From the Archives: Vacation Bible School Is a Perfect Fit

We're celebrating 90 - that's 90 years of providing the very best VBS curriculum, resources, and training - by going to the archives for ideas and advice that is just as relevant today as the day it was first printed. The following article was originally published in 1998. (By the way, the author of this article now leads LifeWay's VBS Publishing Team and is unaware that I'm reprinting this blast from the past.) At my age I have shopped in almost every section of the ladies' department in the ... Continue Reading

It's Not Too Late to Take VBS to the Yard


Vacation Bible School (VBS) continues to be one of the most effective evangelistic events conducted by thousands of churches each year, yet millions of families remain unreached. Many of these families live in the shadows of church buildings while others live many miles away. Some are invited but choose not to attend for a variety of reasons including lack of transportation. Others simply never receive an invitation. To meet this tremendous challenge it is time to take VBS outside the walls ... Continue Reading

Advice From the Experts - Working with Preschoolers in VBS

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Today's advice comes from Arizona's own Kelli McAnally who writes and trains extensively for LifeWay's VBS resources. Start simple. Whether teaching a Bible phrase or motions to a song, start with the basics and build on it throughout the week. Follow a routine. Preschoolers like to know what is coming up next. Make a visual schedule for them to follow ... Continue Reading

Equip Parents to Continue the Lessons of VBS at Home

Before we know it VBS has come and gone. Our opportunity to share the Gospel and make a lasting impact is temporary and fleeting. In the perfect scenario we have had the attention of a kid for 15 hours - ( 3 hours a day for 5 days) - and have used every moment to teach and reinforce Scripture. But you and I know VBS is rarely a perfect world. Even when we use every element (worship rally, Bible study, music, crafts, recreation, snacks, and even transition time as kids are rotating from one ... Continue Reading