Three Simple Statements

Three simple statements, yet they are key to helping you be successful in leading VBS. Have you noticed them? Take a look in your Bible Study Leader Guide, they are right there on the first page of each session. Right along with the Bible story information and the life application. See them now? Good. Allow me to explain, these three simple statements will help you know if the kids you are leading have made the connection during your lesson. Think of them as objectives, if you will. These ... Continue Reading

Beginning Well...Ending Strong Part 2

Last Tuesday I listed three steps Pastors and VBS Directors need to consider to insure VBS begins well and ends strong. To briefly review, Step 1: determine the purpose of VBS, Step 2: establish dates and a budget that reflects the purpose, and Step 3: enlist a team to dream and implement the strategy. Step 3 is actually two steps in one. The first, as I wrote about last week, is to enlist a dream team that will also become your core leadership team. This team will not only help you dream ... Continue Reading

Beginning Well...Ending Strong

As a piano student - way back in the dark ages - I disliked recitals even more than the dreaded daily practice sessions. Compositions I knew well enough to play in my sleep would mysteriously and instantaneously vanish as I stepped on the performance stage. In prep for these moments my teacher would always say, "Jerry, begin well, finish strong, and everything in between will take care of itself." In explanation, she told me the confidence gained by beginning well would carry me through the ... Continue Reading

Building the Swing Ride

Materials: Cardboard carpet tube (often free from carpet/flooring suppliers) Hammered, silver metallic spray paint Yellow spray paint Optional: painters tape 2” thick rigid insulation foam Jig saw with fine tooth blade Colored duct tape Circle punch (scrapbooking tool) Holographic scrapbook paper (with adhesive back is ideal) Large Styrofoam ball (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn’s) Medium diameter dowel rods Small diameter dowel rods Red latex house paint Paint brush and ... Continue Reading