Foto Friday...What is it?

Hi everyone! How have you all been? Life at LifeWay has been busy. VBS 2014 production is quickly wrapping up. In honor of Agency D3, I wanted to start a new feature for Foto Friday. I wanted to give you an extreme close-up of one of our snacks or a craft and see if you can guess what it is. Can you "Discover" what the item is? Is it a craft or snack, and what is it? Is it even one of those or something else? It's your job to "Decide" what it is and to "Defend" your choice. (see what I did? I ... Continue Reading

Being a VBS Director in One Simple Sentence

 As part of the VBS team, I love hearing about everyone’s VBS. I thought you might like a glimpse into mine. I serve as the volunteer VBS director at our small church. (I really wish there was another “label” for the amazing, God-given ministry that gets the “small church” label, but that would be a whole other blog post!) Like a lot of churches, our VBS is in the evening after most people have put in a full day’s work at their jobs. Because of that, we start with supper (or for my friends who ... Continue Reading

What's Your Story?

It is SO exciting to hear about all the amazing things God is doing through VBS this summer! We’ve heard so many good reports from VBSs literally all over the world. Keep them coming! It is an honor to pray for and with you… and it’s certainly good to celebrate with you, too! One great story this year comes from Texas. It’s about a lady who has attended church for years with her children. This lady volunteered to serve as “crowd control” in VBX. As she sat with the preteens to hear the gospel ... Continue Reading

Colossal Crafts Tips

I recently received these awesome craft tips from one of our dedicated VBS craft leaders, Mary Elizabeth Castles.  I love how the VBS community helps each other out and passes along ideas that may save someone else time and money! If you haven't already conducted your VBS, check out these Colossal Tips. Tip #1 for the Basket Toss on Day 2 Use applesauce cups instead of water bottles that are cut off. The applesauce cups work fine, fit on the stick, and if you can get people to eat the flavored ... Continue Reading