God is already working through VBS 2011!

Becky, Sarah, Melita, and Darlene

Becky, Sarah, Melita, and Darlene at VBS Preview

Sarah shared her story with me about how God prompted her to start a homeless ministry in her church after she began  going through her VBS sampler. We were able to visit with Sarah at our VBS preview event in Fort Worth, so we did a little video with her.


The audio is hard to hear on the video, so if you can’t hear it, here’s an excerpt of her email to me that tells about her story:

I just wanted to let you know a little more about what God has done.  Ben Hayes asked me to partner with them making homeless carepackages.  I really prayed about it and the Lord just spoke to me that I really couldn’t do something for the homeless in Houston when I’m doing nothing for the homless in Beaumont (we live about 15 miles from there).  It was urgent to begin immediately, so I asked my church to take a Ziploc bag and fill it with things that would make a homeless persons life easier and bring it back the next Sunday.  They brought about 40 back, and we went that afternoon and passed them out downtown Beaumont.  I had 7 people participate.

While at the Salvation Army we saw a young woman with a small baby.  I shared this at church that night.  Then next morning a friend of mine called (she did not go with us but I had told her about it at church) – she was very distraught over this lady with the baby – she felt we had to do something to help her.  She had been awakened crying over it several times during the night.  I called the salvation army and got alittle information but not really any help.  My friends’ husband is a police officer, so the next day he stopped by and talked to her. He found out that her baby is a special needs baby, that she has been homeless for at least 6 months, that she has never been in any trouble, and that she was saved and baptized last march.  She told him that she was signed up with the housing department.   He contacted some people and found that she wasn’t signed up in right place and since she has a special needs baby, she can get emergency placement status.  So they helped her take care of all that and now she is next in line for an apartment.  When they asked her if she needed anything, she pointed up in the sky and said, “Nope,  I’m content. He’s taken care of everything!!!”  Unbelievable- a homeless person with a baby that has nothing and she is content – WOW!!!

What is so awesome about this to me – other than that he let me be a part of this – is how he orchestrated all this to take care of one of his children. It started with LifeWay and VBS to Ben Hays to me to my friend and her husband. They were the only ones I know that have the connections to help her.  I cannot wait to see what he is going to do next!!!  I am praying that this will inspire others to listen to His voice and step out in faith and act even when you have no clue what you are doing.  Our homeless ministry is called Feet on the Ground ministries and we are going once a month the homeless in downtown Beaumont. Thanks so much for listening – I pray you are able to share this and others will be inspired to connect with faith, with love, with trust with others with LIFE!!!

I’m so excited about all that God is going to do through Vacation Bible School 2011! I hope that you are all believing that He is going to do great things through your community because of your faithfulness to Him!!

I would love to hear more stories about how VBS is impacting your community. Anyone willing to share???

Al goes to NYC!

Earlier this year, I got to tag along with our video team as we headed to NYC to film the promotional videos for VBS 2011.

Our team in NYC consisted of Donny the VBS fan, who you all know and love; Roberta, the project coordinator and a vital part of our VBS marketing team; Ryan, the sound guy who toted at least 1000 pounds of sound equipment around in a backpack all over the city, and Steve, the video producer and cameraman!

Now Steve has three young boys, so as he was leaving town, he let them pick out an action figure to send with their Dad so they could be a part of our NYC trip. The boys choose Al (the alien) and his dirt bike (because it’s dangerous). And Steve gave me permission to share Al’s pics with you guys!


Donny visits the Big Apple!

You guys are probably already familiar with Donny, the crazy VBS fan who tried to guess the VBS themes for the past few years. Well, this year, Donny came with us to NYC to film our Big Apple Adventure promotional video. Enjoy!


Fun on VBS 2011 theme announcement day!

Hopefully some of you guys had some fun spotting the VBS 2011 theme on the morning of June 14th at the Today Show, The Early Show, or Good Morning America! Big thanks to our friends at the Gallery Church who helped us get the word out about the Big Apple Adventure!

If you missed it, here are some clips:



And some pics of our signholders and morning show celebrities!!

3 reasons I'm pumped about VBS 2011. . .

1. It’s ALL about Jesus – more specifically, it’s all about how people’s lives were changed when they had an encounter with Jesus. Check out the biblical content for kids here:  http://www.lifeway.com/vbs2011/bigapple/

2. Urban ministry is strategic – more than half of the world’s population now live in urban areas. With over 8 million of God’s greatest creations living in New York City, many of whom don’t know Christ, I personally think it is a very strategic place to focus on.

3. Did I mention that it’s all about Jesus?

Looking for the mole . . .

I’m trying to find who is sending Donny these clues, so I did a little spying today over in our publishing area. . .

Melita is a VBS content editor, so it’s probably not her, but she looks a little guilty, don’t you think? Donny kind of got off on the wrong foot with Melita last year, so I don’t think she would be sending him clues.

It could be Keith, one of the VBS graphic designers – but he’s been pretty busy getting next year’s specialty items designed . . .

Or maybe Gordon, another VBS graphic designer? He and Donny met last year when Donny was pretending to be an IT guy.  Hmmm . . .