Another VBS 2011 Song - By Faith!

To those of you who joined us today for the VBS webcast, it was a lot of fun!! Can't wait to get the video archive - I was busy chatting away with you guys, so I didn't even get to see it! One of the things we did during the VBS webcast was a Q&A time with Jerry Wooley, our VBS Ministry Specialist, and Jeff Slaughter, our VBS songwriter. During that time, Jeff shared about his favorite song from VBS 2011, which is called "By Faith." While he was sharing that, I realized that you guys ... Continue Reading

Anybody ready for VBS 2011???

We've been working on VBS 2011 for quite a while, and one of the favorite parts of my job is watching the VBS theme go from an idea on piece of paper to a fully developed product line!! One of the things I am MOST excited about for 2011 is the music. Do you guys want a sneak peek? I thought you might! This is one of the daily songs - it's my FAVORITE one. . . don't get too excited, I don't think you'll be able to guess the VBS 2011 theme from this song! What do you think? ... Continue Reading