Why Do You Choose the Week for VBS You Choose?

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For many years we have assumed that the biggest week of VBS is the first full week of June. I have referred to it more than once in this blog and during training sessions. So many indicators have given validity to my assumptions that I have easily convinced others that more churches conduct VBS the first week of June than any other week. However, data gleamed from Church VBS Reports tells a very different story. I was recently surprised to learn that the single largest week of VBS - at least ... Continue Reading

How Are You Connecting with Parents?

Church leaders attending VBS Previews in January and February were challenged to make Connection Groups part of their VBS planning. A Connection Group is a Sunday School/small group class designed specifically for the unchurched parents identified during VBS, and scheduled to begin the first Sunday after VBS. I have heard some great stories from churches who took the challenge. Now weeks after VBS these churches continue to connect with parents and families who might have otherwise been ... Continue Reading

VBS – Not Just for Kids!

 LifeWay’s VBS provides resources for ALL ages. This year our church had a great experience tapping into this great family resource. Adult VBS – For the five “night” services (two Sunday nights and three Wednesday nights) prior to kids VBS, we had adult VBS! This helped give all of our leaders a great biblical foundation as they prepared to teach. Youth VBS – Our youth leaders used the Student VBS during a Friday night lock-in prior to the start of our kids VBS. The youth had a blast while ... Continue Reading

6 Things Every Pastor Should Know About VBS

If you know me at all you know I believe VBS is an all-church ministry.  VBS is a ministry that has the ability to reach the entire family and should be embraced by every age-group and ministry of the church. VBS continues to be one of the most successful outreach ministries conducted by most churches and typically results in approximately 80,000 professions of faith each year. With the first big week of VBS 2014 just days away, it is critical for pastors to know and accept the vital role they ... Continue Reading