Foto Friday. . .Preview Photos!

Wow! I can’t believe we have already finished 2 VBS Preview events (Ridgecrest & Ft. Worth)! We (the VBS Team) actually have a week off. . .not from work though. . .we are working on VBS 2013 right now! I can’t say what it is yet. :P

We have a week to rest up before setting up and hosting the Nashville VBS Preview. There is still a little room for the Thursday/Friday Preview (Jan 27-28).

We also have room for the Kissimmee, FL Preview (Feb 17-18), SO COME ON DOWN! Or come on up. . .if you live south of Kissimmee! lol! It should be nice and sunny! (actually I don’t know that) :P

If you come down to Kissimmee, I’ll tell you a joke that my 4 year old daughter told me! It’s funny!

Today on Foto Friday, I wanted to share just some random photos from the Ridgecrest and Ft. Worth events.

I just flew in and. . .(my arms are not tired!) :P

Great Bible overview Melita!

I don't remember their names but they had me laughing SO HARD!

GREAT t-shirt! ! !

Um, I think the flight is full! :P

These kids were great! Love the hats!

I’ve had people ask and yes, you CAN purchase our Super Sized Hangar Backdrop artwork and then send it to a sign company to print larger!

There's always one on the flight! :D

Gordon is flying Stand-By!

Jerry delivering the message. Thanks Jerry!

***We have several people about the “how-to” instructions for the foam airplane in the photos. We created that for the events, so the instructions are not readily available but we are going to work up a blog post on the “how-to” instructions and get them to you!***

First Official Geek of the Week – Debbie Muller

I am so excited that I get to introduce one of my Illinois friends as the First Official VBS Geek of the WeekDebbie Muller works for the Illinois Baptist State Association in Springfield, Illinois and is a MEGA VBS FAN. She got our team’s attention at previews with her custom designed VBS jewelry. (Check out that subway token bling on her ears! Debbie is the one on the right.)

Debbie's VBS Bling!

Illinois hosts one of our earliest early bird conferences and Debbie volunteers every year to get things ready… in a BIG WAY!! Jerry Wooley often comes “back to the ranch” with tales about how they outdid themselves again this year. Here’s evidence of one of his IL trips! According to Debbie, this fully operational bull ride was given to one of the IL cowboy churches after Saddle Ridge Ranch was over. I guess VBS rides again!

Ride 'em, Jerry!

I asked Debbie some questions about her passion for VBS. Here’s part of our interview:

Me: What has been your “geekiest” VBS moment?

Debbie: For Arctic Edge we borrowed a moose head and hauled it all the way across town in the back of a pick-up truck. Oh, the looks we got!! We had to work to hang the thing with moving straps, then carefully suggest that folks might not want to stand under it… just in case!

(She also had great stories about big foam medical boxes she got for free, but covered up so much of the windshield, she could hardly see out. Or driving all over Illinois with a car filled with surfboards… think about that one for a minute and it’ll hit you! Or driving down the interstate with a Ramblin’ Road Trip travel trailer in the bed of her pickup truck! She had me laughing so hard I think I disturbed all my hallway office neighbors!)

Me: What is your favorite VBS theme to date?

Debbie: That’s hard because I like them all. But, I really like Ramblin’ Road Trip because I had actually been to all those places and had pictures and stories to share.

Me: What makes you continue to do VBS year after year?

Debbie: I just love it. It’s hard to explain – it’s like chocolate, you just gotta have it! I just have that much fun with it.

Me: How would you complete this sentence? You might be a VBS Geek if …

Debbie: You can sing ALL the VBS songs. My knees still hurt when I sing “Jehovah Jireh.” I don’t do rap, but I rapped John 3:16!

Love that VBS music!

Me: Will we see you at one of the VBS Previews?

Debbie: I’m bringing a van full to Nashville! I’m helping as a volunteer in Expo! Woo hoo!

Debbie (on the right) loves takin' it to the streets!!

Debbie’s enthusiasm was contagious as she talked about past VBS experiences and the “it’ll do everything but fly” airplane her husband is building for Amazing Wonders Aviation next year. But, what really impressed me the most was her true spirit of what VBS is all about – telling kids about Jesus. Debbie not only volunteers to help with state and local training of workers, but she works!! Debbie volunteers at 3 or 4 VBS’s every summer in addition to working in her own church’s VBS. Now THAT’S passion!

Thanks, Debbie, for all you do for the Kingdom! And for saying, “Yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh- yes! to Vuh-vuh-vuh-VBS!!”

Foto Friday. . .Decorating Music Backstage

Hello! ! ! It’s Friday, Friday. . .  :D

Today on Foto Friday, I wanted to focus on another one of our decorating videos that we have on our VBS website!

This week, I want to focus in on Music Backstage. Melita did a fantastic job of creating the Music Backstage for the video.

Remember, we would love to see your photos and you can post them here on the community! And don’t forget, we have an Idea Bank, where you can post your ideas or read about other people’s ideas!


MISC MONDAYS: VBS 2011 Spectacular Coming to Birmingham October 13

Many of you have sent word that you are ready for a sneak peek at VBS 2011 Big Apple Adventure: Where Faith and Life Connect. A great opportunity is just weeks from now during LifeWay’s Kids Ministry Conference, October 11 – 13, in Birmingham, Alabama.

You can register here.

In addition to two VBS 2011 related breakout sessions on Tuesday (Live from New York, It’s VBS 2011!, and Don’t Drop the Ball: The 10 Best Promotion & Follow-up Ideas), you will have an opportunity to spend Monday morning in a small group with Jeff Slaughter where he will teach you the lyrics and motions to all the VBS 2011 songs.

But the best is yet to come! Wednesday evening has been designated as the VBS 2011 Spectacular and will include a great dinner with music provided by Denver & the Mile High Orchestra, Jeff Slaughter, a few surprises, and the premier performance of the Big Apple Adventure musical performed by the Shades Mountain Baptist Church Older Children’s Choir. I promise it will be an evening of great fun!

Other highlights of the week (of course when you have VBS what more do you really need?) include Rick Burgess from the nationally syndicated radio show Rick & Bubba, best-selling author and speaker Angela Thomas, and worship with Anthony Evans. If this were not enough there will be 50 workshop options to choose from, speakers Mike Satterfield and Thom Rainer, and entertainers such as Mission Six, Yancy, The Rubyz, iShine, and Tommy Blaze. To learn more go to and make plans to join the fun.

I look forward to seeing you in Birmingham for the Kids Ministry Conference and the VBS 2011 Spectacular.

-the vbsguy

Another VBS 2011 Song – By Faith!

To those of you who joined us today for the VBS webcast, it was a lot of fun!! Can’t wait to get the video archive – I was busy chatting away with you guys, so I didn’t even get to see it!

One of the things we did during the VBS webcast was a Q&A time with Jerry Wooley, our VBS Ministry Specialist, and Jeff Slaughter, our VBS songwriter. During that time, Jeff shared about his favorite song from VBS 2011, which is called “By Faith.”

While he was sharing that, I realized that you guys haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, so here goes – this is the “radio mix” of By Faith!!

Anybody ready for VBS 2011???

We’ve been working on VBS 2011 for quite a while, and one of the favorite parts of my job is watching the VBS theme go from an idea on piece of paper to a fully developed product line!!

One of the things I am MOST excited about for 2011 is the music. Do you guys want a sneak peek? I thought you might!

This is one of the daily songs – it’s my FAVORITE one. . . don’t get too excited, I don’t think you’ll be able to guess the VBS 2011 theme from this song!

What do you think?