large Styrofoam ball (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn’s) Medium diameter dowel rods Small diameter dowel rods Red latex house paint Paint brush and ... Continue Reading

Building the Ferris Wheel

As an exclusive to our faithful blog readers, today and tomorrow we will post instructions to two decorating items that cannot be found anywhere else! These instructions are not even in the Decorating Made Easy book! We know you've been asking for them, so here they are… up first is the Ferris wheel. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the swing ride!  Materials: 4x8’ rigid insulation foam board (½”thick) Scrap pieces of ½” foam board Scrap pieces of 2” foam board Small scrap piece of ½” ... Continue Reading